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About this City Journal

The country that is known for hosting the prestigious Simlympics and won a trixie award is back!

Entries in this City Journal

Petrovar Ambassador

Thank you everyone for the kind comments and the welcome! I'm glad to see some familiar faces from years ago and some new faces! I'm not sure how consistent I'll be with my updates, but as I've some free time tonight, here's a few more updates on Chihiro's International Village Parks and Resorts.


The Great Petrovar Lodges Golf and Spa


Located north of the Petrovar National Convention Center and Hotels and east of the European Villages, is the Great Petrovar Lodges and Spa. Guests are immersed on the rusty majesty of the Petrovar wilderness. From nature trails, tennis courts to golf greens to the spa house, this is one the most expensive resorts in the city at $600 a night for the cheapest room rate and the most expensive stay at $3000 a night.

Grand European Resort and Spa



The Grand European Resort and Spa at the European Village aims to replicate the splendor and luxury of major European cities. Each room is decorated and inspired by a capital from the Parisian rooms to Venetian rooms. Located smack dab in the middle of the International Village and the Pangea Lagoon, guests can get on a boat and easily go to the Asian Village, American Village, African Village and the resorts by the convention centers.

The Wedding Pavilion at the Grand European


Located right across from the Grand European is the Wedding Pavilion. With a quick five minute luxury yacht ride, the pavilion is located smack dab in the center of International Village at the Pangea Lagoon. The pavilion has views of all of the four regions.

Cape Augustine and Atlantis Beach Yacht Resorts



Located just north of the Great Petrovar Lodge is the Cape Augustine and Atlantis Beach Yacht Resorts. Cape Augustine Resort (the gray buildings on the center bottom of the second picture) aims to replicate a quaint New England American town. Atlantis Beach Resort (top right on the second picture) brings the excitement of the Bahamas to Chihiro. In the center of both resorts is a lagoon where guests can rent out kayaks and yacht boats to explore around the resorts.

The Villas at the European Village


The Villas at the European Village aims to give guests a more warm and cozy feel as they are immersed in the European countryside environment. A unique recreation for guests is the winery and vineyards.

The Asian Village and Resorts


Last but not least in this update is the newly renovated Asian Village and Resorts. On the bottom right is the Korean Temples and the top right is the Himeji Castle replica. The top center is a Central Asia museum and is inspired by the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. On the bottom left is the outdoor bazaar where guests can walk around and buy items from all over Central to East Asia. On the top center left, is the Yamanote Boardwalk Resort and Spa where guests will feel immersed in the center of Tokyo during their stay. On the far right along the Pangea Lagoon is the lagoon pavilion where guests can come to watch the nightly fireworks show at the lagoon. The fireworks show plays smack dab in the center of the lagoon and can be seen from all four international villages.

That's it for tonight, I hope you all have a great day! Thank you for reading. Any comments, suggestions or questions are welcome!


Petrovar Ambassador

Hello everyone! For those of you that don't know Petrova, it was a CJ that started back in 2008 and at its peak in 2010-2011 hosted the prestigious 2010 Summer Simlympics (click the link to see the opening ceremony, wait a few minutes for all the pictures to load) and went on to win a trixie award for that. To date, the Simlympics at Chihiro, Petrova has been the most successful simlympic games to date.

is the link to the old CJ of Petrova as a refresher. I stopped the CJ because I was in high school back then and wanted to focus on college. Well here I am in my senior year and I still play SC4 every now and then. I haven't started any new places, but I have refined my city to make it more realistic. Since I live in Orlando, I am fortunate enough to explore around a city that is unlike any other and thus, the capital city, Chihiro is reflective of that.

If you want to learn more about the city, the best way to see Chihiro in all it's glory is through my extensive bid for the simlympics, found here (wait a minute or two for all the pictures to load). I highly recommend you to check it out so that this update does not confuse you. If you are familiar with Petrova a few years ago or if you checked out the bid for the Simlympics, the update below should be a nice refresher for you!

While I can't promise to make consistent updates, every now and then when I do have free time, I'll be posting updates on the city of Chihiro.


Today's update is the heart of Chihiro, the International Village, modeled after Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park. International Village is a real world scale of each region of the world. This has resulted in the city becoming a major tourist and business hub with businesses around Europe choosing Chihiro has their convention spaces. This along with leisure and cultural tourism has resulted in a mass growth of hotels and resorts being built in the city. With millions of tourists each year, Chihiro has quickly become the entertainment capital of Sim Europe. Just like Orlando and Las Vegas, these hotels and resorts are heavily themed as seen from their environment.

Take a look below and welcome to Chihiro!

The European Village and Resorts


If you've taken a look at my past CJ, you can see that the European Village has undergone major changes. On the top center, you will see the luxury Grand European Resort and Spa which is aimed to replicate the splendor and luxury of European cities. On the center right, you will see villas which makes up the Villas at European Village. These are timeshare and hotels where guests can feel like they are living in a quaint and quintessential European village. And then on the center you will find the actual village with more shops and boutiques of each European state and country.

The African and Middle East Villages and Resorts


Here guests can go on sand excursions, go on a safari (center right) and see exotic animals and flora. On the far center right are huts and villas which makes up the Villas and Campsites at the African Village where guests will feel immersed into the African forests and plains. On the center/top left, you can see the major Middle East structures and buildings.

The Americas Village and Resorts


Here guests will be immersed into the world of the Americas. From ancient native pyramids (center bottom) to a quaint New York style shops and boutiques (top center). The top right is the The York Resort and Spa where guests will feel they are in the middle of Philadelphia or New York. The center left is the Polynesian Garden Villages and Spa and the bottom center (almost out of the picture) is the Amazonian Campsites.

Petrovar National and Hotels


With businesses, trade shows, conventions and meetings being more frequent in Chihiro, more and more hotels are popping up. There are several convention centers in the city with two major ones that caters to the international population. The first one is the Petrovar National. Next to it is the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton (center left) and the Hyatt Portofino Regency (center left, between the convention center and the Doubletree Hotels). Then on the top right is the Four Seasons Chihiro Hotel, a luxury collection brand.

One of the biggest changes to the national hospitality row is the Palm Oasis Resort. Here's the before picture as seen from the 2010 Simlympic Bid:


And after major renovations, here it is now:


Chihiro Convention Centre and Hotels


Our second major convention center in the city is the Chihiro Convention Centre on the far top right. On the center top is the Condominiums at International Village. The center right is the Marquis Marriott at Chihiro, a major luxury hotel that caters to the top business executives and the rich and famous. Then on the center is the Oldenoff Tripark Hotels, which is a middle level hotel resort for everyone.

That's it for now. You may be surprised at the layout of the places, but the roads and building placements were done intentionally, for the purpose that these places are for tourists. If you go to Orlando, you will notice a similar layout of streets/avenues and buildings like what I have done. If you were looking for a more conventional city layout or pictures, take a look at my Simlympic bid or my past CJ to see more of a conventional city look. More updates will come soon, with the Asian Villages and Resorts, the Wedding Pavillon at International Village, the National Arena, and more of the city itself. I hope you all enjoyed this update. Comments, suggestions, questions are always welcome! Good night everyone!


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