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a little bit of this and that...

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#17... European?


Well I think I should revive this CJ... So here's a European well more of a Dutch inspired city I made...






Thanks~~ Comment and +1 if you liked it please.



#15... Inspired by ggamgus!


This was inspired by ggamgus, he recently did a recreation of Gold Coast, QLD. I started work on Gold Coast quite a while ago but never ended up finishing it but with the inspiration from ggamgus, I ended up finishing it today! So please enjoy!







Thanks everyone!


#8... Never before seen!


Special update this time! I've gathered some images from my old CJ which have never been seen in any update! This old CJ was called New Brunton and was my first CJ but I no longer continue it.. So enough chit chat, here they are...


This waterfront area was inspired by a real place in Sydney called Circular Quay. Not exactly a same recreation but it was the only way with the limits of SC4.


Some apartments and mansions along a beachfront...


An apartment complex in an urban development area...

Sorry there haven't been much updates lately... If you don't know yet, Atarashima (my other active CJ) has been chosen to host the 17th Simlympic Games! Expect a short update on Atarashima tomorrow guys




Good news everyone! After thinking my version of SC4 is an Australian one since I bought it here, I haven't been able to update it and therefor my nightlights had never worked. Today I tried once again, the SKU1 update didn't work... I was going to give up.. But I thought, hey maybe the other updates my work. So I tried the SKU2 update which was for Europe, South America and some other countries. Guess what, it worked!!! So to celebrate I bring you the first ever picture with working nightlights!!!



Expect more night shots in the future! Hope you enjoyed this short update





This was an industrial estate right on the waterfront of a harbour, it provided jobs to many people, however it also caused heavy air pollution and water pollution. Something had to be done to change this and transform the area to a lovely area.


During the development, the industrial warehouses were demolished however some historical ones were left to exist within the future development.


The completion of the urban renewal brought residential and commercial centres as well as more public spaces and a transformed a railway bridge to a pedestrian bridge with an addition of a monorail.


My industrial areas aren't that good :\ I don't usually make industrial areas but I thought I might give it a go! Thanks for viewing this 5th entry and don't forget to leave a comment :)


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