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  1. Looking for Completed Version of SimCity Game

    Not to necro-post or anything, but I actually completed the game a fairly long time ago, about September of 2015 actually. It took a while to realise that there was a correlation between population and land-value.
  2. It's been a long time since I've been gone, but I'm finally back. And I just now found out about A Nonny Moose. I may not have known him that well but I am sorta hit hard. I think he responded to some of my messages a while back.

  3. CamModB1

  4. Moving Trucks - Variety Set

  5. BAT Request Thread

    Hey guys, So I am all new to this, considering I usually play the newer SimCity, but I was wondering, would anyone be able to recreate more Pittsburgh, PA buildings? A long while ago someone made the US Steel building but considering that UPMC bought the building a few years ago, it's outdated due to a new sign being put on it. Besides, only 3 buildings were made and I really want to see the PPG Place building added, and more buildings in the city. I know someone asked last decade, but it's been a while, and lately, I've been really getting into modded SC4. And yeah I know I posted this in a different topic a couple months back. Didn't get around to it until now
  6. Other or Fill in Blank Gender Option?

    Thank you so very much
  7. Other or Fill in Blank Gender Option?

    Personally, we should have it like how it is on Google+ (the first time anyone has ever said that). If someone were to select other, there would be a second selection box saying "Please reference me as a: Male/Female/Other (with a radio button for each)" if someone were to select other, and also there could be the option to have a "Please Specify" checkbox where if someone wanted to, they could specify exactly which non-binary gender they are. But, that's a little complicated, but on the other hand, it would be completely future-proof.
  8. Other or Fill in Blank Gender Option?

    Asking for biological sex is very stupid, not to mention idiotic and deeply inconsiderate to people who identify as another/different gender and who will pick what they like anyway because, well, you're not the judge of their gender. Improper gendering has deep repercussion on some people's very being, it's time that these experiences are preferred over heartless and disfunctional principles. People kill themselves over being required to act as their biological sex - so asking them just that so you don't deal with the headache is uselessly arrogant and careless at best. (Not an exaggeration, sadly, despite whatever some people say.) I believe the word you're looking for is cissexist.
  9. Other or Fill in Blank Gender Option?

    Exactly. I don't mean that it has to be exactly like Facebook's gender options (where there's roughly 56), but it can't be THAT hard to add an "Other: Please Specify" and/or "Other". I'm sure it's only a small amount of coding.