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  1. I've searched the STEX and found streets close to what I'm about to request just not exactly what I'm looking for though. I would like Functional DIRT Streets that work in mayor mode with no border of any kind just the grass look. Please... Have them behave the same as Streets and cost could be the same as well I guess. Please, Please...
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello Everyone, I'm USA_Gold and I'm a lurker... LOL I've been lurking for quite some time now and I've just decided to introduce myself and say ** HELLO ** I've just reciently returned to playing my SC4 Deluxe Ed after getting myself a new pc. While looking for some help info I restumbled upon Simtropolis and couldn't belive I remembered my username and password. I even remembered some of the CJ's I started following and got to finish reading them. Such great work. =) I've even read through many more CJ's some 14 or more pages ** WOW ** Thats an under statement for such hard work. Question for anyone: Can a tunnel be built from one city to another in the same region ? Ummm also: I've never used anything other than the ingame controlls to play the SC series. I've played since the first SC. So my other question is: How do you use the Modds and Ploppable items ? Ahhh never mind and yes I've searched it to no avail. So anyhoo, Hello and i hope to make some friends here. =)