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Fortress of Peace




The Wirdleplex: Fortress of Peace


From a BFA Military Communiqué, issued earlier this year by Governor-General H. J. Franciflora, at HQ in The Wirdleplex…

The Wirdleonia River is the longest in the country and is a vital transit link. Protecting this resource is vital to national security. For this reason, I have commanded the BFA Military to build and maintain an island fortress off the coast proximate to the mouth of the river to protect the mighty Wirdleonia from potential enemy attack. Work will begin immediately. Work will be coordinated with the Royal Schulmania Navy, which will deploy several vessels to the site.

True to his word, the Governor-General’s plan for protection has come to pass – on time and under budget. An island off the coast proximate to the mouth of the Wirdleonia River has been transformed into the most heavily fortified site in the nation. The massive new complex was dubbed “Project Salem” but will now receive its official name. Known as Schulmania’s “fortress of peace”, the island will henceforth be known as Salembourg.

The ‘fortress of peace’ is dominated by a massive castle on the east end and the base itself is surrounded by massive stone walls. The fortress and walls are bristling with large cannon. There are two naval facilities on the west end of the island as well as a commercial seaport and a port for the national ferry system.

Let’s take our first glimpse at Schulmania’s Corregidor, the most fortified island in the feline realms.


As we approach, the massive nature of the island’s defenses is readily apparent


Tall barracks line the streets close to the walls, housing several thousand military personnel and their families


As we round the tip of the island, we catch sight of the massive fortifications guarding the eastern approaches


Massive Fort Salembourg is the largest military structure in the nation


The massive structure dominates the island and is the center of defenses for the mouth of the Wirdleonia River and the adjacent coastline


Tarreel Quadrangle serves as both a gathering place and a mustering ground


The ramparts are bristling with cannon, ready to strike should Queensferry arrive here


Of course, there is more to the town and its defenses than the signature fortification


Barracks house thousands of military personnel and their families in a more compact and higher density formation than the standard mainland base arrangement


The Bureau of Feline Affairs Administration Center serves as the municipal government building and is adjacent to the walls. Next to it is a statue of the Governor-General.


At the other end of the island is Academy Circle, a roundabout leading to the two ports and the road leading to the military academy


Don’t forget the beautiful Chapel of the Royal Fisk, sitting adjacent to a fine equestrian statue of the Supreme Wirdle


Adjacent to the fort is the large Officers Quarters, featuring accommodations for hundreds of officers and their families


At right is the Salembourg Military Academy, Schulmania’s first military-themed secondary level school. It is anticipated elite cadets will graduate here to attend the national military academy at Glenwood. But, of course there are many options available for graduates.

While we explore the western end of the island, we see the multiple ports which serve the population. There is a ferry port and a cargo port. Also, two naval stations can accommodate multiple vessels from the navy’s Wirdleplex fleet. Admiral Hestorb has permanently detached a squadron to be based here and patrol this sector of the coast.


We head across the island toward the southwest side of the island, where a guard tower watches over a naval station


Ged Tower anchors the southwestern corner of the island, alongside the naval station and the civic services building operated by the BFA


Our new metal ships are a significant improvement over the wooden ones and are being fabricated rather rapidly at our secret facility in the Admiral Islands


This one is equipped with a meownicopter


In this wider view, we can see the naval station in its context


Here, we see the massive fort in a wider context


The bulk of the island is shown in this wider shot looking north


Let’s head back in behind the walls for the evening. In our next outing, we will explore more of the fortified isle.





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Alright, let's see the bugs break through THIS! So many military personnel in one place, it seems to me that it could be a staging area from which an offensive of some sort could be launched...

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[b]Simul8ter8[/b] Thanks! I Glad you liked it. :D

[b]100000000000000[/b] Thanks. I enjoyed making it.

[b]MamaLuigi945[/b] That’d be a great AKA for it!

[b]Hahei[/b] They are actually from the downloads section of Tout Sim Cities

[b]USFighter15[/b] And you would be right!

[b]Westy177[/b] That’s a great town slogan!

[b]Shanemelbourne[/b] Thanks! Glad you like it.

[b]NMUSpidey[/b] We are definitely going to give it a try!

[b]Ggagmus[/b] I second that emotion!

[b]Benedict[/b] Me too! And a great new word!

[b]LastTrueChamp[/b] You have a sharp eye. The castle is a gray version of the Château Frontenac.

[b]MilitantRadical[/b] Thanks! Glad you like it.

[b]Wraner[/b] They are awesome, aren’t they? You can get yours at Tout Sim Cities

[b]Etissan Thanks! And congrats on being Schulmania's 700th commenter! Woo hoo! [/b]The walls and castle (Chateau Frontenac) are both available in the downloads section of Tout Sim Cities. Please do come back and visit us again!

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