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The Beehive

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Mithrik: Gracias por comentar! Por lo que he aprendido, el deporte era un aspecto muy importante para la URSS, así que es de suponer que también tuvieran buenas instalaciones... As far as I've learned, sports was a very important aspect for the USSR, so it's logical to assume they also had good facilities...

Mikeaut1: Thank you for your comment! Although it's not an sports complex, I tried to simulate those stadiums are distributed throughout the city!

heitomat: Thanks for commenting, my friend! This update brought more work than usual, as I had to make some research on Wikipedia and look for the logos... And as for the Champions League finals, I have only one thing to say: "AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

penguin1634: Thank you for your comment, my rusty fellow! You'll see another "cheerful" update today!

Andrey km: Muito obrigado!

Frdm920: Thanks for commenting, my friend! There's a popular saying about (American) football, that is "Everybody loves football, but they still don't know it." I guess that, in this case, we can apply it to our football and to this CJ...

testuser1234: Thanks for your comment!

ImVhOzzi: Thank you for commenting!

hijodecordoba: Gracias por comentar! Pienso lo mismo que tú, no hay ciudad completa (realista) sin estadio, grande o pequeño. I think the same, there's no realistic complete city without a large or small stadium.

OrdinarySim: Eskerrik asko! (por fin recuerdo como era!) Definitivamente, a mí también me gusta el olor a metales pesados y partículas en suspensión por la mañana... Definately, I also love the smell of heavy metals and suspension particles in the morning...

Roberto Robato: Gracias por comentar! Cristiano Rowhat?

Exla357: Thanks for commenting! The links for all the stadiums are displayed at the bottom of the entry. But in the case of this specific stadium, you have to navigate a little bit in this webpage, as the explorer doesn't let me give the exact link. Just go to the "Stadiums" section and you'll see it.

Nico15821: Thank you for your comment!

figgy: Thanks for commenting! Don't tell it to me, tell it to the Russian ice hockey Kontinental Hockey League Metallurg Magnitogorsk!

Alejandro24: Gracias por comentar! Disfruté especialmente buscando y modificando el logo para el Lokomotiv... I specially enjoyed searching and modifying Lokomotiv's logo...


It's been a busy week again, the 17th ISC Session [link] organization took longer than expected and haven't been much time to play SC4 lately. Furthermore, I feel I'm lacking ideas, so I guess that I won't update once a week as I've been doing until now. This doesn't mean this CJ is on hold, but don't be "scared" if I can't provide a weekly update.


No rust today. If you're looking for your SC4 rust dose, I recommend you taking a look to some brilliant CJs started recently: penguin1364's Soviet Rust [link] and 2b2gbi's latest updates on his CJ [link].

We'll take a look to The Beehive, one of the most hated structures in Krasnoslobodsk. It's not hated by its look or for its placement. It's hated because of those who dwell it.

The New Krasnoslobodsk Apartment Complex, popularly known as "The Beehive" is one of the tallest structures in the city, placed just in the border between the pre-1990 and the post-1990 districts. Its lot was once occupied by an abandoned luxury hotel, which was torn down in 2002 among citizens protests (the only ones brave enough to publicly say their opinion).


The Beehive is one of the favourite places to live for the rich and wealthy here; for those who work on the new shiny glass skyscrapers and drive expensive BMWs. Here, the new elites of Krasnoslobodsk rule the country as an arm of the Goverment. But they know that, nowadays, the Goverment is simply their arm.

In The Beehive, unlike many other apartment complexes, everybody know each other. The CEO of GazKras, the owner of that rusty smelter, the owners of these luxury boutiques in the city center... They're now the Goverment, and watch their concrete dominions from the 27th floor holding a cup of vodka.

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Great picture, and once again great blurring effects. Those buildings look great - Man, they are tall! :ooh:

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Great update. And I'm not scared, I know you'll be back with images and ideas at some point. Sometimes it helps to take a short break, or a step back, in order to gain some momentum or vision.

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Well, you know, in post-soviet Russia, plutocracy is horrible and something something you!
Anyway, liked the "break from rust". Also, did you take the "tear down luxury hotel for evil people" argument from "How I met Your Mother"? If the answer is yes, then I think Krasnoslobodsk would be a wonderful place for "cockamouses" to find a new habitat. If not, then never mind.

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i was thinking about that building too but it turns on that it's lil bit too high, too bad theres not something similar but little bit lower :D

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Love it. I love your photoshopping and that is a great complex. Reminds me of China's building boom that I see everyday.

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felicitaciones to the MOTM! you have been really busy in trying to help.
the update is nice - cool idea to build that houses in that order. could it be that the word "beehive" is somehow inspired by resident evil? jeje, saludos

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I didn't noticed your update. That building is really cool, by the way. I like it, is it from the HKBT?

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Great Shot! It is the Arch, not? Its a wonderfull skycrapper, I like it. Also It is a classical configuration of that building. Thank's for the links to another CJ's.

¡Gran fotografía! Es el edificio llamado The Arch ¿no? Es un rascacielos maravilloso, me gusta mucho. También es una clásica posición de ese edificio, solo que repetido varias veces. Gracias por los enlaces a otros CJ's.

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Very nice arrangement of those buildings into the circular compound. It seems to keep out all the poor people in the city.

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