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  1. Show us your highways!

    No way, your screenshots are pretty kickass! We all have things we excel at with this type of game: some folks produce amazing mods or assets, others build impressively complex interchanges, some of us create the most amazing small-scale detailed scenes. But yeah it definitely takes a lot of time more than anything (I just passed 1800 hours on Steam plus another ~800 hours before purchasing through Steam). Watch as many Skylines YouTubers as you can, there are a lot of great things to learn from those videos. Google Earth, and of course Simtropolis and the CSL subreddit, are fantastic resources as well. Also, look around in your own city! I take a great deal of inspiration from the areas I've lived in and I'm always looking around town for something I'd like to recreate in game. The highway pictured above is heavily inspired by my daily commute to/from work, for example. Edit: I'm sure you know most of this already, but hopefully this post will help encourage others!
  2. Show us your highways!

    This exit is based on one I pass every day on my way home. I also made a very basic texture on GIMP to text the Mark-A-Route mod's texture replacement feature: The other side of the interchange, the onramp and offramp lines are again based on the highway I take to and from work (no acceleration lanes!): This angle more clearly shows the older style of merge we have on that particular highway. Newer onramps would have the right lane end instead of the left, so drivers don't merge on their "blind side": Lastly, a simple concrete bridge and a highway bridge over a SPUI. Lately I've been using @Ronyx69's Ploppable Pavement on all my bridges for a more realistic look:
  3. Show us your Detail Shots

    I love builds that show the darker aspects of city life, e.g. terrible roads, slums, abandoned industrial areas, etc. My partner recently took a job helping the homeless get into shelters and receive other services, which inspired me to build this homeless encampment.
  4. Show us your Ghettos

    Ok, I'll bite... The first two are a trailer park sandwiched between an industrial area and the freeway. I just built this underpass and homeless encampment last night. It's still a WIP but this shot gets the point across: It still needs a few more tents, a shopping cart or two, some graffiti, and a bit more wear and cracked pavement, but I think it's coming along quite nicely. I plan on using BeardMonkey's Shack Pack to build a run-down slum on the edge of town soon. I'll definitely post here when it's finished!
  5. Show us your Detail Shots

    A stretch of Interstate between two ramps:
  6. Show us your Detail Shots

    Leaving little pieces of old infrastructure in my cities is a fun way to add a bit of realism, I've found. This shot shows the run-down remains of the old state highway, replaced about a decade ago by a shiny new freeway:
  7. Show us your Area view

    North Haverbrook: It isn't much yet, but it's been growing steadily. I've dedicated much more time to detailing this city than expanding, though a bunch of new developments are in the planning stages now.
  8. Show us your bridges!

    Built a couple bridges last night for my current city, North Haverbrook: I haven't had a chance to detail them yet, but I will get to it eventually, probably when I fill out the rest of this area.
  9. Show us your Detail Shots

    Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places:
  10. Show us your Detail Shots

    I'm always stunned by the amazing shots everyone posts here! Coming here is very helpful when I need some inspiration. Here are a few shots from my new, very WIP city of North Haverbrook:
  11. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Just reworked this bad boy last night to try to relieve congestion on a major bridge. Full access wasn't required since the eastbound highway didn't need an exit here:
  12. Show Us Your Interchanges

    A few more interchanges from my current city:
  13. Show us your night shots

    Here are a few shots of my MOM test city. I've been struggling for a couple months now trying to come up with a name for this project. Current population is 180,000 cims:
  14. Show us your Detail Shots

    I started a bit of detailing on a grocery store today: