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  1. Oh yes I forgot that I was not logged in, I tried downloading while being logged in and it starts immediately. I hope I didn't mess up my computer now But I didn't see anything being downloaded when this message appeared and I clicked it away. Thanks for explaining how to avoid it!
  2. I am sorry I need to ask another question: The download section is working again and I tried downloading the SC4Fix file, when I click on the download button it takes me to another page where I needed to wait but there appeared a message that said they found viruses on my PC and I could only click OK. When I checked my PC with my anti virus programm it said there were no viruses. So was this a fake message? And how can I download the SC4Fix from this site? I am a little bit confused and have never downloaded something from it before
  3. Ok, once I can access these sites again I will try everything out, hopefully it will work out for me! Thanks everyone for the answers and sorry to ask so many questions!
  4. Thanks for your answer! So these mods you mentioned alter the buildings that can "grow" from the zones you can place on the ground (CAM and SPAM)? I tried looking these mods up here on this site but unfortunately I can't access it because the STEX is unavailable right now. Also: I read that the I-HT fix needs "extra" fixing to make it work properly, is this needed? Because on the site of the fix there was nothing mentioned that it needs additional fixes to work (that sounds confusing lol) where I need to extract it into a file of the game. But in the comments of the original fix the commentors said that everything is working now... without the additional fix (I suppose)
  5. Thank you very much for the replies! I will start reading through all these links you posted, tomorrow I will download the files and set up my game since I don't have access to my PC right now. Thanks again for giving me some basic information about what I need to do for the beginning, I was totally lost before!
  6. Hello, I haven't played SimCity 4 in a long time (last time is almost 10 or 12 years ago), at that time I didn't have any clue about mods / patches and so on so I never downloaded anything for the game and just played it the way it was. Now I wanted to play SimCity 4 again and I looked up where I can get it (I somehow lost my original copy), I saw that I can buy it on Steam very cheap so I got it there but now the first thing I wonder is: Do mods work with the Steam version of the game? Do I need to install patches for the Steam version or is it the newest version already? I read some threads in the last days about SimCity 4 (on this site and others) and I am very overwhelmed by the things I need to download and fix before the game apparently runs the way it is supposed to run. Every time I click on fixes / patches for several things there come up more and more links where I need to merge files and so on but I don't know if I really need them. I can't really remember a lot about the game when I first played it because I had no clue about bugs and so on but now where I read about all the bugs in the game that need to be fixed I am kinda worried that I wont be able to play the game properly (When I first played it I was still young and naive so I didn't have a lot of knowledge about games in general but that changed in those years) becazse I read about things like bugs in the demand system that prevent a certain tier of industry to grow and other things like the bugs that commuters have. I read the pinned threads but they didn't helped me a lot to find out all the bugs and that makes me wonder, are these Demand bugs not that important? Because there are no links to those fixes and that kinda makes me feel like bugs like these aren't that serious. Is there any kind of "guide" to fix the game so that everything works as intended? If so, where can I find this guide? And maybe some very experienced SimCity4 player can tell me if I really need these patches for my game. I am just really overwhelmed and lost right now and don't know what to do Oh yeah... and once I got all this done I still need to learn the game again... even more work incoming for me... (I can't reply anymore right now but I will be back later to answer your posts)