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Infinitystadt: Lights after the Sun



Before another thing, I want to say:


Because, the last entry, Infinitystadt: where -not- to live? is the most succesfull entry in this CJ, despiste this CJ is not too big as others in Simtropolis. This success motivated me, and here is the next. So, thank's to all who readed this CJ. I replied the most of the comments the last entry, but I don't finished. From this entry and onwards the replies will be in the same post, not in the next. This is because the factility of this new versión of ST.

So, the life continues, lets to see the next entry.



Finally I have instaled the updates for the BAT nightlighting in SC4. And it worked perfectly, so now I can see the night lights. And here are some results. Enjoy!



The sunset from Lasker Av. Then the night just started. It is the 20.30 hours. We're gonna to see Infinitystadt by night, between the 20 and 23 hours of a common summer day.


ABC of Heritarg by night.


Old zone of Heritarg, new skycrapers were builded.


The night in Borderline, the old lighthouse is still working.


Borderline detail.


Skycrapers cluster between The Axis Av and Denisse Boulevard.


A little approach to the Downtown. A quiet, and a litte boring, place by the night. Just strangely to being the Downtown.


Northbeach detail, around the 21.30 hours.


Smallpier detail.


Another detail of Smallpier.


A detail of the Industrial zone.


Portline around 21.15 hours.


Another detail of Portline.


A Califlex detail, near the Infinitystad Radio Antenna Tower.


Buildings of Califlex, near Portline. People still working, or in a party, who knows.


Seqwa by night, around the 22 hours.


Near the Infinitystadt Sports Complex.


The Boheme zone by night, Southlake.


ABC of Southlake.


Commercial buildings in Southlake.


Forests CBD by night, near the 22.30 hours.


A detail of Forests CBD.


Northdeath at 23 hours.

Well, It is all for today, maybe isn't much but It is the neccesary for the next entry. This is the last update of Infinitystadt. I will show another city. Certainly, the next city will appear in the Al Jakkab World Expo, at the same time here in this CJ. So stay tuned. See you later.


Recommended Comments

You've got a very colorful and varied city, not as realistic as we may want; but I like how you give to each district its own character.

Let me quote a part of your penultimate update...
[i]To live in the front of a cementery could be quiet, but look at your window and see a cementery could be something gloomy.[/i]

This fragment has left me thinking, because I always built my cemetaries very near the edges of the city, even inside the industrial zones; as happens in Spain and I guess this also happens in Mexico. When I went to Paris and later to London, I discovered that outside the countries with a clear Latin heritage as ours, cemetaries are treated as parks and people goes there to walk and relax. Since then, I changed my mind when it comes to cemetaries in SC4 and they're now one more park in my cities.

¡Gran trabajo, nos vemos en la World Expo!

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Great idea for an update. I like some of the subtle shots - like the ones with just a few lights in the dark. I also really like the lights in the industrial area - most people focus on downtown skyscrapers (which are still great), just nice to see something different.

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[b]@TekindusT[/b]: Gracias por el comentario. Sé que no luce totalmente realista del todo, pero para ser honesto: realmente esa es la idea, que no luzca real. La realidad a veces parece obstinada, y es necesario algo nuevo. Acerca de los cementerios: los cementerios están posicionados así en mis ciudades porque usualmente los cementerios antiguos son absorbidos por la mancha urbana, y terminan frente a las casas y oficinas literalmente. Es el caso de varios cementerios en Guadalajara, el Panteón de Mezquitan y el Panteón de Beleń son casos clásicos. Vale la pena mencionar que hasta históricamente se tienen nichos en las banquetas, como este [url="http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Guadalajara,+M%C3%A9xico&hl=es&ie=UTF8&ll=20.711243,-103.354602&spn=0.000941,0.001717&sll=35.173808,-95.712891&sspn=52.458106,79.013672&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=20.711118,-103.354595&panoid=8m-IscuxYQmrCmFwU2yE4w&cbp=12,36.28,,0,21.47"]caso[/url]. Los cementerios más nuevos si están en las zonas industriales y lugares más apartados, al borde de las ciudades y de los pueblos. Pero pensar que un cementerio es como un parque es de este lado del mundo una idea muy excéntrica e incluso blasfema. Aunque este abierto a la idea, no considero que sea lo más apropiado. Prácticamente todo esto queda reflejado en la forma de mis ciudades en SC4.
So, thank's again for the comment. And see you later in the World Expo.

[b]@Benedict[/b]: thank's for the comment. I always thinked that the industrial areas of the city have its own charm. I just like it.

[b]@Jchan_777[/b]: thank's for the comment. The trees lights up because is the median for avenues mod, from SimPeg, that maybe could be someone of this 3 mods, but I don't remember wich one:

[b]@skycraper241[/b]: I get the buildings for many parts, starting with CapitalSimCity, BSCLEX -SC4Devotion-, SimCity Polska, another many japanese sites and, of course, the STEX. My collection of plugins are aroun 5 GB. Thank's for comment too.

[b]@yony123[/b]: Look here: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/topic/31032-boggy1s-quick-guide-to-all-things-custom-content/
It guide me through the searching of the files. Good luck with your updates and thank's for comment.

[b]@Schulmanator, OrdinarySim, kiskis88, LolloLallo, laaloxd:[/b] Thank's for comment.

Stay Tuned for the Next Update. Thank's, see you later!

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