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Western suburbs of Santa Leon & airport

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corydreinhardt: Thanks! Traffic was really terrible, until the freeway was built through the center of the city, which helped improve congestion. I would think it's still bad though, simply due to the fact that the city is mostly quite dense. The "downtown" is pretty ambiguous, but I would say the epicenter of the city is the commercial district directly south of the colonial quarter, since it is pretty much the heart of the city.

Evillions, dubaidude303, Simarco: Thanks!

MamaLuigi945: ¡Muchas gracias!

Ihaveaneedforspeed: I don't think I'll make a CJ of it, but you can check out my new tumblr for pics!

Fox: Indeed, I can imagine how nice it would be to get back from a long day's work and just head out to the beach to relax for the rest of the day. That is, if you can manage to escape near-death from the crazy drivers going across the busy avenue. :P

The western part of Santa León consists of the modern industrial area of Santa Clara and coastal suburb of Miraflores.


Santa Clara is a suburb of the western part of Santa León that is particularly known for its manufacturing and high-tech industry.


This area is considered the "Silicon Valley of the Caribbean" due to the many high-tech industries that are situated here, some of which manufacture consumer electronics and other things. These consumer electronics are usually very cheap knock-offs of foreign cell-phones and tablets and that kind of thing. Some companies, like UTC, have a few manufacturing plants in the surrounding area. (For those who don't know, UTC is an electronics company from my other CJ city, San Lorenzo)

Santa Clara is located in close proximity with the international airport of Santa León. The airport has expanded over time from a small landing strip to a moderately sized single-runway airport. It serves as a hub for Guarair, the national airline that has international flights to and from North and South America. (Currently, the only other international flights outside of the Americas are to Madrid and Paris)


The suburbs of the city have sprawled around the airport, which takes up a good portion of space in the only suitable flat land along the coastal city area.


Near the airport and Santa Clara is another suburb called Miraflores. (Not to be confused with the upscale coastal neighborhood in Lima, Peru)


The area is known for the Medical school and university located close to the airport.


The area is seeing quite a bit of development and construction, particularly along the coastline as land value increases dramatically. Developers are having a heyday in this area, but some people complain that the coastline may erode too much if many of the construction plans are put into place. As you will see, there's still a lot of unfinished work.


Here's some more pics that I have that I don't know what to do with. :P



Also, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I had no idea I could submit my own feature on the home page, after all this time... :lol:

So here's the pic I used! I didn't show very many pics of the airport, due to the fact I'm not that confident in my abilities in airport-building. But whatever, here it is!


Also, Happy Memorial day (If you're from the United States) :D

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Recommended Comments

Airport looks decent. It needs markers so that the planes can get to the runway and block off vehicles.

Otherwise, this is great!

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Looks like a very colourful place to live. Fits together nicely but doesn't look repetitive. It also looks very warm! :D

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very nice city!, maybe u can tell me where i can find those road textures with parkingspaces both sides?

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I really love your 7th pic, it reminds me quite a lot to some places along the Mediterranean coast. Incomplete apartment buildings, unlaid streets, the effects of the Real Estate Bubble burst.

As for airport building, there's only one way to get confident: know your pieces. Once you know all your airport pieces one by one (specially the marking tiles) you'll have all the tools to build awesome airports. Yours has a lot of potential right now, if you can improve the taxiways, markings and taxiway/runway junctions, you'll have a very nice airport.

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its an OK airport but some of ure planes are standing horrizontal in place of Vertical against the terminals and that's very dangerous and just a bit stupid.

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Quite impressive city you have there, as for the airport, it's quite big considering you´re building an island with a latin style, and I don't know of any island airports in latin-america with more than 2 gates (as far as I know), also some plane positions aren't the most "adequate", but it looks quite good and it seems you have the right idea of what you want to build which is good. Back to the city, it's trully stunning to see the way you have used your plugins folder. I love it! Keep up the good work

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