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  1. Resolution and Other Options

    Really glad you asked--you made my day.
  2. I believe this is a LM--CO$$$ with 9000 jobs. Look and you shall see.

    5/5 PLUS
  4. AREA 24

    I really like the loop texturing. 5/5 Love these Jakarta b's
  5. Infinitystadt: where -not- to live?

    This city shows a high degree of patience with a very creative mind!---Could you link me to the shiney oval shaped bronze colored skyscraper with bubble on top as shown in pic#5(Axis Ave pic)-its top part is seen from the bottom of pic. Thank You Alejandro
  6. WISMA46 V2

    Thank you for lighting this beauty up----we appreciate! your talent. As they say " He has it".
  7. The WISMA 46

    a favorite--but-turn the lights on
  8. BSP Music Hall

    A1-craftmanship-as usual. Thank you, thank you etc.
  9. Global Financial Building Shanghai

    Reflection is dynamic, yet not over done--Thanks, Kiju
  10. HK - Wu Tong Estate

    What is the wealth level?
  11. NYBT Woolworth Building

    Its nice to see this great building looking so New.
  12. Bank of Shanghai Headquarters

    I like your work, though I feel these last 2 bldgs look like they were made of clay.
  13. The Radiant Building

    This building is not oversized. The dark and stripes are Art Decco and beautiful. This building makes a Statement.
  14. Booktower Ghent

    One could go wrong with a genius---you didn't. Great job--Great taste! Thank You