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Infinitystadt: where -not- to live?



The last update was around 3 months around. Sorry the delay, many factors propitiated this delay.



dcerv5633: Thank's for your comment. Yeah, there are many apartments that you can rent in the ABC, but I reccomend to look all the city before to take your decition.

Topgun232: :rofl: I like that kind of walls. Thank's for your comment.

Benedict, terring and Arnold001: thank's.



In the last update we looked a generalized perspective of the city, now is time to go into the details. In this update We will see many residencial zones of the city, from the poorest, passing through the medium class, to the most exclusive zones. So this is one of the many faces of Infinitystadt, you will decide where to live, or where not to live.


We start to see this map, take a look to the city map of Infinitystadt to avoid lost people.


Aerial view of Heritarg, we can see the ABC -Apartment Block Complex, remember this- at the north and the old Heritarg at the south, where the old village was founded. The ABC was a project of the City-State goverment, supported by the the District I union, for the solving of the real estate crisis in the city in the year 1973.


A close up to the ABC of Heritarg. There is the old cementery of the village of Heritarg, and some stores. The people of Infinitystadt have too much respect to their dead people.

To live in the front of a cementery could be quiet, but look at your window and see a cementery could be something gloomy.


Another close up to the ABC of Heritarg. How to entry to that street inside the complex? There is a tunel under the building. Some people are concerned about this tunel, the engineers and architects says that it is secure. Maybe they don't lie, the tunel exist from 38 years ago.


Old village of Heritarg, a look to the central square and the church of St. Wenceslao.


The Axis avenue defines the limit between Heritarg -right- and Borderline -left-. Maybe you want to live in one of the apartments around The Axis, altough some people say that the apartments of the ABC are more big.


A luxury ABC of the University of Infinitystadt, in Borderline. Many teachers of the university, and their families, lives here, and some students rent a apartment in groups of 6 persons. There are parties every weekend, but It is quiet mostly part of the week. An urban legend says that many people do satanic rituals in the forest, who knows, there are no evidence of this...


This is a already knowed zone, Northbeach are a luxury zone to live, front the beach and near de Downtown.


Close up to the Downtown.


This is Smallpier, a medium class zone at the south of Infinindustrial.


Portline a great zone to live, in fron the lake and the historical ports of Infinitystadt. That building in the center is the Portline Tower, a mixed building too popular as a landmark, because the shapes of the facade.


Between the lake and the hills, Califlex is a zone of medium-high class with some towers and old houses. The people who live here says It is pleasant to feel the cold air of Califlex Hills and see the warm waters of Infinity Lake. The cold air of the mornings downing from Califlex Hills makes the Infinity fog over the lake, that ting that confused the firsts inhabitants of the lake and called Infinity Lake, then the city inherit the name as Infinitystadt.


An aerial view of Seqwa. This is an exclusive zone over the hill and near the Infinity Forest and the Infinitystadt Sport Complex.


Close up to Seqwa. If you want to live in Seqwa you must pay around many millions for a mansion. Only the most rich people of Infinitystadt lives here.


This is Southlake, an old zone of Infinitystadt. Its era of splendor was the decade of 1950. In the 70's, when the real estate crisis, this zone collapsed in population, having around 400% more people than it really can shelter. Some apartments of high class were converted to tenements and inside the big courtyard of every complex where builded another buildings, trying to contain the housing crisis. In the climax of the crisis this zone was very dangerous in all its forms: economy, security, health, housing, education, everything of its splendor era get lost in seven years; untill the real estate crisis oficially finished in 1981. This crisis changed the life of all the city.


Close up to Southlake. Note specially the buildings inside the courtyard. Many projects to revive the splendor of this zone appeared around the year 2001. One of the projects is re-open all the theaters around the avenue. Some theaters re-opened, and the project is working, It is reviving an old zone of the city, and is becoming a boheme zone in the city, slowly but surely will be the Culture Capital of Infinitystadt.


This is another ABC of Infinitystadt, in Southlake, more newest than the ABC of Heritarg.


In the stairs of the building number 16-Y can be readed this small text:

In the night I open my window

And I see a widow

Crying to her husband

Many meters underground

And I ask myself

Will I cry to to yourself

After our fall?

This is and interestign kind of vandalism very common in Southlake. Again, to live near a cementery could be quiet, but something gloomy and inspiring when you live near a zone of boheme.


Another part of Southlake.


A close up to Michaela Suskind Avenue, before the cross the bridge to Forests.


The archs gives you the welcome to Forests CBD.


Aerial View of Forests CBD. It is a new and modernd zone of offices skycrappers and residencial complex.


If you have too much money, like to buy a mansion if Seqwa, maybe you want to buy an big aparment in one of the many residential complex in Forests CBD.


The aparments and offices of Forests CBD have a nice view. This is a ferry from Northdeath going to Teslavia in the South River.


And finally a view of Northdeath, a zone more attached to Death Marineris Canyon than Infinitystadt.

So, where do you want to live? Look at your budget and decide. Hope so you liked this update. Don't forget to leave a comment and see you later!


Recommended Comments

Nevermind the budget, I'd live in the Forest CBD!

Great update with great ideas, I particularly liked the two gateway arches on the sides of the bridge (I'm gonna copy that). BTW, where did you get the green seawalls and the semi-triangular/round blue building with an heliport?

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What is that green roofed old chateau tall building on the left of the 10th photo? Can you give me a link. But anyway, I really like the way your city has turned out. The variety of buildings and the creativity.

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Well done and a nice map as well. I am a little short on cash, so can I have a large unsecured loan to get a really cool place? I promise to have a big cookout and invite everyone over if I can! :party:

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It may be superfical, but my inital impression from the pictures is this is somewhere I would like to live :thumb: well done!

I know the text about the areas isn't so encouraging though...

Great job overall - looking forward to more!

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[quote name='Zulu2065' timestamp='1305598960']
What is that green roofed old chateau tall building on the left of the 10th photo? Can you give me a link. But anyway, I really like the way your city has turned out. The variety of buildings and the creativity.

The [i]green rooged old chateau tall building[/i] is [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1568"]SHUR Citizen Building[/url].

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[quote name='clampdude01' timestamp='1305636589']
Where did you get the turning torso building?? Great city btw.

The Turning Torso Builging is [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=149"]here[/url].

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[quote name='OrdinarySim' timestamp='1305532196']
Nevermind the budget, I'd live in the Forest CBD!Great update with great ideas, I particularly liked the two gateway arches on the sides of the bridge (I'm gonna copy that). BTW, where did you get the green seawalls and the semi-triangular/round blue building with an heliport?

The semi-triangular/round blue building is the [url="http://dmscopio.blogspot.com/2007/07/new-releases-gz-twin-tower-and.html"]GZ Twin Tower[/url].
The Seawalls can be founded [url="http://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=114"]here[/url], my most favorite seawalls because its flexibility to the coastal shapes and under bridges.

[quote name='OrdinarySim' timestamp='1300124231']
I like the background story and the downtown. Great work!BTW, where could I get that building made up of four trapezoids? And the blue one with two cilinders? And the yellow and green ones (I suspect they are part of some pack)? And the tall blue-grey one between the previous two? And the slim & tall rectangular one?I'm sorry if I seem to pushy, but I really liked those buildings.

This is from the [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/988/entry-8069-intro/"]Intro[/url]. This buldings is located in another city that I will show more later, I'm thinking to advance It when finished to show Infinytistadt, but is not official.

The building made up of four trapezoids is [url="http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=493"]Centro de Comercio Internacional[/url]. I have many doubts if It is the building of your question.

The blue building with two cilinders is the [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/16808-hkabt-shun-hing-square-in-shenzhen/"]Shung Hing Square[/url].

The yellow and green ones is [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/19731-richensia-jungdong/"]Richensia jungdong[/url] and [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/19724-richensia-jungdong-gold/"]Richensia jungdong Gold[/url].

The tall blue grey is the [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/14910-supertower-center/"]Supertower Center[/url].

The slim tall rectangular one is [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/16710-the-trump-world-tower/"]Trump World Tower[/url].

I hope that you like it.

Regards and thank's to everbody.

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This city shows a high degree of patience with a very creative mind!---Could you link me to the shiney oval shaped bronze colored skyscraper with bubble on top as shown in pic#5(Axis Ave pic)-its top part is seen from the bottom of pic. Thank You Alejandro

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@skycrapper241: the garages comes with the buildings of Hertiarg. I will look the name of the pack to send you the download link.

@lesgaz: as my teacher of calculus say: [i]practice, and learn with all the crap you do[/i]. If you see previous entries It is not compared with the lasts updates, from Teslavia I applied more creativity. To see another CJ's and imagine your cities, try to look to your city or town too, because altough this city if mainly fictional many parts of It are based in real life.

@mtzgamer: I will look to the name of the building to send you the link.

@pielover94: I did the map with Gimp 2.6 under Linux Mint, inspired in the Google Maps, but I'm looking for more styles -like Open Street and Guía Roji-. Actually I build the city with Linux, take the photos on Windows and manipulate the photos with Gimp in Linux.

@mompou51: maybe you are talking about The Prepo Inn, that's a building for Simmars mod, but you can find it [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/24057-functional-sim-mars-buildings/"]here[/url]

To all the people who wanted the links for the buildings, please patience, I'm in tests time and I don't have too many time free. But I promise, I'll give the links.

Thank's to all.

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