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13. Spedbury, a city of contrasts.




@Simcoug : Thanks, growing the row homes wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be, making them all historical was through! I'll try and release more frequent updates this summer :)

@MamaLuigi - You are indeed correct, alot of this content has already been posted in various "show us your.." threads, but I know CJ's and the forums have different audiences. Thank you for your comment :)

@1000000(many many 0's) - Cheers, it should be "back" until late september, then it will probably have to go back into hibernation due to studies.

@westy177 - Thank you, I will make the change from maxis highway to RHW, but probably only when the next version is released. You can expect plenty more rail, industry and public housing projects though :)

@ROFLyoshi - Damn, I must have missed that, thought I had fixed it guess I'll have to go back and tinker with it, thanks for pointing that out :) I like using greenery though I feel I could do with something a bit less nice for certain areas, never the less I feel that everyone deserves some green :)

@Fox - Thanks for the comment, I'm also glad you bring up English areas because thats pretty much exactly what I was going for :) A mix of victorian terraces and 1960's/70's housing projects such as Trellick Tower (the larger brown towers) and the Aylesbury estate, which is pretty infamous (the lower rise grey blocks).

@testuser1234 - Cheers, there will be plenty more factories in this CJ, but that isn't going to be the focus of todays update.

@Morrinkt - Thanks :) Though this entry won't have quite so much in the way of industrial parks and soviet housing projects, I intend to do the updates as a cycle. 1- Housing projects/dirty factories 2- High-Tech industries, leafy suburbs, middle/upper class homes and 3, back to decrepit housing and dirty huge factories. All entries will contain a bit of both however. I have used a lot of mods to get this many factories, but send me a PM and I can give you a list. Almost everything by Jestarr on the LEX would be a good start though.


The focus for the next 8 or so updates will remain with Spedbury. The intention is to showcase the two halves of the city in a cycle, the previous update focused on the poor neighbourhoods and their workplaces, this update will look at the middle/upper class and how they live and then the next will go back to the public housing projects,dirty industry ect

Spedbury is a city of contrasts and massive inequality, while the poorer residents scrape by on minimum wage living in outdated public housing projects the middle and upper class pay thousands for their children to attend private schools, jet around on yachts and either work in the burgeoning research and development area, or more likely - commute to the large offices in the region via rail. Although increasingly companies are setting up offices in the city itself. House prices are between 10-40x higher in the right areas and the average income is above the £100,000 mark. All pictures can be clicked to view at 1680x1050.

These large detached properties are worth hundreds of thousands due to their proximity to the coast and the marina.


One of the main commuter stations.


Offices line the canal, and the bike path has proved a popular addition for the locals, both for getting around and for pleasure.


The penthouses in these highrises can command prices of several million.


Moving away from the coast, man made waterways snake through the housing.


Bicyle paths have made cycling a popular past time.


A new office building with a private park area.


Part of the R&D zone.



Some general pictures.





And an overview of the entire area.


And to balance all that greenery..



Admittedly, thats quite green as well.. Don't worry though, next time we'll look at more housing projects, urban decay, dirty factories, oil refinerys, petrochemical works and iron smelters!

EDIT: I'm a numpty, didn't post all the images I intended to, see below.


Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this update, please comment, criticise and +1 as you see fit :)


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Amazing! Love the building choice and everything fits together fantastic! :thumb:
Just one question, how come you changed the name from "The Spire"?

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That city looks great and it's feel is awsome. What is that building in the third picture to the far left. (red brick with solar panels on top)

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Idk why, I just ditched SimCity 4 in late June, and then picked up RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 the night I went to the amusement park. I haven't played SC4 since. This makes me wanna play again. Very nice.

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Thanks for all your comments everyone, I'm rather overwhelmed with how well this was recieved to be honest so yeah, thank you very much :)

I'll answer questions for now, and respond to everyone in the next update fully.

[quote name='10000000000000' timestamp='1343417312']
Amazing! Love the building choice and everything fits together fantastic! :thumb:
Just one question, how come you changed the name from "The Spire"?

I changed the name from The Spire because that was the previous city I was working on, The Spire is now essentially finished and as The Spire was just one city in the region it didn't make sense to keep the same name. However the region doesn't yet have a name really, so the CJ name reflects the city I am working on most currently.

[quote name='greenbearcub' timestamp='1343431877']
That city looks great and it's feel is awsome. What is that building in the third picture to the far left. (red brick with solar panels on top)

That is the TSC Ecological Building, you can find it here - [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/19949-tsc-ecological-building-les-mimosas/"]http://community.sim...ng-les-mimosas/[/url]

[quote name='newyorka' timestamp='1343448562']
This is amazing! How did you gt the houses and the dock?

You'll need to be a bit more specific in regards to housing, I have many many plugins. The marina/dock can be found here - [url="http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;cat=35"]http://www.simpeg.co...ownloads;cat=35[/url] you'll need to register to download.

[quote name='Markus J' timestamp='1343460163']
I am curious, how much have you finished of this region/city? It looks impressive.

The region has been in the works since 2010, hence the quality of the city varies alot, currently the regional population is 25,645,000 approx. Spedbury currently takes up about half the tile, but half of that is water, therefore I would say I have used about 25-30% of the buildable land.

[quote name='jc joopy' timestamp='1343496514']
yo, really nice city, live the green and the big factoryplant, where did ya find that first one?

Where did I find the first one? I'm not quite sure what you mean, if you tell me which pic it's in then I can give you the link.

[quote name='city89' timestamp='1343498325']
can i hav the link to the 3rd building to the bottom?

If you mean the big factory, you can find it here - [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2578"]http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2578[/url]

[quote name='SimCitySuperFan' timestamp='1343604787']
Great city!

But how did you upload many images without reaching the limit of 2 MB?

I upload them on an external image hosting website, in my case thats http://photobucket.com/, then you link the pictures directly into the CJ.

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