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Ionica - International Airport and Avalon Updates

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Welcome back,


dubaidude303 - Thanks, going to take a while to complete. I can't really pinpoint where I got all this stuff but I suggest you check out SimFuturist's Regional Airportand grab all the dependencies for it, that should give you quite a few things to play around with.

111222333444 - Thank you OneOneOneTwoTwoTwoThreeThreeThreeFourFourFour, I hope the end result is good.

Fox - Sweet! That is what these CJs are all about!

westy177 - Thanks. So do I lol.

SimCoug - Yeah, it is huge, especially since I don't really know what I'm doing. It is a trial and error process. Good thing I'm getting great feedback from people here. Thanks.

TowerDude - Thank you.

escilnavia - Thanks, I sure hope it will be epic.

Equilibria - Not sure exactly which RJ gate you're talking about. I've PMed you so you can elucidate.

Evandad - Oh Gosh! Don't scare me like that. :D

zahrul3 - Thanks for your insight.

weekendgamer - Bahahah! That is so hilarious because I the same thing the other day before reading this comment. I'm making the end terminals more diagonal now. They won't be parallel. Thanks for the comment.

StephenPullen - Awesome! Good luck with your airport. I currently consider the avenue in front of my airport as just temporary. I'm experimenting with what the front of the airport will look like. Thanks for your insight.

matheuspaulo - Glad you enjoyed it.

IL. - The building is the SCJU Parliament.

News From Ionica

- Spring Construction Underway. Construction Teams Working Around the Clock

- Avalon's Subway System Restored After A Week Of Construction

- City Planners Considering Massive Project To Connect GLR to Avalon

- Simbook, banks sued over pre-IPO analyst calls

- New Bill Would Make It Legal To Target Propaganda And “Psychological Operations” Directly At Ionican Citizens


My time playing SC4 over the past week has been divided between building the new airport, renovating Avalon, and building a new Zone. I've wanted to show Avalon for a while but I kept losing a lot of progress because when I would Save and Exit to Region it would totally corrupt the file and crash SC4 after launch. I finally found a way around that and started backing up much more frequently. I've finally managed to keep the renovations and I'll share some of those with you now instead of waiting until it is all done because it could take a while. But first I'll show you a few updates from my airport.


I've yet to factor in any suggestions people have provided so what you see is subject to change. your comments and opinions are greatly valued so I'd love to hear from you.


The outdoor parking lot is going to be much larger. I just put in a few to test it.


Testing out my airport roads and taxiways.


Overview of what the airport currently looks like. The runways are temporary. I was just testing out where it would be and how they would look. I don't know if I have the runway lights working properly. I'll fool around some more. I'm also testing out a Y terminal instead of the absurd way I had them before.


The Evolution of Avalon

If you have been following this CJ from the beginning you will know that Avalon is Zone at the heart of Ionica. Avalon is on the verge of celebrating it's bicentennial and city planners have been hard at work modernizing the city. This is the 2nd densest Zone in Ionica, the 1st is Veritas which hasn't been unveiled yet. Veritas is much more advanced in it's design but Avalon is where it all began.

Avalon c. 2058

This is a picture of Avalon before I ever considered creating a CJ. This picture is taken from a backup which I originally kept because I wasn't sure my city would be sustainable.


Avalon c. 2190.

This picture was taken for the launch of my CJ.


Avalon c. 2198 (Today)

I've been adding a lot of seawalls. I also added a new Bird's nest stadium. I didn't know that I had the old tiny one but while searching for stadiums I found the new one. There are a lot of things that haven't grown yet like seasonal trees and buildings because I haven't pressed play yet. I needed to revamp the subway a bit. There is still a lot of work to be done, your suggestions welcome.







(Some buildings don't have lights because I haven't pressed play yet since i placed them)


A lot of work still needs to be done.

Thanks for visiting! See Ya!

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I like that you have that futuristic look in the CJ. What makes this CJ better is, there is enough custom content and good BAT selection, something that other/past futuristic CJs lack in.

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Well now that's a shiny update! No suburb no siree!

I like how all the skyscrapers are spread around a large area, not clumped into an endless shapeless mass

You did a great job and should be proud!

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I would not want to travel in that city during rush hour? Do you have a lot of traffic jams??!?!

lol all cities in sim nation do hell i know all of my large cities do

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