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  1. Royal Bank of Canada

    This series reminds me of bobbo662's series of gas stations - all very realistic and "must-haves" for my cities. Thanks for the great work. 10!
  2. Toronto Dominion Bank

    Great work..and you can take that to the bank!
  3. Holladay Park Plaza by Bixel

    Congrats to all involved - it looks very realistic. Great work.
  4. Container Freight Yards

    This ended up looking great near my ports - thanks!
  5. Spockland

    The good of this map outweighs the complaints of a few. Nice original job!
  6. Simple filler tiles

    Temba - his arms open! Give me more!
  7. RLM Katrina Memorial Trauma Center

    Texture Problem: I'm getting a few black squares underneath the overpass - any thoughts as to why? Anyone else having this problem?
  8. RLM Katrina Memorial Trauma Center

    Really Really Good! 10.
  9. SimCity Square

    I don't think this was a very well thought out idea.
  10. Deluxe Police Station

    pee-u. so much wrong it's hard to get started...
  11. Huge Medical Building V2

    this is terrible.
  12. clinic recostomise

    glad there's parking for 1000 people, lol
  13. Larger Hospital