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  1. Show us your Detail Shots

    Road work being done on this parkway.
  2. I like the look of the national roads from the network extentions mod, except I would like to build on them without having to convert them over to a normal road. I tried using the tool that allows you to modify grids that comes with the experimental network extentions, but it doesn't seem to be adding a grid. I think I've seen someone add a grid to the national road before, does anyone know how to do it? Is there another mod for it?
  3. The update broke my cities :(

    @industrial6 Oh btw my game has been working for about a week now, I was just too excited to play it when it started to work, so I never notified you. Thanks for all the help.
  4. The update broke my cities :(

    @industrial6 Do you have any idea on what mod might be causing this? Btw I can only see the game toolbar on the screenshot you sent me.
  5. The update broke my cities :(

    I can't load into my game when steam is online, but once that get's resolved, the rest should work (?) . I just unsubscribed to the ambient sounds tuner.
  6. The update broke my cities :(

    Playing offline without workshop seems to be working. But, I have over a thousand hours playing this game, what's the point playing vanilla? I've already gotten bored of it. Even before I had this specific issue, I already had tons of problems with the game. Only a fraction of my mods would even show up in the content manager. Can they just allow you to rollback your game? I've already waited too long.
  7. The update broke my cities :(

    @industrial6 I was doing that before, but I haven't tried it again after I've had this issue. I could try running offline too. But practically everything else has been tried.
  8. The update broke my cities :(

    What the f*** did they do to this game? Has to be more than just disasters and scenarios.
  9. The update broke my cities :(

    As of right now, my game doesn't even run. The preparing to launch window opens up, but then a second later, the process disapears. No black screen, no error or anything. Where the f*** is this revert? It's been days and this still isn't fixed. wtf. I can only assume they didn't even test this update before they released it. They must have been in a rush to release the DLC, and earn that dank december cash.
  10. The update broke my cities :(

    They said there are probably technical issues not allowing them to add a revert feature. But if I had even known ahead of time that they were going to update and sh*t was gonna go to sh*t, I could've run my game offline and avoided the update. I didn't know that this update was going to happen so soon.
  11. The update broke my cities :(

    I had around 200 mods, 100 activated, now I only have around 60 mods, and 30 of them activated. :/
  12. The update broke my cities :(

    Yep, only about a quarter of my mods even show up. I don't even want to try to load a game. It would be great if they added a 'revert to previous update' thing, because I didn't even want this update that much, and I would just like to wait until the modders make the mods compatible. After all, I payed for the game. My game got pretty f***ed up after the snowfall update, but this is way worse.
  13. Show us your airport.

    Wow, nice airports. But may I ask where you guys are getting the markings from? Like the taxiway centerlines and edges and what appear to be non-movement zone markings (unless those are just made with the prop line tool). Also @leosten, where did you get the main part of the terminal for your first airport, and the circualr building that connects the two parts of the concourses too? Thanks.