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  1. Dense residential area

    Thanks! well it mostly made by LRM mod which cames from Japanese streetside mod but I also add some photoshop Thanks! Thanks! use LRM mod Yes, Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I would like to see it if possible . yeah, but RLS come first you know. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ A dense neighborhood in East Central Namba. lies a housing for lower income people in this city
  2. Nightshot

    Thanks! Thank you! the catenaries are from here: http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/article/259839686.html Thank you! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! no they're growable Thanks! the link are in my comments --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quick update: I have pretty busy days lately (usual RLS syndrome) causing me don't have much time for SC4. in meantime, I might just give this nightshot (still from Minami district, Namba) That's for today.
  3. Minami District

    here: http://simcitymemo.seesaa.net/article/199185197.html
  4. #20... 3rd Anniversary

    A nice series of images! congratulation for your 3rd anniversary!
  5. 買物熱 | Shopping Spree

    Very nice there!
  6. Revisted | Chihiro's International Village Parks and Resorts

    wow such a nice diversity of themes! nice work!
  7. Minami District

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Namba city is Nanami's largest city in population. it's home of 9,3 millions Nanamian, while its metropolitan area inhabited by 18 millions people. Minami district is home for 300k people in Namba, its mainly consist of residential areas: Minami-namba line rail which serves the southern part of city daily commuters Kagawa River, a river in southern Namba
  8. The Guess Who's Next Game!

    No... Tonraq?
  9. Another Namba City Pictures

    Thank you everyone in the last entry! I really appreciate any comments whether its good or critics Again another shots from Namba City:
  10. South Namba City

    well sorry for long wait... I present you South Namba City:
  11. V • Tale of Shikibu

    Nice scenes and story! I love how you make the feels of the story just like watching some movie!
  12. First Teaser Entry

    Welcome to my CJ! this is my attempt on doing east asian styled city in SC4, Okay let me give post a picture here as a start: hope you like it
  13. A Rubbish Solution (part 2)

    nice update!