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Ionica - Counting Down to the Bicentennial in Avalon

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Welcome back,


dubaidude303 - Thanks, glad you're enjoying it.

Simul8ter8 - Whoa, that is incredibly hard to answer. I've been thinking about this for a week and I can't say what my favorite building is especially now that I have so many. Sorry, I'm just not a favorites kind of person lol.

zahrul3 - Thanks. I really wish there were more futuristic of fictional BATs. I'll have to make a list or a CJ called buildings I wish were BATs. For example the Tyrell Corp building from Blade Runner.

corydreinhardt - Funny that you ask because last week when I released my CJ the answer would have been yes there are a lot of traffic jams. I used to get the traffic jam pop up once and a while but I usually ignore it. Then after doing a lot of tweaking and adding some parking lots here and there I haven't had that message appear at all. I don't know what did it, but I don't have traffic problems right now.

westy177 - Thanks West!

SimCoug - Thank you. Haven't added much yet, but I'll get back into it soon.

Cobra_nVidia - Thanks. The city has grown fairly organically. There were only a few landmarks I set up when designed it. The Khalifa being one of them. Now it is just a competition for space much like a real city and I'm replacing a lot of smaller buildings with skyscrapers as the population increases.

Fox - Glad you enjoy. I'm glad I still have older versions of my city.

mecute24 - I got the birdsnest here at Simtropolis.com

hahei - Climate Change? Never heard of it.


The airport is on hold for a little bit. I wanted to publish an entry as a follow up to my last one much sooner but I had some problems with Avalon while I was doing some renovations which has lead to repeated delays. Now I've finally collected a lot of pictures from my city and and working on a few mosaics. I still have a bit more work but here is a quick preview:

The Clock is Ticking

2199 is coming to a close, where will you be in the New Century?


Lady of the Lake Park

Although Ionica is a Republic that has rejected undemocratic forms of government like Monarchies, Avalon was built as a symbol to honor benevolent leaders, like King Arthur, who recognize that their purpose is to serve the people. This park is near the Camelot train station and will see thousands of visitors walk it's path during the Bicentennial. The monument at the center depicts Merlin watching the Lady of the Lake present Excalibur and four knights, Lancelot, Perceval, Galahad, and Tristan, protecting last resting place of King Arthur.


Stonehenge Park

This ancient solar temple is a gift from the former Empire of Altherion to commemorate the Bicentennial. Relations between the two nations have been rocky ever since Ionica declared independence two hundred years ago, but we graciously accepted this monument as a token of friendship. Stonehenge will be the site of a spectacular fireworks show during the celebrations.


Castle Waterfront

This waterfront park was built specifically for the Bicentennial with stones brought directly from the real Island of Avalon which was proven to be real by renown Ionican archeologist Devron Thesson in 2033.


Lets start this party with a bang!

The Lighthouse Tower Hotel overlooks the Vesica Piscis Stadium (Bird's nest stadium) and is one of best places to see all the action during the festivities.


Your guide to the Bicentennial coming soon!

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Recommended Comments

Beautiful city! I really like the shot of the waterfront. Can you by any chance show me where you got those ruins, especially stonehenge. I've been looking for something like that for ages and was beginning to believe that it didn't exist.

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Very cool use of Stonehenge! And those statues in the lady of the lake park - are they actual BAT models? Nice update!

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amazing work again, I love densely populated cities with high population, high buildings and a tinty SyFy.

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My name is Galahad too! What a great variety of old and new buildings. What is going to happen during the bicentennial? any parties I can go to? :)

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