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  1. No Agent Clumping

  2. Legalize Medical Marijuana

    you have people stop having cancer
  3. It's already out here http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/
  4. SimCity Casino Overhaul - Casino Upgrade

    Thanks, now I have more freedom to make awesome looking cities with casinos now
  5. (offline only) Simcity4 Roads in SImcity5

    Great mod but why is this in offline mod only?
  6. Real Population

    The town hall does not show the fudged pop when used with this mod
  7. Real Population

    This does not word with the trend pack mod
  8. Version 1.0


    NOTE: needs Maglev as Subway mod by MaxisGuillume and the Regional Freeway mod by SkyeStorme. This mod makes the subway go out of the city boundary limits like the Regional Freeway mod by SkyeStorme.(link here: http://skyestorme.com/skyes-regional-freeway-mod/) NOTE: The subway goes above ground, looking for a way to remain like a tunnel like it's supposed to.
  9. MagLev As Subway

  10. Real Population

    Try downloading the mod again