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Potential fix for BAT4MAX w/newer 3DS Max Releases

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I've just come across a post by @Reddonquixote over on SC4D, it would appear our problems with using BAT4Max on newer 3DS max releases are over. In one of the scripts is a reference to a function that was removed entirely from 3DS Max, it would appear that trying to call this function was causing the scripts to fail on newer 3DS Max releases.

Now of course right now, this isn't hugely tested so I don't want to jump the gun, but it seems if 3DS 2017 works with this fix, then it should work for earlier affected versions, am I right in saying that's 2016, possibly 2015 too?

Anyhow, all credit obviously goes to RDQ for finding this problem, but rather than everyone edit their scripts. I've made a patched file you can simply use to replace the one with the faulty reference (attached).

Instructions (Readme included with fix also):

  1. Download/Install BAT4Max as usual
  2. Find the install location for the scripts included with BAT4Max
    Default = 3DS MAX INSTALL DIR\gamepacks\BAT\scripts
  3. Copy the included SF_LtbL_functions.ms file, overwriting the original
    Remember to backup the original (just in case), by copying/moving it elsewhere outside of the 3DS Max install path
  4. Lastly, if you've not already don't so, don't forget to also get the Gamma Fix for 3DS Max from here too:

Disclaimer: I personally use 3DS Max 2011, so have no way of testing this fix. But it can't cause any harm, it either works or it doesn't. Worst case scenario, restore the original file and you are back to square one (i.e. it still doesn't work).

Lastly, please can those who might make use of the patch confirm if it works and which version of 3DS Max they've applied the fix too. This will help greatly with troubleshooting the issue for other users and helping ensure 3DS Max can be used for batting models into the future.


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ahhhh fantastic! *:thumb:

I also don't use one of the affected versions, so I can't test it.

I do remember hearing about that setting being removed. The setting relates to how lighting samples are interpolated. Normally a certain number of the nearest samples are interpolated in order to simplify the calculations. With this setting, we change it to being interpolated over a fixed distance, and furthermore, we have that distance be measured in pixels (rather than meters). This is better for our situation because we're basically making pixel art. 


This buys us a few years of time, although we still have the problem that Mental Ray has been completely discontinued. Max 2018 includes a renderer called Arnold. If it's just a matter of making a new lighting rig that matches the current one, I can do that. If the current BAT4Max depends on Mental Ray somehow, then it might get dicey. 

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Seeking for your help.

I installed 3dsmax 2017 and BAT4MAX. Rendering in 3dsmax looks neat however export in game looks blurred.

Below comparison of same scene exported in 3dsmax 2012 many years ago and 3dsmax 2017.

I tried to play with some settings in 3dsmax but nothing really working :/




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I think that's the antialiasing halo that make the later versions of max bad for BATing. It's the same antialiasing problem that always happens for trees (just because of their shape) but now it happens for everything, even if you just export a box there will be an antialiasing halo.

I've also tried and nothing I did was able to fix it. The rendering setting in max that should make it sharper/more accurate is the Contrast/Noise Threshold value for A (the alpha). I tried lowering the value significantly, and it didn't fix it. In combination I also tried increasing the maximum samples which also didn't help.

I also tried directly comparing the alpha channels in the renders from both programs in photoshop and iirc (this was a year ago) the new alpha channel wasn't actually fuzzier. The edges were sharp enough that it didn't seem like there should be any problem.

The best versions of max to BAT with are 2010-2012, 2012 being the best.

It's also possible that the updates to mental ray are not what is causing the problem. The problem might be updates to max. Maybe in BAT4Max there is some postprocessing done to the renders to fix the problem, and maybe that depended on a function that was removed in later versions of max.

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Thanks dear for your feedback. I tried as well a lot of options. It does not fix the issue. Some settings are lowering the effect but it does not remove it completely and for shapes like trees the result is way too bad.

Definitively, old version of Max are the best for exports. I was using 3dsmax 2012 without any problem. Unfortunately, I am not able to install it again properly, there are some issues which seems to be linked with newer version of Windows. On top of that, Autodesk does not support the old version of Max anymore.

I am afraid that if I am not able to install 2012 version, it will not release any new flora :(

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