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New Chandler III

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New Chandler Metro Line 7.... and other pictures

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I haven't done a transportation update in a while so I figured today would be a good day to do one. Only this time in New Chandler City. I've been working on the east side like update 42 and today will take you on a train ride across the entire large city tile :) It's monsoon season though so it's going to be a bit rainy.


By the way if you ask if I took names from GTA or NYC, the answer is yes :P

Alderney is the southernmost station on this city tile.


Burlesque South. The 7A joins us here, which spurs off toward the bottom (Line 7 crosses the road) toward the Fordham Low station.


Burlesque Transit Center lies under the massive and famous "CAM'S BURLESQUE" sign, advertising a textile factory, symbolic of the old industries in the reforming neighborhood. The 3 line (not the 4 as the picture suggests) goes above it and would eventually get you to the Central Core and Simlympic Park.


DeKalb Avenue is on the other side of the 317 freeway, where the train line goes into a tunnel.


DeLornier Avenue and Park and Ride is just after where the 7A line leaves for the airport. This station is a crucial lifeline for the thousands of residents in the housing projects built around this area, and as you would expect, is one of the busiest on Line 7.


A brief intermission now. This is where the 7A line ends up, at Don Figote Airport. The tracks continue into a yard.


Back to the main feature now. This is St. Lucius Station, another extremely busy station.


Flanders Circle is just before state highway 8. Planes entering Don Figote Airport howl over this station. Fortunately for the residents built abnormally close to the runway, this is one of New Chandler City's smaller airports.


On the other side of the freeway are clean streets with no grimy industry. The Civic Center station is also a connection point to two light rail lines. All three lines split after this station.


Here's a map of where we went!


Before I leave you guys off I have a few more pictures of this city tile in the sunshine. Here's the airport...


Highway 317.


The Civic Center. There's a lot of empty space that I blanked out. Half of that is the edge of the city tile :P


Also I strongly encourage you to CLICK THESE TWO IMAGES FOR 5000-PIXEL WIDE PANORAMAS, or sideways mosaics. Panorama 1 (look at URL's) is of the Burlesque District and Panorama 2 is of the airport and vicinity.

You don't want to forget to click these, trust me.



See you next time! Please leave comments and +1 if you enjoyed your ride.

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Recommended Comments

hey i really like your city tho the amount of level crossings you have is a bit problematic the photoediting is epic good stuff

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Need to see more of that airport!!

The pictures are excellent, but the final touch has been the Helvetica (or resembling) font in your signs. Great!

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Now that's a rail line, and I like how it's used in all the pictures! Most people who show their rails have no trains on them.

But that one picture with the roudabout and the train crossing right there, seems like it would cause quite a bottle neck when a train comes.

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[color=#ff00cc][b]Cool update.. love the weather effects.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]Nice use of the plane monument on the corner there.. looks great in that spot.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]The over pass in the last picture is amazing too.. very cool.. ca we get a close up please ?[/b][/color] :P

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(so far)

[b]westy177: [/b]Thanks for the comment, I used FLUP where I could, but it ran parallel to a road most of the time :P Sorry
[b]TekindusT: [/b]Thanks for the comment, of course you loved the airport :P You saw all the interesting stuff but I'll see about showing all of it once the surrounding area is done
[b]Markus J: [/b]Thanks for the comment. I wouldn't want to drive in this city on any day, the traffic bar is a solid red.
[b]vivapanda: [/b]Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it!
[b]Schulmanator: [/b]No idea what you mean but thanks for visiting :P
[b]arfress dafferin: [/b]Glad you did, thanks for stopping by!
[b]keder: [/b]Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you saw them, I bet a lot of people skipped over them ;)
[b]MamaLuigi945:[/b] Your comment makes me want to go back to Phoenix... but thanks for the comment, you can go here any day as long as you don't bring those damn duststorms with you :P
[b]Benedict:[/b] Thanks for visiting, glad you liked it!
[b]escilnavia:[/b] Why thank you!
[b]Mithrik:[/b] Thanks for the comment.... they aren't as common as they used to be sorry :|
[b]Fox:[/b] Thanks for recognizing every detail :D I have a close up in [i]54: Darlington City (in brighter times)[/i] if you want one in a different city.
[b]MisterRisk1:[/b] Thanks for the compliment!
[b]Mastof:[/b] Thanks Shubby, they're at BriPizza somewhere if you want them :)
[b]zeldafan:[/b] Thanks man!
[b]Josh6:[/b] Glad you liked them. Thank you!

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