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  1. Megatower Base in Menu

      Hmm, there does seem to be an issue with the placement if you put them too close together. if you move it away a bit it lets you plop it. i deleted it, and then i was able to plop right next to the other one, thats very strange. I'll look into it further.   as for building levels, i can build fine. what happens when you try and build a level?
  2. Megatower Base in Menu

      Yeah, i think the base is bugged. It was actually a menu item left in the game that i found (also found something about towers storing ore/oil etc, need to investigate that further). I have a feeling its the base itself that is bugged. Going to work on it tonight to fix the roads issue as well, i should be able to modify the base with stats from the other towers to fix it.
  3. Megatower Limit Increase

    This does not conflict, it uses a different file. works quite well actually, i've got a city with 4 towers so far, 200k pop lol   Not sure, the only time i've seen that is plopping the base with my other mod (its bugged)
  4. Megatower Limit Increase

    Version 1.0


    Megatower Limit Increase Previous limit of 8 megatowers has been changed to 100, which is more than what can fit in the map (screenshot attached has 25, and it was a coastal map). Limit shows /100, but only the last 8 built are shown in the menu. Im unsure if this can be modded or not, im looking into it. Apart from that, all towers are fullly functioning. Place the Megatower_Limit_Increase.package in your SimCityData folder to use this mod.
  5. Insane Megatower Mod

      I sent you a message, but i actually finally found it. will be posting the new mod shortly :D
  6. Megatower Base in Menu

    Version 1.1


    Just a basic mod to add the megatower base to the menu, so you dont have to delete the default levels if you want something else. No other modifications made. BUG : Road/power etc bug fixed. Extract Megatower-No-Levels.package to your SimCityData folder to use this mod.
  7. Insane Megatower Mod

    I havent seen any happiness issues in the towers, at least not without a cause anyway.   The way mods work, to be honest, i dont fully understand still. Some people put the scripts package in the userdata folder, i've seen people say put it into the packages folder... for me it works in userdata, so thats what i say to use. I dont think its the mod that has the issue, rather the game itself.
  8. Insane Ferry

      sorry, packaged the wrong file before going to bed last night. All fixed now.
  9. Insane Ferry

    Version 1.0


    Presenting..... INSANE FERRY! This might be the first mod to have to come with a warning. This made peak hour very resource intensive in my city, and i have a pretty decent computer. Overusing this ferry mod will cause lagging and frame rate issues (which im assuming are the same reason they wont give us bigger cities) I do plan on making a second version of this, with reduced strength. Screenshots attached was a city with 1 ferry terminal only. After further testing, i started to get major lag issues, so i have added a "lite" version. It isnt as overpowered as my initial release. The lite file works the same, just with reduced capacity so as to not overload the game. This mod is split into 2 files The first file has the core changes (insane-Ferry.package), while the second file (Insane-Ferry-2. package) gives the cruise ships a good dose of nitrous oxide in their fuel system, this is not a required file. This mod does not modify the passenger dock, only the ferry terminal and cruise ship dock. Increased terminal and cruise dock capacities and capabilities Increased maximum of 5 docks instead of 2 Major boost in tourists No Queues. multiple ships will dock at once, some seem to loop back and dock again in a different dock. Second file boosts speed of cruise ships, they come and go a lot faster. Installation Instructions : All Files are in the zip, The main mod is Insane-Ferry.packaged. The cruise ship speed mod is Insane-Ferry2.packaged. Place the files you want into your SimCityData folder. This mod requires a copy of SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package in the SimCityData folder. Launch Game. Enjoy! Edit 23/04/14 So after a lot more testing with the lite version, i've had a city up to 430k residents fully maxed out build grid and getting over 600k tourists via 2 ferries. almost zero lag issues, so im pretty happy that the modifications i made to the lite version. Im deleted the original upload and left only the lite version to download. No changes to the lite mod have been made, im not sure that it needs any changes, the mod seems to work very well.
  10. Insane Megatower Mod

    It has now been updated to 2.0!
  11. Insane Megatower Mod

      It works for me if I move it (not copy). I'm wondering if this will not be an issue in the future, maybe beeing part of the core program.   Otherwhise, this works perfectly. I'm using it because my archeology population doesn't increase. Thanks for this mod   Thats really odd, i have the file in both locations and it works fine. the only way i was able to recreate the above issues was to remove that file from the simcitydata directory, adding it back in removed the problems.  Strange, but glad its working now.
  12. Insane Megatower Mod

    Just figured out the issue (was able to replicate the tower not building finally). its to do with the installation. I'll update the install instructions on a sec, but basically you need to copy SimCityDLCEP1-Scripts_287520926.package from the EcoGame folder to the SimCityData folder and that should fix the issue.