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A latin-american nation that consists of multiple islands.

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The commuter train terminus station in Santa Leon is located near the soccer(football) stadium and CBD. This is the place where you can get onto a train to easily travel through the valley without dealing with traffic problems.


In between Santa Leon and Angostura is a narrow pass between the mountains which contains a highway- unfortunately, this highway is pretty much the only way to get from Angostura to Santa Leon, meaning a lot of people use it. For that reason, the commuter railroad was built. Thankfully, a new road with tunnels going through the mountains has already been approved for construction as well.





The region around Santa Leon in the north island is mostly a dry subtropical climate. The valley west of Angostura is known for producing a lot of wine among other things.


This is the station in Angostura. The city of Angostura is known primarily for its university, the largest in the country. It is also among the largest cities in Guaracay.


The city has grown largely due to its status as a suburb of Santa Leon, with office buildings that have risen along the city's main avenue connected to the highway. The area also has a lot of high-tech and manufacturing industries.


The city also has its own little old town area, with a cathedral too. The most iconic building is the original university structure. Behind it are several large buildings that consist of classrooms and student housing.



The commuter train goes farther even than Angostura, while eventually ending in the valley west of the city. Due to the limits in space in the area, much of the city sprawl has had to squeeze its way through the valleys of the mountains and towards the west, where the land is less rugged.


Thanks for reading! :)



corydreinhardt: Thanks! Traffic was really terrible, until the freeway was built through the center of the city, which helped improve congestion. I would think it's still bad though, simply due to the fact that the city is mostly quite dense. The "downtown" is pretty ambiguous, but I would say the epicenter of the city is the commercial district directly south of the colonial quarter, since it is pretty much the heart of the city.

Evillions, dubaidude303, Simarco: Thanks!

MamaLuigi945: ¡Muchas gracias!

Ihaveaneedforspeed: I don't think I'll make a CJ of it, but you can check out my new tumblr for pics!

Fox: Indeed, I can imagine how nice it would be to get back from a long day's work and just head out to the beach to relax for the rest of the day. That is, if you can manage to escape near-death from the crazy drivers going across the busy avenue. :P

The western part of Santa León consists of the modern industrial area of Santa Clara and coastal suburb of Miraflores.


Santa Clara is a suburb of the western part of Santa León that is particularly known for its manufacturing and high-tech industry.


This area is considered the "Silicon Valley of the Caribbean" due to the many high-tech industries that are situated here, some of which manufacture consumer electronics and other things. These consumer electronics are usually very cheap knock-offs of foreign cell-phones and tablets and that kind of thing. Some companies, like UTC, have a few manufacturing plants in the surrounding area. (For those who don't know, UTC is an electronics company from my other CJ city, San Lorenzo)

Santa Clara is located in close proximity with the international airport of Santa León. The airport has expanded over time from a small landing strip to a moderately sized single-runway airport. It serves as a hub for Guarair, the national airline that has international flights to and from North and South America. (Currently, the only other international flights outside of the Americas are to Madrid and Paris)


The suburbs of the city have sprawled around the airport, which takes up a good portion of space in the only suitable flat land along the coastal city area.


Near the airport and Santa Clara is another suburb called Miraflores. (Not to be confused with the upscale coastal neighborhood in Lima, Peru)


The area is known for the Medical school and university located close to the airport.


The area is seeing quite a bit of development and construction, particularly along the coastline as land value increases dramatically. Developers are having a heyday in this area, but some people complain that the coastline may erode too much if many of the construction plans are put into place. As you will see, there's still a lot of unfinished work.


Here's some more pics that I have that I don't know what to do with. :P



Also, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I had no idea I could submit my own feature on the home page, after all this time... :lol:

So here's the pic I used! I didn't show very many pics of the airport, due to the fact I'm not that confident in my abilities in airport-building. But whatever, here it is!


Also, Happy Memorial day (If you're from the United States) :D


Replies: (I've decided to do them in updates since it's easier.)

dubaidude303, NMUSpidey, Jetty Jockey: Thank you!

elavery: Yea, I just noticed that too. I think because I used a lot of ploppables that there isn't much traffic. There tends to be more traffic in my more growable cities like Santa Leon, which has growable residential areas. However most, if not all, of the high-rise commercial buildings are plopped because I'm a control freak when it comes to city skylines. :lol: I did add some traffic generators though to the city, because I agree that the pics will look better with a little bit of traffic.

Evillions: Much of this CJ is inspired by my trip last year to Peru. Parapilla has a slight inspiration from the Miraflores part of Lima, but it's also based on pictures of cities and beach resorts in Venezuela. In particular, Barcelona (not in Spain, but the city in Venezuela) was inspiring.


Note: You did not see the blurred out area. You have ignored it and completely forgotten you saw it. :P

I call it "New CBD" in quotes because it's a commercial district outside the traditional CBD of Santa Leon. It's the area on the Avenida de los Ocupantes (Avenue of Occupants), which was historically an area of inns, pubs and brothels. Today, it's considered the "Wall Street" of the small nation, with many of the wealthiest and most powerful corporations having their fancy glass-covered skyscraper offices located here.


At the top of the mosaic is the first structure that was built in this area... a large commercial complex with a tower and multiple buildings around it. It was constructed in the late 1990s during the start of an economic boom in the country. The tallest building on the avenue, and in the city as a whole, is the blue skyscraper with the diagonal things. (Sorry, I'm afraid I don't know the wording. But hey! Don't judge. :P) It was built in 2007 is home to another one of those generic international banking companies, HSomethingBC Bank of something. Although that skyscraper is a bit more typical in design, the nearby Torre BancoGuaracay is the darker tower with the unusual shape, is more unique. Its construction was just finished 5 months ago.


As you can see, the area has some interesting contrasts. City planners initially disliked the idea of smaller houses being dwarfed next to taller commercial skyscrapers. However, these houses will likely be demolished in favor of high-rise condominiums. Land value and real estate prices have increased massively in the past decade, due to the lack of space in the area and economic growth.


Finally, here's an artsy black and white picture, for all you hipsters our there. ;)


Also, here's a peek of what has been keeping me busy, and inspired, in the past week. None other than Tropico 4, with the Modern Times expansion pack. Me gusta. Me gusta, mucho.



I've also decided to start a Tumblr (well, everyone else is doing it, why not me? :lol:) But I'll share pictures of video games and stuff that I do, including more pictures of Tropico 4.


Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! This one is about Parapilla, which I had in my older CJ Mesias, but this time it's just a little different. I'm glad to be back to playing Simcity, I've become almost sick of the Sims after playing it all the time. :lol:

Here you can see where Parapilla is located, east of the central part of the city:


Parapilla is essentially a suburb of Santa Leon. Much of the suburb's economic activity is based on tourism, because it is often considered the unofficial beach town of the Santa Leon metropolitan area. Of course there are also a few beaches within the actual city of Santa Leon, but they are more popular with urbanites who would rather relax on the beach after dodging rush hour traffic and crowds of people.


The city has a bit of a skyline as you can see, although all of the high-rise buildings are hotels and condominiums. You won't find any tall office buildings here - those are all in central Santa Leon. Some of the more wealthy people, who inhabit one of the few mcmansion-esque subdivisions built near the golf course, commute to Santa Leon. However, many of the high-end condos and villas are owned by foreigners who go on vacation here.

Like almost any city in Guaracay, Parapilla has its own "old quarter" with Spanish colonial architecture. However in Parapilla, the old district is very heavily commercialized and filled with tourist traps and "authentic" representations of Guaraqueño culture.


Below you can see some condominiums and the "mc-mansion" style housing developments.


One interesting part of Parapilla is that the development stops abruptly farther east, due to government restrictions on development that were put in place to protect the terrain that is vulnerable to destruction. Environmentalists say that the area is home to several unique bird species that live along the coast in this area, so the city has plans to turn the area into a natural reserve park thing-type area. (Pardon my eloquence. :P)


Here's more of downtown Parapilla and the colonial area. In the center is the modernish cathedral, built on the site of a crumbling old Spanish church that had been falling into disrepair. Most of the buildings around are either old colonial shops or modern condos and hotels.


That's all, folks! Thanks for reading! Here's a teaser of some new developments popping up west of the central CBD area... on Avenida de los Ocupantes (Avenue of Occupants, guess why I chose that name... :lol: )



Hey guys, so I know I haven't been that active recently on Simtropolis. I actually haven't been playing Simcity that often, and instead have been building a couple of world projects for The Sims 3. But anyways, I still like to poke around in my cities. Although, I get the feeling that I won't be playing that much with Simcity until the new one comes out. But anyways, I hope everyone's doing great here on Simtrop! :)

So, as you may already know, Santa León is the capital city of Guaracay.


This update is about the central part of the city - the CBD and surrounding areas. Below, you can see the Avenida de las Palmas, which is lined with hotels, shopping, and surprisingly enough - embassies.


You can also see a glimpse below of the freeway that winds its way through the central part of the city, alleviating much of the smaller roads of the traffic headaches that were arising in the 1970's.


Below is the Presidential Palace, where the president lives. It's located close to the beach, so that the president has a nice view of the ocean. It also provides an opportunity for sun-bathing tourists to gawk into his lavish living quarters and offices.


Below is the city's central fútbol stadium.


One of the city's iconic landmarks is the Monte Verde monastery. It is located on a steep hill, and reachable by a furnicular train from the lower neighborhood nearby. It is the home of religious broadcasting company "Pan Diario" which is both loved and hated by certain people in Guaracay.


Below is one of the city's only train stations, with a commuter rail line that connects the city with suburbs and outter cities that are behind the hills.


That's all, thanks for reading! :)


Santa León is the capital city of Guaracay. It was founded by San Pedrians in the 1500s and continues to be the oldest inhabited city in the Guaracan Islands. The city is known for it's warm urban beaches and historic colonial architecture.


At the top of the pic below, you have the Colonial Quarter with the Fort of San Francisco, Cathedral, and narrow cobblestone streets located on a peninsula. Towards the bottom you have the Government District and then the Banking District.


One of the oldest buildings is the Fortaleza de San Francisco, which was constructed in order to solidify the San Pedrian territorial claim over Guaracay and deter pirates and rivaling countries.


The city's main landmark, along with the old fort, is the Cathedral. It was designed by a Portuguese architect in a Portuguese style with blue tiles depicting scenes from the New Testament of the Bible.


Another historic structure is the Iglesia de San Domenico, which was the first Dominican church in Guaracay.


Santa León's colonial district is considered a gem of the southern Caribbean, due to the numerous preserved colonial houses and the restored cobblestone streets. The area is filled with touristy shops and bars that attract hordes of tourists every year.



In addition to the historic structures, there is a nearby beach by the Colonial District that is popular mostly with tourists. The beach went through a massive clean-up effort in the late 1990's due to the accumulation of garbage and broken glass that were a public hazard. Today, however, the city has strict anti-littering rules and hefty fines.


Near the Colonial District is the so-called "Government District", which is where the Palacio Nacional is located. This is where the president works and where his angry citizens protests. :P There's also another beach near this district, along the Bay of León.


That's all for now. :thumb:



This is just a little intro teaser. You can consider this new CJ to be the spiritual successor of Mesias. (Although technically that nation no longer exists in this parallel universe of panthersimcity4 CJs, but anyways I don't want to boggle your mind further. :P )


The Republic of Guaracay

República de Guaracay

Capital: Santa León

Denonym: Guaraqueño

Government: Republic

President: Eduardo Reyes Montego (Leftist Party)

Language(s): Spanish, Amerindian Languages

Religion(s): Catholicism (96%), other (3%)

Industries: Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Commerce


Here are the same teaser pics from my other CJ, just because. :P




First update coming soon! :D


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