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  1. Due to violent protests against the president Miguel Hernández in San Lorenzo/Sucurocá D.C. we had to leave the capital for our own safety. We headed out to one of Grandoro's many rural towns, Villahermosa. Driving from the capital to here takes around 3 hours. Located between some mountains, in the Montes department, Villahermosa is a town in the middle of no where, almost. Life here is simple but there is no violence in the small village. You will see old ladys sitting outside their houses in mock-chairs and drinking coffee together. You will see farmer families go into the plaza to sell their harvest. And on every street you will hear music being played. Greenhouses outside Villahermosa. Here, flowers are farmed. The department of Montes is the main exporter of flowers in the country. Looks like the protests are over now, according to the news we just watched in a bar! Sadly many people were hurt. We don't know where to head out next, where should we go? To the coast? Or maybe to the remote island of Isla Chica? The capital? Y'all decide!
  2. Lol guys, I feel dumb af. xD It works now, I removed the files I downloaded.. No rivers for my city now tho ;-;
  3. Yep. Removed plugins folder and it works now. I'll try to move it back and run it in HD mode now
  4. @Fantozzi 1. Done, I will start the game in a sec. 2. How can I figure that out? Sorry, I am not so advanced in computer things. 3. LOL thank you for keeping me positive!! EDIT: Nevermind, I googled how to run in hardware mode.
  5. Thank you all for your help!! Jenx Mod Poseidon v.1, RFR Pond water, VIP Rural pack, CP MMP BSC mega prop pack, LK33 seasonal flora pack. And it crashes even if I load a blank city tile..
  6. Hello! So yesterday I downloaded some stuff to my game. And after that when I opened the game, it'd just crash to the desktop whenever I opened a city. I've tried to remove the files that I downloaded but still the same error... :/ I tried again today in a blank city tile, and it could load but I couldn't do anything. When I moved in the game, the map wouldn't move. I could only see that the map (like the map-map, on the game menu) was moving. What can this be?
  7. The main plaza of the city, named "Plaza de la libertad" (Liberty square) by the Grandorians. On the center of the plaza, a statue of the famous independence heroine Candelaria Martínez, one of the leaders of the revolution against the spanish empire. In front of the plaza we have the main church of the city, Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción. Behind the plaza the former palace of the vice-kings is located. It is now used as the presidencial palace. The city of San Lorenzo (in Grandoro they call it Sucurocá which is the name of the tribe that lived here before the european conquest) was founded in 1521 by spanish conquistador Juan Guiterrez. It is located in a flat valley between two small mountain ranges. The estimated population in 2016 was 960,000 . More information about Grandoro will be up shortly..!
  8. BAT Request Thread

    Description: This is a church located in Bello (Medellín), Colombia. It is called Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Hatoviejo. It is a colonial style church and resembles the typical south american church style. Why this would be beneficial for the game or community: This is a petition to make a latinamerican styled church. There is a huge lack of Latin american buildings in the SimCity 4 communities. Churches are a big part of a latin american city. And I am sure that many other people from south america that play SimCity 4 would like to be able to have some typical buildings from their lands.