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    Puebla, México
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    I like simcity 4, i played this game since 2011, and i see too much things in the game. So i create a simtropolis count and i think upload some files of buildings to this page.

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  1. Here's the problem. It's the scrolling of the game, the thing is when i scrolling, the screen will become to green and the props dissapear completely. I don't have the famous prop pox, it's only a scrolling problem... Sorry if you don't understand but my english is very regular and any words can't understand... Ok, i'll try...
  2. Hello everyone, here's AlanSaint15 and I have another problem. Now, the problem is, when I move the screen in any direction, the plop dissapear and the screen becomes green, but when i stop the screen in Any part the plop returns to city and the screen turn around normal color. Here's the evidence!: I cannot take the picture with the program, i used Impr pant petsis to take this, when the mouse was in the down part of the map. Help me to solve this problem!.
  3. So, my pirate game that's the problem. I think to reinstall the game, but i need to find a original version on internet. The problem is that I don't found a original version to download and install. Another problem is, in my city now don't buy the original game because is from 2003...
  4. 1. Yes, i hace sufficient electricity in my city. 2. No, the buildings no are abandoned 3. I don't know, but i use Network Addon Mod, Day n Nite Mod and Shinkansen Mod. What of these are the problem? Well, about it, when i patch the game, i receive a message saying: Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match. I accept, and later i receive the message saying congratulations, the game has been patch, but i just keep the problem of nightlights.
  5. @Cool_Z whell bro here are the links: Row houses: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27003-row-houses/ Church street apartments: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/24766-church-street-apartments/ Look the thumbnails, the buildings have the nightlights
  6. Yes, I have some buildings with the nightlights.
  7. Hello everyone. Recently I've been doing my new city, called 'Saintylland'. I used downloaded buildings from this page and from CapitalSimcity. The problem just is, when is night, these buildings have the nightlight problem, where the lights not turn on and the building just is this... Please, look the building, all these are from this page and cannot turn on the light. What I to do to solve this problem? I have the 1.1.640 of the game and nothing...
  8. Hello, i'm a beginner on the create buildings. Ok, i need a solution in this problem. I'm creating a 4 versions of 2 story house, the new project to lauch everyday, but i have a lot of problems in this. First, the textures lost in the building, but they solved the problem. Second, the lights had a bug in the house and iluminated unnecessary parts on the house, and evenly solved this. Now later of lot the house, the game was creating the house with the non-existent sizes. The lot had 2x2 and 2x1 sizes, but the game build the house with the 1x2 size, which was not available in the available sizes. And put the props in the house, the flowers was in the backdoor. Please help me, whay i do to solve this bug?.
  9. Nitelite bug problem

    Hello men, a person helped me with my problem, don't worry if you don't help me with my problem. Thanks for say me to not create a new thread, then, i am a beginner in this, and i have some questions to thrive in the creation of building. Greetings from Mexico.
  10. Nitelite bug problem

    Done, thanks for you apport men, soon i upload the house.
  11. Nitelite bug problem

    Hmmmm, no, i think not put shadows, why question?
  12. Nitelite bug problem

    I have a new problem, this time is for a ilumination. A parts of unnecessary ilumination appears on my house. Check it. (Click to see in best size) On the red circle are the parts unnecessary to iluminate. What have i do to solve this bug?
  13. Ok ok, You don't use BAT and you only do your building with the lot editor. Thanks for your input.
  14. Hmmm man, what editor you use to do the BATs?