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  1. "Post pictures of LA"

    I grew up in Buena Park (the center of the Southland) and went to school in Anaheim & now live in Long Beach. Anaheim is definately a suburb of LA. North OC aka the 714 has more in common with LA than 949 South OC but like the IE, it's all SoCal.
  2. Sword Tower

    I like both the base and tower but not together as one. Could you rerelease them as seperate BATs?
  3. PEG CDK3 Vandy Shipping Company

    Nice liberty ships you got there but as a longshoreman I can tell you those haven't been used since containerization took over in the 1960s. However great job on the details and nostalgia.
  4. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Whoa! Somy made a coke dock, Panamex & Post Panamex container ships, break bulk and an auto ship! They look exactly like the ones I see at work in RL. Those are some of the most detailed harbor BATS I've ever seen.
  5. Taehan Corporations

    Wow...excellent work especially since it's only your second BAT.
  6. Madison Square Garden

    What would the Garden be without the Knicks?!?!?!
  7. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Secret nazis????
  8. Freight Containers

    Just thought I'd add my 2 cents since I'm a longshoreman and work with these everyday. You did a nice job with each company's logo but we usually have the containers stacked in the same direction so it's easier for the top handlers and transtainers to stack them on top of each other. They usually stack them 3 - 5 containers high in ascending order. Other than that, nice job.
  9. Unfriendly Rivalries between cities

    Los Angeles Vs. New York City Los Angeles Vs. San Francisco Los Angeles Vs. San Diego Winner = Los Angeles of course
  10. Show us your home City's skyline

    Long Beach, CA (A Suburb of Los Angeles)
  11. LA River Project

    Date: 12/28/2005 11:09:01 AM Author: sharkbait16 Wait a sec, the water is pink...?  It looks like the stuff from Ghostbusters 2.  I mean other than that, the BAT is great and very realistic!quote> It is a pinkish tone when it rains and that's the only time the LA river is actually a river....the rest of the year it's just a giant street gutter.
  12. LA River Project

    Hey where's the graffiti? You should add some to the walls if you want it to look like the real LA river.
  13. The worst building in the world

    The Anaheim Sports Arena...what an eye sore!
  14. Intermodal Shipping Depot by RJM Designs

    Nice transtainer...does it move?
  15. MallowTheClouds Maps

    Date: 7/30/2005 10:42:20 PM Author: MallowTheCloud Long Beach, California has been released, and is slated to show up soon!quote> Nice job with the map but you might want to make an updated revised version with Pier 400. Other than that, its pretty accurate.