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  1. Bunnings Warehouse Megastore

    good job
  2. PARIS large school Art Deco

    Bravo pour cette belle
  3. Version


    A new commercial C$$$ bat for your cities. Assurances Pigeon where founded by a former french investissor: Jacques Volaillerie. Today Assurances Pigeon is the second assurances cabinet in the world, and now in your region! Growable of course! Modelized by TheBo$$
  4. Buffalo Grill Restaurant

    I have the same at 5 kms of my home, it's very french!
  5. 4ms Tour Londres

    Thanks to all for you congratulations !!!! Dr. Neitchskrimfrauwnmoya --> yes other buildings of the same size have more resident capacity but we wanted a capacity more realistic with the reality not as the SC4 default BAT where you have 3,000 resident in 2 stages :D
  6. Version


    This R$ tower is based from the real tower called La Tour Londres in"Les Olympiades" district in Paris (16eme). This tower is a very greatscreen of the residents buildings that we have in French suburbs. Allof these were built in the early 1960-70 years for pover classes. Properties: Lot Size: 3x2 Class: R$ Residents Capacity: 1728 Power Consumed: 7 Water Consumed: 47 Set: European Growable Modeling by Alexxx
  7. 4ms Pavillons



    In this pack you have 1 house model but declined in 4 ambiances.Theses houses were inspired from the european style and from housesthat we find in France. The 4 ambiances are 4 different colors forWalls and Roofs who give really 4 different houses. The first style isnamed Bretagne, a house with an atlantic french coast type. The second is called Montagne (Mountain), the third, Nordique (Nordic) and the last Provence. Properties: Lot Size: 1x1 Class: R$$ Residents Capacity: 8 Power Consumed: 1 Water Consumed: 2 Set: European Growable
  8. 4ms Airport Billboards

    Lol may be in a next update.....
  9. 4ms Airport Billboards

    As a lot of europeans airliners, KLM have his billboard :D
  10. Version 1.1


    Theseairports billbords have been created for aeroports zones. They indicateto your Sims the airlines compagnies who desserve your airport and eachterminal. This pack include 36 billboards. *26 differentairlines compagnies Billboards: American Airlines, Air France, JapanAirlines, Air Canada...and 22 others of all the world. *10 Terminals billboards ( Terminal n