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  1. Lessito | The Country Life

  2. 13. Spedbury, a city of contrasts.

    Amazing 100/100
  3. Thank you for replying! It ended up being my virus protector deleting the shortcut as I un-installed simcity and when re installing my virus protected said its unsafe, and I now remember the other night it was late and I was watching Le Tour De France and a few glasses of Sav I just clicked yes to deleting file, so that's why it didn't work. Thank you Captcity and Mamaluigi945 for replying!
  4. TOSHIBA Intel ® Core ™2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz 2.27GHz RAM 3.00 GB VIDEO CARD ATI MOBILITY Radeon HD 3470 Capacity 288GB 62 BIT OPERATING SYSTEM WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM SIMCITY 4 RUSH HOUR Hello! Any help would be most appreciated! This message is coming up and the game won't open! I have searched through forums with no luck! Thank you in advance!