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  1. I want the ability to name my streets and have sim city use the street names... "Police are chasing Dr Vu down Bakka Lakka Dakka Street!"
  2. Expo Center Limit?

    my test city on this has two, but only 7k people. I may upgrade R considerably as 75% of the people heading to the concerts are tourists.
  3. Any limits on these? (provided I can support them with mass transit...)
  4. Have not taken this path yet, but have considered it in my lastest fiasco (city). I skipped education for the first year or so then plopped down a high school, leading to my second question... Can I skip elementary and plop down the high school? Or if possible, like I have read elsewhere, go straight to community college? Thanks! Mxlppxl (feel free to add me on Origin)
  5. Origin Friends

    Last but not least, y'all can add me if you want an extra player at times
  6. NA West 3- New City

    started new region on NA West as well, looking for casual players
  7. Join my region! North America West 3

    add me, mxppxl...also on NA WEST 3
  8. Density vs Land Value

    so i took it a little slower this time and did NOT rush into med/high areas right away. Early pic here, somewhere around 18k peeps...now approaching 70k.
  9. So from playing the last few days, I have noticed the following observations, please correct me if I am off base: 1. Land value is easy to increase via parks/plaza, etc. 2. Density takes time and lots of it. 3. Still thinking of #3 Thanks First time poster, long time reader.