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  1. Medieval Sailing Ship

  2. NSW State Rail Pack

  3. NSW State Rail Pack

  4. Melbourne Arts Precinct Part One: NGV International

    How could I not love this... excellent work! :)
  5. 1860 Census

    Great update... I just love your New SorGun CJ. Beautiful and creative
  6. Snowline

    beautiful natural landscapes... and not a single building in sight... nice!
  7. The Battle of New SorGun - Part 2

    Another excellent update... glad to see New SorGun live to see another day!
  8. Bring tourists here !

    Really nice work... you've done Bali proud hehehe... Are these cities/districts part of one region or are they on different region maps? If they are part of one region, perhaps a region map would be good so that we get an idea of where each district sits in relation to the others... that said, I really like your work
  9. Consternation

    Times are indeed a changing ..... but why do I get the feeling something really big (other than the move) is about to happen?
  10. 2012 Coin of the Year

    MeltonHill for 50 Purrs and Franciflorianopolis for 25 Purrs... nice!
  11. Rengska - various views of the city, in various stages of development...

    Interesting city layout... as a fellow Urban Design & Planning student I look forward to seeing where you take this CJ as I also like using SC4 to trial planning concepts (such as the Eb. Howards Garden City concept etc).... ps: how many hours of playing your city has it taken to get to the year 1224... nice start
  12. 1837 : The Way Forward + replies

    [font="Verdana"][quote name='Schulmanator' timestamp='1340718531'] Cool... Those maps have a fun SC2K vibe to them [/quote][/font] [font="Verdana"]Simcity 4s gridiness lends itself quite nicely to using Bitmaps to create zone maps [/font]
  13. 2-13 : North Beach

    Nice work as usual.... You've done a wonderful job in making your urban areas actually look like the pictures...
  14. 1837 : The Way Forward On arrival in Flinders Landing, Robert Hoddle, the new surveyor-general for the colony, set up base in the Town Hall at Tower Hill. After a few trips down to the docks and the backstreets, Hoddle was quite perturbed by the general lack of planning and filth. His first report to the Town Administration went something like this... "On arrival at Flinders Landing, the town sits majestically around a small cove with steep hills and low rise development. The Town Hall and Tower on the hill to the left look over the cove and town below. Unfortunately, this is as good as Flinders Landing gets. Where cattle tracks once cut through the bush you will now find a road, and that's about the only highlight of Flinders Landing's planning. The streets are filled with rubbish, the roads lead nowhere in particular and are unsuitable for a place with any ambitions of being a major city. The only road that leads to the docks is steep sloping and certain to become a traffic sewer unless other connections to the rest of the town are created. There are no water or garbage disposal services, there is no marketplace for the trade of goods and the farms in the central township would be more suitable as additional housing. The central business area is small, walled in by the hills and housing that has seen better days, and lacks any refinement to cater for well to do types, if they would even bother to lower themselves to living in the district. Reorganisation of the roads, town and facilities is of upmost importance...." After 3 months of scouting the district and considering current development and future potential, Hoddle finally had a pla for the central area of Flinders Landing. Surveyor Robert Hoddle leading his team on an exploration around Flinders Landing Cove Current and Proposed layout of Flinders Landing. Key to the maps below Beige = farms Light Green = Residential Dark Green = Scrub/Undeveloped Land Light Blue = Docks Medium Blue = Commercial Red = Civic Buildings Yellow = Industrial Brown = Gardens & Civic Squares Black = Current street network Grey = Proposed street network The Current Layout of Central Flinders Landing Proposed Layout of Flinders Landing Hoddle's Plan : What it hopes to achieve Improved North-South roads of double width to allow for future growth of Flinders Landing. 3 main roads connecting the docks to the town and surrounding areas. Widen and straighten important roads to improve access. Allows for future civic structures like a town market and large civic hall. Increased residiential areas close to the centre of town. Expanded commerical zones More parks and gardens for the townsfolk. Reply to Comments Schulmanator / Jetty Jockey / Terring Thanks for your comments.... The area is definately spreading far and wide with all the farms but it might be time for a bit more development around the central area. I've been doing some experimentation for future developments since the last post a few weeks back so I've now got a good feel for where I want to go next with development... The new improved road layout will help facilitate that.