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Does Crime Pay?

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Have not taken this path yet, but have considered it in my lastest fiasco (city).


I skipped education for the first year or so then plopped down a high school, leading to my second question...


Can I skip elementary and plop down the high school?  Or if possible, like I have read elsewhere, go straight to community college?




Mxlppxl (feel free to add me on Origin)

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college has no busses? and increases tech?


if your only interested in reducing crime health and fire related issues (education) then go with the high school, however putting it down late might end up with you playing catch up on crime for quiet a while, aswell as having much higher emergency service needs... i normally choose to go with an elementary school and try to keep my education at 4 hats - this results in the need of only 1 of each basic emergency service, with little to no upgrades, for a very long time... once my elementary capacity is exceeded (max upgraded) i will either replace it with a high school or keep it and place a high school.

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One bubble of education is enough to fight off most education related crime.  Two is nice.  More than that I have not found a reason to have unless you want to tech up your businesses or go for high wealth population.


I have a casino city with two bubbles of education, four or five casinos, and almost no crime.  Love that crime copter. :)

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      Note: Since this city journal was heavily inspired by playing through the "Mass Effect" series, I've wildly decided to take my planets and incorporate them into the Mass Effect universe, and adapt the story, ideas and plots into my own worlds. I've been really intrigued by the story lately and probably will make an update with Reapers destroying the worlds I've been showcasing, and the use of Mass Effect's own game plots will appear regularly in certain parts of this City Journal. Generally, all the planets that I use are of my creation, and simply take place in the Mass Effect universe.

      So...uhh...yeah, enjoy


      Welcome back, oh and by the way, we're still on Kanaze. The very same Filthy and hazardous wasteland.

      We're still on the same island of Ark'bor, which is just another part of the greater continental plain of Ilego-Ark'bor. We've travelled several hundred miles across the island to the very heart of Kanaze, considered the planet's capital. Ark'bor City. It's a relatively small metropolis, compacted on an island surrounded by two rivers. The East Glo'gahn River and its counterpart, the West Glo'gahn River. It's the scum capital of the swampy wasteland planet Kanaze, dominated by criminals, gangs, factions and off-world pirates. It's haven criminal haven in the lawless Terminus Systems, allowing its inhabitants to do almost anything on Kanaze. Therefore, with a mediocre excuse of a government, Ark'bor, as for the entire planet, remains a corrupt, hectic and totally uncontrolled society.

      Crime in Ark'bor City is on a constant high, and ever present brothels, bars, nightclub as well as hideouts litter the edges of the city's civilian accessible districts. In the inner core of the city, off-world corporations base operations here, constructing an endless array of structures, factories, refineries and storage tanks across the inner metropolitan Ark'bor districts. No matter where you are in this city, you'll always find yourself in the worst of situations, but those many used to this form environment and ambience try, manage and succeed in enjoying themselves in a lawless city full of chaos and disorder.

      At first glance, the city looks like any other. But underneath this is a bustling, never ending story of grief, criminality and an underworld hidden from the surface of the city. Its surrounding swamplands are often hiding bases, and obscure the city's position at times. The overgrowth of plants in this planet is often very radical, which causes for concern about the future of the city on many occassions. But with the amount of pollution it throws back into the environment like all other industrial colonies located on Kanaze; many that of which are unknown and unregistered on planetary maps, also causes for question as to how much Stagnum's floral and fauna population can take.

      And of course, on another note, Cerberus seems to have found there way into the planet. Though what could possibly hold much value on this dying rock that Cerberus would want to retrieve?

      As evening falls on Ark'bor, the hazy yellow atmosphere begins to soften into a dark, maroon air. Time doesn't halt operations on the planet, and so continues to spew out pollution into the planet's already fragile environment. Industrial factories like this cover almost 80% of the city's island area, which has been fully developed. Many of these factories and refineries run manufacturing operations which are of an unknown nature, never released, due to the fact that most companies which base manufacturing here operate anonymously on the planet with no given records.

      In the midst of a dark night, wild holograms and bright seizure inducing lights appear out of nowhere; transforming the city's civilian outskirt districts into a vibrant city of color. Though a hard place to live, and difficult to access, many people off-world enjoy the social sites, Ark'bor's clubs, brothels and bars, with endless parties and continuous stream of music playing throughout the night. Ark'bor essentially becomes a nocturnal metropolis; A quiet sleeping city (but of course, still full of noise, gunshots and criminal activity) during the day, a vibrant and cool, yet dangerous social city during the night.

      Though one can never avert, nor avoid the dangers this city contains. There's always something hectic, and life-threatening hiding on the far corner of the street that one walks through. Ark'bor will eternally be a city of danger, criminality, forever spiraling Kanaze into a chaotic world and destined to be lawless for its remaining future.

      Thanks for viewing!

      Rate 'n' Comment!


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