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  1. Replies raynev1: Yeah, and I think it's a good one, this Cities game. Tonraq: Thanks, it's good(?) to be back. Just a question this time around. My recent updates used majhost and occasionally imageshack for hosting photos. However, majhost has fallen off the face of the earth and imageshack has gone premium. I've noticed ST has a gallery wherein I can upload pics. Would you all want me to reupload the pics from majhost, considering they're all still on my hard drive? It'd be a slow thing, and I couldn't guarantee I'd remember all the updates, but I would do it. Let me know. Also, so I don't just bore you all, here's some more pics of that city I showed you in the last entry. I want to do an update on it, I think. But I may wait until I get a new laptop, which should be by the end of August, so bear with me.
  2. Commonwealth of Paradise

    Repository of Cities: Skylines pics from cities in the Commonwealth.
  3. It Lives....?

    Don't call it a comeback, I've just been in the neighborhood recently and decided to pop in...
  4. SHK Villas

  5. RHW-4 Toll Booth

  6. Baltimore