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  1. Hi perafilozof, Great video by the way, Would it be possible to do the same test but having the 2 lanes road on the right of the intersection instead ? I just want to make sure that the traffic logic does not give priority to the right turn over the left turn. Thanks in advance..
  2. Vehicules don't merge into each other, they collide. I have seen delivery trucks doing U-Turn in the middle of the road. Cars behind it were completely stopped bumpers to bumpers.
  3. Best Way To Level-Up Industry?

    All levels of education ?
  4. Bus and garbage

    Remote sections of your city could not be covered by garbage service. Adding a landfill closer to these section could fix the problem.
  5. Hi all, Last night I loaded my first city for the second time (5 hours of play with that city) and noticed that there was no oil under my industries setup as an oil district. Instead of having a black spot, my oil industries were now sitting on a dark green spot. I'm sure i had set them up on a black spot. Could it be possible that my oil industries pumped all the oil already (after 5 hours of play at turtle speed) ? What are the consequences of running oil industries when there is no more oil underground ? EDIT: should read rapidly, not rapidely.. sorry
  6. You can send me an invite Origin: Macbroue Thx
  7. I had the same issue a while ago. It seams as the launcher is unable to find any available server. After like 5-10 minutes, the launcher gets ready and you can lauch the game. Once you get to the game menu, notice the game is set to offline mode. You can turn it back to online mode (multiplayer) and start it over.
  8. Show a newbie how to get started?

    I first lay out my city and provide power, water and sewers until I reach 5K pop. At that point my pop is only composed of wealth level 1 sims. I make sure that I have 7 industries. For specialization, I mostly go mining ore and coal. I wait til I get 30K in cash and plop ore mining and trade depot. I set trade depot to export ore. Keep zoning residential and commercial. Once I nearly get to 10K pop, I plop school near the city hall and I upgrade the ore mine. Add classrooms when it's full. I plop clinic near school and town hall. Having these 3 together creates a mid wealth space for you mid wealth level sims. Good luck
  9. Power problems!

    Can you provide the population details tab. I want to look at work workforce (workers, unemployed, unoccupied jobs) . Cause with only 30500 population, unless thousands of workers commuting in your city, I could says you have to much unoccupied jobs right away. Your actual workforce could be skillfull enough to run the nuclear power plant but not large enough.
  10. I sent you a friend request
  11. Sounds interesting. I play on North America east 1 also. Send me an invite plz. Origin name is Macbroue
  12. If loading a city takes a lot of time (talking minutes here), it is because your station cannot reach the server to load that city. It times out and than tries to load that city locally saved on your hard drive. Quitting the game will also take lot of time because the Synchronizing city to the server process will timeout also before it saves the game on your hard drive. So essentially you need internet connection to start the game.. Once started, you can run the game pretty well offline..
  13. Trade port rail/water question

    There is no benefit for selling purposes.. It could be handy to have both for shipping resources to other isolated cities without water/river access. The best example is Pinewood Hill in Titan Gorge region.. Pinewood Hill shares the same river with Conestoga Crossing, Settler's Rest and Mesquite. It is also connected by rail to Prospect.. Look at http://simcity2013wiki.com/wiki/Titan_Gorge for a map of Titan Gorge. Pinewood Hill with a Trade port rail/water becomes a transit center for 3 sub-regions alloying it to ship resources (coal, ore, computers, etc..) to help complete 3 great works. For this to happen, Mesquite must have a rail trade port and Conestoga Crossing and Settler's Res should have a ship trade port..
  14. You are right.. This is how it works right now.. Fuel can be use for Great Works such as the Space Port and the International Airport.
  15. traffic

    Simply cut the access to this entrance/exit for a while..You will see the cars on the highway heading to the next city or exiting the region.. Of course there should be heavy consequences by doing so on a longer period.. But it's so funny looking at all these commuters passing by and avoiding your city. Re-establish access to the entrance/exit once all the highway traffic is gone.. edit: And don't forget to yell at the commuters: "So long Suc@$#&%rs"