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Engler: New Downtown

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last update for the replies.


So many time ago that I didn't do a new updtae of this CJ. I'm too busy, this is reflexed too in The Times of Troix. But finally I give myself a little time to do a new update, the future is incertain.


The last update I've showed the Old Downtown of Engler. In this update I'll show the denominated New Downtown CBD Zone at more detail.



It was the year 1939, the civil war of Valles Marineris finished 7 years ago. Engler is still in ruins, but for this city to reborn from the ashes were not hard, always had commerce and activity. Being the pass and an important port is an advantage. In this year, the proposal to build the first skycrapper appeared in the desk of the mayor Allan Otesanek. In that time the project was a madness, but the Engler Shipping Co really wanted to build it. In 1940 started the groundbreaking and the skycrapper started to raise to the sky. In 1943 finished. And there is: The Turmen Tower complex is the first skycrapper of Engler with 109 metters of height. Is the headquarters of the Engler Shipping Co and is a symbol of progress. After this, there appeared more projects and more ideas. Engler started with the skyscrapering in Valles Marineris.



Then in less than 50 years the view of Engler from the cannal changed a lot. It is really unnecesary the lighthouses around the ports: the skycrapers are like lighthouses in the horizon. Then all the cities in Valles Marineris started to build skycrapers. In this pictures: the Builder Plaza and the headquarters of the Engler Television.




The boom of the construction in Engler required new laws and legislations. One of this points is the ordered trace of streets, roads and avenues, the correct spacing between skycrappers and the presservation of green areas.


Sometimes the architects doesn't have imagination, and build twins and triplets of skycrapers. Skycrapering is a good business. But this happens when the thirst of money wins over the creativity and art, because after all the skycrapers are an interesting expression of art.


The night is too luminous...


Or not too much...


The Nadrem Tower, one of the most famous skycrapers in Engler. Its design try to combine the future in the present because now is the future, or at the least is what it says his architect.


Wir sind die Nacht. This is The Abstrauct, one of the most exclusive nightclubs in Engler and it is over the Nadrem Tower. It have one of the most spectacular views of Engler.


The views to the south of Engler are unique. To see the small residential buildings is beautifull, and to see the skyline from the south are amazing.



The construction of skycrapers in Engler continues, now the eyes of the investors are in the south, but with small buildings and amicable designs for the enviroment.

Well this is all for now. Stay tuned for the next update: skycrapers and buildings are not the jewels of Engler. See you later!


Check the

last update for repplies



The last update I showed a mosaic of the New Downtown CBD Zone by night, a stunning pic. In this update we're gonna to see the Old Downtown of Engler and some parks located near this zone. So let's start:


This is a photo of 1909, showing the cars of the metro of Engler passing through the street. The Metropolitan of Engler, or simply Metro of Engler, was started to being builded in 1897 and finished between 1920 and 1935. The first line was opened in april of 1909. In that time Engler was a city of Elysium Empire, who had colonies around the Valles Marineris. The civil war of Valles Marineris started in 1902 with the murder of Gregor Ignatus, feud of Reuters Ville and finished with the Treaty of the Confederation of the Valles Marineris signed in the Palace of Agreement in the City-State of Klumb in the year 1932.


This is the actual look of the same place of the last photo. Now the empty space is the Condese Marié Park, while the metro cars are more small. The Metropolitan of Engler is being transformed as a transport system of short distances, now the principal movement of system is by underground.


Overlook of the Old Downtown of Engler.



Detail of the Old Downtown. This zone of the city is small, and all the buildings are relatively new. During the Civil War, in the year 1917 the citie of Engler were burned by the Imperial Army, with the excuse of being refuge of the Black Legion, the revolutionary army from Havukainen, in the Marineris Heights District.


Overlook to a metro station in the Old Downtown.



Cathedral of Engler. Despiste all the problems around the cathedral still exists, original as it was builded at the first.



New City Hall of Engler, with the Second Foundation Plaza, builded commemorate the reconstruction of Engler, with the New City Hall, the rescue of older buildings -like the Old City Hall, now converted the Valles Marineris Civil War Museum- and the lighthouse.


Condese Marie Park, this is a park in the Old Downtown, with many gardens and plazas.


Frontsea is a small zone apart the Old Downtown, but historic too. Here was the old port of Engler, were the people and the merchandise came from another parts of the world through the sea.


Frontsea by night.

Well this is all for the moment. I'll be editing this update because I'm short of inspiration. So stay tuned, See you later!


Check the

last update for repplies.



The last update was a teaser. I showed up many photos of a city in the rain. The name of that city is Engler. In the last update I started with something bad, something bad happening in the Great Concert Hall. The last mayor of Engler, Fernando Jöerg, was killed. But with the circunstances It is too complicated, starting with the Terms and Rules of the city journal. So, that will be something apart, but you can follow the story in the Times of Troix in Foreign Press section.

At the end, I'll show this city, one of my Jewels because I passed one year building it. Now I feel proud to show up in the CJ, finally. Maybe will be around 4 or 6 updates to explain it at all. So, let's start:

City Facts:

Official Name: City-State of Engler

Name: Engler

Location: District III

Population: around 2.5 million inhabitants.

Economy: 65% commercial, 35% industrial.

Physical Facts:

Earth: 75%

Water: 25%

Ground: All the territory is a plain, with the Marineris Canal at the north with a bay, Bay of Ernst Klumb, at the southeast.


There are entrances by streets, roads, avenues, and Highways. The Highway VM-6 goes from west to east at the south of the city, the Highway VM-8 goes from the south to the north, ends in the ports. The Metro Line VM-K goes parallel to the Highway VM-6, while there are industrial and passenger rails to the east, south and west. The Industrial Ports are located at the northwest, while the ferries are at the northeast. The Airport actually doesn't have operations.

Inspiration: I am a admirer -or fan- of the german band Die Krupps.

About the Banner: The CBD of Engler by night.

This update only one impressive photo, a mosaic.


New Downtown CBD Zone of Engler by night.


That's all at this moment. Stay tuned for the next update. See you later.


Check the

last post for replies, in the comments section.



This is the first time that I do a Teaser for my CJ. I think this kind of update is necessary, specially when it gives time to build the next update without too much time of difference between update to update. I want to give the thanks to TekindusT because the Rain Tutorial that I used as a guide for the photoediting of the pictures in this update. So, this is the Teaser, enjoy.


Is raining in all the city. Just another storm, a normal storm from the north.


Someone is waiting in the peatonal bridge over the highway wich goes to the ports. He's under an umbrella, under the rain, looking at the trucks passing under the cable stayed bridge.


There will be something for the person who is he waiting. Just a walk through the Industrial Zone under the rain.


While something is happening in the Great Concert Hall...

Stay tuned for the next update... see you later!


Before another thing, I want to say:


Because, the last entry, Infinitystadt: where -not- to live? is the most succesfull entry in this CJ, despiste this CJ is not too big as others in Simtropolis. This success motivated me, and here is the next. So, thank's to all who readed this CJ. I replied the most of the comments the last entry, but I don't finished. From this entry and onwards the replies will be in the same post, not in the next. This is because the factility of this new versión of ST.

So, the life continues, lets to see the next entry.



Finally I have instaled the updates for the BAT nightlighting in SC4. And it worked perfectly, so now I can see the night lights. And here are some results. Enjoy!



The sunset from Lasker Av. Then the night just started. It is the 20.30 hours. We're gonna to see Infinitystadt by night, between the 20 and 23 hours of a common summer day.


ABC of Heritarg by night.


Old zone of Heritarg, new skycrapers were builded.


The night in Borderline, the old lighthouse is still working.


Borderline detail.


Skycrapers cluster between The Axis Av and Denisse Boulevard.


A little approach to the Downtown. A quiet, and a litte boring, place by the night. Just strangely to being the Downtown.


Northbeach detail, around the 21.30 hours.


Smallpier detail.


Another detail of Smallpier.


A detail of the Industrial zone.


Portline around 21.15 hours.


Another detail of Portline.


A Califlex detail, near the Infinitystad Radio Antenna Tower.


Buildings of Califlex, near Portline. People still working, or in a party, who knows.


Seqwa by night, around the 22 hours.


Near the Infinitystadt Sports Complex.


The Boheme zone by night, Southlake.


ABC of Southlake.


Commercial buildings in Southlake.


Forests CBD by night, near the 22.30 hours.


A detail of Forests CBD.


Northdeath at 23 hours.

Well, It is all for today, maybe isn't much but It is the neccesary for the next entry. This is the last update of Infinitystadt. I will show another city. Certainly, the next city will appear in the Al Jakkab World Expo, at the same time here in this CJ. So stay tuned. See you later.


The last update was around 3 months around. Sorry the delay, many factors propitiated this delay.



dcerv5633: Thank's for your comment. Yeah, there are many apartments that you can rent in the ABC, but I reccomend to look all the city before to take your decition.

Topgun232: :rofl: I like that kind of walls. Thank's for your comment.

Benedict, terring and Arnold001: thank's.



In the last update we looked a generalized perspective of the city, now is time to go into the details. In this update We will see many residencial zones of the city, from the poorest, passing through the medium class, to the most exclusive zones. So this is one of the many faces of Infinitystadt, you will decide where to live, or where not to live.


We start to see this map, take a look to the city map of Infinitystadt to avoid lost people.


Aerial view of Heritarg, we can see the ABC -Apartment Block Complex, remember this- at the north and the old Heritarg at the south, where the old village was founded. The ABC was a project of the City-State goverment, supported by the the District I union, for the solving of the real estate crisis in the city in the year 1973.


A close up to the ABC of Heritarg. There is the old cementery of the village of Heritarg, and some stores. The people of Infinitystadt have too much respect to their dead people.

To live in the front of a cementery could be quiet, but look at your window and see a cementery could be something gloomy.


Another close up to the ABC of Heritarg. How to entry to that street inside the complex? There is a tunel under the building. Some people are concerned about this tunel, the engineers and architects says that it is secure. Maybe they don't lie, the tunel exist from 38 years ago.


Old village of Heritarg, a look to the central square and the church of St. Wenceslao.


The Axis avenue defines the limit between Heritarg -right- and Borderline -left-. Maybe you want to live in one of the apartments around The Axis, altough some people say that the apartments of the ABC are more big.


A luxury ABC of the University of Infinitystadt, in Borderline. Many teachers of the university, and their families, lives here, and some students rent a apartment in groups of 6 persons. There are parties every weekend, but It is quiet mostly part of the week. An urban legend says that many people do satanic rituals in the forest, who knows, there are no evidence of this...


This is a already knowed zone, Northbeach are a luxury zone to live, front the beach and near de Downtown.


Close up to the Downtown.


This is Smallpier, a medium class zone at the south of Infinindustrial.


Portline a great zone to live, in fron the lake and the historical ports of Infinitystadt. That building in the center is the Portline Tower, a mixed building too popular as a landmark, because the shapes of the facade.


Between the lake and the hills, Califlex is a zone of medium-high class with some towers and old houses. The people who live here says It is pleasant to feel the cold air of Califlex Hills and see the warm waters of Infinity Lake. The cold air of the mornings downing from Califlex Hills makes the Infinity fog over the lake, that ting that confused the firsts inhabitants of the lake and called Infinity Lake, then the city inherit the name as Infinitystadt.


An aerial view of Seqwa. This is an exclusive zone over the hill and near the Infinity Forest and the Infinitystadt Sport Complex.


Close up to Seqwa. If you want to live in Seqwa you must pay around many millions for a mansion. Only the most rich people of Infinitystadt lives here.


This is Southlake, an old zone of Infinitystadt. Its era of splendor was the decade of 1950. In the 70's, when the real estate crisis, this zone collapsed in population, having around 400% more people than it really can shelter. Some apartments of high class were converted to tenements and inside the big courtyard of every complex where builded another buildings, trying to contain the housing crisis. In the climax of the crisis this zone was very dangerous in all its forms: economy, security, health, housing, education, everything of its splendor era get lost in seven years; untill the real estate crisis oficially finished in 1981. This crisis changed the life of all the city.


Close up to Southlake. Note specially the buildings inside the courtyard. Many projects to revive the splendor of this zone appeared around the year 2001. One of the projects is re-open all the theaters around the avenue. Some theaters re-opened, and the project is working, It is reviving an old zone of the city, and is becoming a boheme zone in the city, slowly but surely will be the Culture Capital of Infinitystadt.


This is another ABC of Infinitystadt, in Southlake, more newest than the ABC of Heritarg.


In the stairs of the building number 16-Y can be readed this small text:

In the night I open my window

And I see a widow

Crying to her husband

Many meters underground

And I ask myself

Will I cry to to yourself

After our fall?

This is and interestign kind of vandalism very common in Southlake. Again, to live near a cementery could be quiet, but something gloomy and inspiring when you live near a zone of boheme.


Another part of Southlake.


A close up to Michaela Suskind Avenue, before the cross the bridge to Forests.


The archs gives you the welcome to Forests CBD.


Aerial View of Forests CBD. It is a new and modernd zone of offices skycrappers and residencial complex.


If you have too much money, like to buy a mansion if Seqwa, maybe you want to buy an big aparment in one of the many residential complex in Forests CBD.


The aparments and offices of Forests CBD have a nice view. This is a ferry from Northdeath going to Teslavia in the South River.


And finally a view of Northdeath, a zone more attached to Death Marineris Canyon than Infinitystadt.

So, where do you want to live? Look at your budget and decide. Hope so you liked this update. Don't forget to leave a comment and see you later!



ROFLyoshi: Thanks for the 5 points!

Reikhardt: Thanks for the comment.

Terring: Thanks for the 5 points too!

Benedict: Thank's for the comment. Yeah, is a fun because the city is chaotic, the styles are indefinited. The purple things in the plazas are flowers, supposed to be flowers or something like that.

And for everyone who watched this CJ, Thanks!


Welcome to this CJ. In the next posts, maybe three or two, I'll show this new city called Infinitystadt (In-fi-ni-ty-stadt). Is a city growing constantly but not finished at all.

City Facts:

Name: Infinitystadt

Location: District I

Population: Around 120000 inhabitants

Economy: 75% commercial, 25% industrial. Predictions indicates a growing of 15% of industries in 10 years.

Physical Facts:

Earth: 55%

Water: 45%

Ground: Hills in the west, plains at the north, cliffs and beaches around the lake. At the east there are many lava faults and at the south there are a tableland, the starting of Marineris Heights.


Ferry ports around the lake, Highways and an Airport

Inspiration: I imaginated some people from the Tharsis and watching at the morning the Infinity Lake with fog, thinking that the lake looks too extensive and big, without end: that's the Inifinity. Stadt means city in german.

About the Banner: a lighthouse in the Infinity Lake.


The new buldings get mixed with the older ones. Nobody knows where the city was exactly founded... so there are not an official downtown. The "downtown" is a big zone in the north, too big to be a "downtown".


From many years ago, the old entrance to Infinitystatd, or the "downtown", is a node. The VM-K metro line jumps the node in double height bridge, and many skycrappers where builded around the node. The avenue wich goes from north to south is The Axis, that cames from Teslavia, and the avenue that goes to the east are Denisse Boulevard. In the photo, the east are at the bottom of the picture.


The North Beach are a nicely and popular place to take the sun in the lake. Upside the beach there are a exclusive zone to live and work, of the same name: North Beach.


A detail of North Beach, with its famous tram-on-street, line B-1 of metro system.


This is Smallpier, is a system of bridges wich connects Norht Beach and Portline. The people can walk through the pier and goto the beach and the port.


This is Portline, or a part of. Is a big complex of ports in the east coast of Infinity Lake. As like North Beach it have its own metro line, Porline has a one too, the line B-2 of the metro system. The port has burned three times in its history, so It is an old and historic place.


And finally, for the moment, at the northwest we found a big Apartment Blocks Complex (ABC) called Heritarg. Is maybe not a exclusive or rich zone, but is not poor, is just a middle class zone.

So I hope you like it, don't forget to leave a comment 2.gif.  See you later!



kolnikov inc: Thank's for the reccomendation, I will use it in the next cities. Thank's for the comment too.

Benedict: I get the orange skin here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2345  Thank's for the comment and enjoy the metro skin.

TekindusT: (here: http://www.simtropolis.com/cityjournals/index.cfm?p=view&id=988&page=4 ) Well, I like the combinations between differents buildings and architectures of the world, I think that combination gives a colorful ambient for the city. ¡Gracias por el comentario y por los muros, comenzare a usarlos en mis siguientes ciudades!



This is the third and last update about Teslavia, in this update we will see parks, industrial zones, commerce zones and a hiper-mosaic of Teslavia.

About the Banner: A train crossing the North River, besides the metro bridge of the line 4-S.


This is the most important industrial zone of Teslavia, there are many manufacturing factories and high-tech industries, also there is the railyard, still under contruction because there are not money for build it, or at the least the Municipal Treasury says that.


This is The Axis, the avenue that cross Teslavia from the west to the east. The picture shows another part of the industrial zone, and a provitional elevated rail station, while is builded the important one, so there is a small elevated railyard over the avenue.


Well, the workers of Teslavia works too much (The law says a journal of nine hours per day), so, let's go shopping. This is one of the firsts malls in Teslavia, it is underground and one of the most popular malls in the District.


Or maybe let's go the walk, run and, maybe, make sports. This is the Triangle-Rect Park, the most important green area in Teslavia.


Or let's go to see our comrades the monkeys! This is the Zoo of Teslavia, is not too big but it have interesting atractions, here ends the line 7-Z of the metro.


No matter how the workers of Teslavia gets fun, the most importat here is that, they work too hard. This is Cilla, a zone located at the east of the city: Is, literally, a small city inside Teslavia. Some years ago Teslavia was beaten by an earthquake of 8.9 richter with epicenter in Death Marineris Canyon, many parts of the city was damaged but Cilla was totally destroyed because the ground is sandy and weak, so allmost 60% of the buildings totally collapsed, 30% with fatal damages and 10% with small damages. Many people died and another suffered seriuos injuries. For someone years Cilla was abandoned, but projects of rebuilding Cilla gives to this zone life again. Now is a zone of residences and offices zones.


When the earthquake destroyed Cilla, the first reporters of Teslavia Times, the newspaper of Teslavia, spreaded the notice to the region, all Valles Marineris was informed of the incident. So the other city-states gave his help to Cilla. This red-brick building are the headquarters of Teslavia Times.


This is the exit to the west, the next city-stat is Infinitystadt. Here are many buildings in contruction, like the new headquarters for the police, hotels, office buildings and residential towers.

Well this is all of Teslavia, so I left two mosaics:

Offices and residential mosaic: Teslavia Com.Mosaic

Universal Teslavia Hiper-Mosaic: TeslaviaUniversalMosaic

See you later and happy new year 2011!



Comments of the last update:

The Duke: Thank's for the comment.

terring: Thank's for the comment too, specially the others two comments in the firsts pages. Also, I'm dreaming in water colonization, but there's not to much content for SC4 for that project.



This is the second update for Teslavia. This post will show the communications of Teslavia.

Starting with the Metro System Map:


Too complicated, but the people wich use this system knows it like its owns hands. Always at the morning the metro system has its rush hours, the same at the night and moves around 75% of the people of Teslavia.


This is the most important metro station, called usually as The Node (Real Name: Theodore Richter, the name of the founder of Teslavia). Here is the cross between the line VM-K, 1, 4 and 5.


Crossing the North River to the Central Branch, the convoys of the metro are compact and painted with orange and black. Also in this photo there is Train Viaduct wich cross the west of Central Branch.


This photo was taked in the morning. There is the Train Viaduct with his two stations in Central Branch, this viaduct cross through the residental zones.


The presence of the Trains in Teslavia is new, before the only communication with the others City-States was by trucks or airplanes. In this photo we can see a cargo train crossing the railyard. The railyard is still under construction.


Passenger rail moves around 5% of the workers in Teslavia. In this station ends the line 3-T of the metro.


A perspective of the passenger rail leaving Teslavia.


And a perspective of a passenger rail entering Teslavia.


This is two of the Highways in Teslavia. The Highway at the right is the VMH-1, the Highway at the left is the Teslavia Expressway, is the exit of Teslavia to the VMH-1.


Another perspective of VMH-1, with an Island near the bridge at the morning fog.


The VMH-1 pass near the Teslavia "Veronika Coddesal" Airport, and here is the end of the Tesla Boulevard. There are a big node for an easy communication between VMH-1 and Tesla Boulevard.


Some projects deomlished old buildings and started to build new skycrappers. This made a free temporal perspective of the cross between Teslavia and the Axis.


VMH-1 passing near a ferry port, the ferries move around 6% of the workers of Teslavia.


The Industrial Port of Teslavia is small compared with another industrial ports, but satisfies the demand of importation and exportation of products through the waters.


And christmass is near, so the there are light decorations around many buildings in Teslavia, the city council decided to decorate the palms of Tesla Boulevard.

Well, this is all for now, there will be a third update of Teslavia. I hope you liked, see you in the next update.


Well, this city is really too big. So I decided to split the post in many updates, maybe three or two; it supposed to be one post of Teslavia, but is too big to being explained in one post. So, here starts, Welcome to Teslavia.

City Facts

Name: Teslavia, original name Ciudad Tesla

Location: District I

Population: 368355 inhabitants

Economy: 60% commercial, 40% industrial

Physical Facts

Earth: 70%

Water: 30%

Ground: many hills at the norht east and the Central Branch is made totally by hills, there's no mountains. The rest are plains being crossed by natural water canals, from the rivers of Marineris Heights.

Enviroment: forests at the south, many air contamination at the north, there's no water contamination. The weather is from template in winter to warm in summer.


Ports, Highways, Roads and Railways, also the city is crossed by the metro line from Valles Marineris Base 1 to Klumb (line VM-K).

Inspiration: the name comes from Nikola Tesla.

About the Banner: Commercial Zone of Teslavia at the morning in the end of a summer storm, covered by low clouds and fog.


Here is, where the history of Teslavia started, the Eagle is a symbol of the city. Teslavia was born as a irregular colony of workers from Crateris Port. When the colony became independent, the workers builded the Eagle monument in signal of victory and liberty.


The city growed too fast. At the first, this zone was only farms fields and irregular colonies of poor people. Now is the most important Commercial Zone of Teslavia (see the banner). We can't see it in this photo, but there are the cross of the two most important avenues in Teslavia: Tesla Boulevard (from north to south) and the Axis (from the west to the east).


Fifth Ville is located at the West. Looks like a small town and is home of the University of Teslavia. Central Teslavia is crossing the industrial zone, at the east.


At the south of Central Teslavia theres the Central Branch, another commercial zone of Teslavia. The Central Branch is made by hills, the skycrappers aren't tall, the hills are. In this photo we can see the Tesla Boulevard decorated with palms after the Red Bridge.


This is the most southern zone, near the forests. It's located at the Central Branch but is separated from the principal urban sprawl by forests. There are many comunications with this zone, a metro line, roads, ferry and a highway. This photo was taked in the morning, we can see the reflect of the Sun at the window of that building.


A few words of this photo: Central Branch. Down: airport and bridges. Just look at the photo and what do you see? I'll reply all the questions.


This is the South Bridge, makes communication with Teslavia and the VMH-1 (Valles Marineris Highway 1) at the south of the city.

Well, It's all for today, this city is too big, really too big to being explained in one update. So I'll see you soon and I hope you like it.


Crateris Port

This is the second city that I builded. His original name is Puerto Cráteris, but I wanted to translate it to english and its short name is Crateris. This city is located in the District I, at the east of Valles Marineris Base 1.

Here is where all this polis started. In this stretch of land was founded by coloners from Tharsis. They founded the city with the building of this two squares and the Cathedral of Crateris. There's no old building, because the conditions and the ambient of the sea damage the buildings. Build in this city is hard, It's a lesson learned.


The territory of Crateris is a perfect square, like other cities in the region, where the 70% is water, 30% earth. In that portion of earth, 50% of the terrain is occuped by industries, 5% for parks, 2% for infraestructure,10% for services, 10% for offices and 23% for residences. Now, the population of Crateris is not more, not less, than 79,000 inhabitants and growing (80,000 for the 1.5 years) . The city is starting to have several problems of traffic, principally, just take a look at the metro, some convoys have around 10 wagons only. This picture is misleading, there's not a train of 15 or 20 wagons, There Is A Bottleneck of Trains!!!!!!


The problem of urban movility is really seriouslly: accidents, bottlenecks (including metro), and contamination is taking this city to a slowly collapse.


1, 2, 3, 4, ... 20. There is 20 skycrappers in this picture. Karmecac is one of the busiest areas, its skyscrapers produce sound enclosure, some people have started to have hearing problems because this problem. This is because all the buildings of Crateris, by law, must have sound absorvers, If a building doesn't have it this, is declare unsafe.


After Karmecac is Rozet, an area where despite the traffic the noise enclosure doesn't exists, this makes Rozet  a quieter place. But oops, there is an accident in front of the park.


Some years ago, Rozet was only a small town with a church and a small port, too far from central Crateris. Now to go fast to this zone is necesary take the metro, and the skycrappers share the look with the church and a new por have been builded.


This is a jewel of Crateris. The por of Rozet has communication with the port of Rogries Island by peatonal bridges.


Rogrides Island is a small zone, a speciall zone with too many small height buildings. This is the reason because in this island is hard build skycrappers, it's a little piece of peace. It have three ports, with another special zone.


"If 70% of the territory of the city-state of Puerto Crateris is water, and land space is running out, so why not start to colonize the water?" When the draft of Floating Crateris was presented these were the words of Mayor Josef Exels. Floating Crateris is a big complex of ports and buildings in the water, near Rogrides island. There lives around 6% of the population, and have all the requierements to live.


95% of the roads in Crateris are streets and roads of two senses (?). Only there is an avenue: Tesla Boulevard, in the continental zone.


A metro convoy crossing the bridge to the continental zone.


The continental zone with some part of the industrial zone. There can see the distributive Y of the metro, the industrial port, and the Tesla Boulevard.


More photos later... I have to go.



Another look over the industrial zone. There is the industrial port, with a ferry port in its ends. The elevated rail of the metro cross this zone in the middle of Tesla Boulevard, from this perspective the passengers looks at the skycrappers of the east. In this picture appears two skycrappers, the Industrial Tower, and the CiStAWETCP Tower (City-State Administration of Waters, Electricicy and Trash of Crateris Port) or simply Cista Tower. Near of Cista there is the power plant of Crateris.


This is the skycrappers of the east, in the continental zone, almost of the skycrappers is offices, residences and touristic services. Also there is the two stadiums.


This is the airport, its located in an island and it have communication with two bridges, a monorail bridge, and 3 ports of ferries. The airport looks like another city, with buildings wich brings touristic services. Also there is the Transit Administration of Crateris Port.


A nocturnal perspective of the city, in the past the roundabout of the Angel was the enntry to the city; now is just simply a reference point. Crateris never sleeps, and in this photo appears two accidents and 3 bottleneck.


But the night in the ports are peacefull: "Enjoy the little paradise that we have while we can, as the city goes to the hell. It is absolutely inevitable that we start in a few years to live in the midst of a decaying city, with problems from the center of his heart to the floating port builded. Let us therefore clear what will happen to us later is the product of our fast paced, growing economy. It is law What goes up must come down! And of course, we're going to the bottom of abyss without exit."  This words of the Planning Commission had resonated in all the city.



Valles Marineris Base 1 is the name of the first city that I builded. It's located in the District 1 at the center, In the Central Island. This city looks rustic, but too interesting becuase I started it with Simmars, and later simulated a disaster, then I decided to do the cities like in the earth. So some buildings come from Simmars. So, here starts the city gallery.

A ferry travels trough the sea, it came from another small islands in the middle of the sea. While another ships and boats sails the sea at the same  time. The morning fog of Valles Marineris Base 1 is typical during the winter.


However, despiste to being winter the weather in the city is not bad... never makes cold during the day, only by night. This is the central cathedral, the place where the city was founded.


The city is old... the firsts houses and buildings were burned during the workers riots in the XIX century. Rebuild the coty was too hard, but the present downtown don't looks like before the fire, now the skycrappers dominate the sky.


The only buildings that survived the fire the Court House and the classical stores, altough there are skycrappers near they.


At the west there are an special zone, Ravekt was a slum during the XIX century. After the workers reforms the zone transformed from a slum into an cosmopolitan and modern culture center. This is a detail of Ravekt.


This city have only one metro line, but runs through the islands and it starts from the west of Valles Marineris Base 1 and ends in the city of Klumb, in the District III. This metro line is the axis of the city moving.


The metro line is new in town, crosses the sea via a bridge that communicates with Puerto Crateris, From There to continental area. This is a detail of the bridge with the morning fog.


At the west there is another small rail bridge, brings comunication with the Seazen zone. There are another 3 bridges, two road, one rail, cross the strait.


This is Seizen, its another zone, At the first it was a small town, buth when the city started to grow It was absorbed by the city and converted in a medium class zone.


The airport is located in Seizen, is small. The airports are not too very important in the Valles Marineris, because the Highways and the Rails are the most important communiccation medium.


Manufacturing Industries is one of the most important economic activities. Valles Marineris Base 1 has a small industrial area, that brings around 40% of jobs. This industrial zone is the limit of the city.



At the east there are another zone, Ante Crateris is a high class residential zone, with small skycrappers, houses, and beaches.


I made a mosaic of one of the capes at the west.


At the sout there are another cape, Joperz cape.vallesmarinerisbase111m.png

Near the Central Island there are another more small islands.




The Night comes, and there is cold. But the city never stops, and it lights up.





Altough for this train the day just started, the day finish in Klumb, too far from here.vallesmarinerisbase118j.png



As everybody knows, the Valles Marineris is a big system of faults and canyons near the ecuador of Mars. Is an interesting place because nothing is compared, Colorado Canyon is too small compared to this wonder! Someday I was reading a magazine, an article about the terraformation. In this article said that if we fill up with water the surface of Mars the Valles Marineris will look like a big fjord. That inspired me to build a region for SC4. The first I do is made a grayscale of Valles Marineris, configure it and charge it in the game. The results are too satisfactory. The grayscale can be founded here: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=22206

I was on the need to choose a style for my towns, I thinked to use the Simmars, but is too small for a big region. So I taked some plugins from Capital SimCity, Simtropolis and SimCity Polska. The results of all is very cosmopolitan mix. But my imagination never stopped, and I decided to made mountains at the south, extremly mountains with snow, that in the reality doesn't exist. But the region is big, and It need a history and an political organization. Now here comes the imaginary Valles Marineris. Time is measured like the same in reality, to avoid confusion. I made a map illustrating the nine districts in which the region is divided:


Description of the nine districts:

District I: Noctis Labyrinthia. Located west of the region consists of islands and fjords that make him look like a maze. It is a district with an economy based on fishing and industry, has a warm and rainy weather most part of the year. Sometimes the torrential rains are coming to flood the lower areas of the district.

District II: Marineris Heights. This is the district most extreme, made only of mountains, volcanoes, faults, canyons and valleys. The weather is cold and snow are common in the higher areas and it is an inhospitable and isolated. During winter snowstorms the authorities are forced to close all the roads and airports, causing problems. However, the economy of this district is stable as it has an important mining and industrial activity.

District III: Canal Marineris. The district is considered "central" because it is located in the center of most events in the region. Pierced through the middle by a narrow, this place is important for local fishing and industry, in addition to having an intense maritime traffic. Its climate is temperate south, warm to the north, with steady rain most part of the year.

District IV: The Plains. Consists of vast plains and a system of lakes, is a place with a warm climate and moderate rainfall. Its economy is based primarily on agriculture and tourism.

District V: Marineris Sea. Located at the center of the region, is named the sea that is in the middle of the whole region. With a warm climate with moderate rainfall, the distinction of being the crossroads of maritime traffic between east, west and the ocean of Elysium, besides having fishing activity.

District VI: Marineris Pass. Basically not much different from Marineris Sea, are only splitted by an old rivalry. It is based on traffic that passes through its vast system of canals and lakes. It also has industrial activity.

District VII: Great Chasma. At the south Marineris Sea, is a district that is distinguished by its dry climate and scarce rains, is the place where the mountains end and start the great dried plain. The economy is fragile and depend solely on irrigated agriculture, fishing, shipping and export from the District II.

District VIII: East End. Like Great Chasma is a dry and fragile economy district. Not very different from the previous.

District IX: Marineris Swamps. It is a great district with plains, lakes and swamps that make it a totally tropical. Its economy depends on agriculture, food industry and to attract tourism.

The politics of the region is based on a treaty signed in 1932. The treaty called "Treaty of the Confederation of the Valles Marineris", signed in the Palace of the Agreement in the City-State of Klumb -District III-, describes the current situation in the region and little has changed since it was signed. Agreed upon by the peoples of the Valles Marineris, in this covenant have points that influence the politics of the region.</span><span lang="en-US">The points of the treaty can be summarized as follows:

1 - Cooperation and mutual assistance between peoples, for the development of all.

2 - The unification of the Confederation of the Valles Marineris, on a decentralized form and divided into nine districts for administration

3 - The independence of each town within his district in a city state, independent of the others in its internal affairs. The success of this treaty lies in the turbulent history that has occurred in the region, basically from the beginning was kept in a belated and enslaved by another more powerful. The history of the Valles Marineris is very large, so it will be better in another post for not doing this so long.

Here ends this post, I leave some photos as a preview:






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