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  1. CTA (Chicago Transit Authorty

  2. Hoenn Region

  3. TBM Ocean Surf

  4. Cities "XXL" Announced

    Talk about being blindsided...looks like Im going to have to put this on my list of games to buy.
  5. I just logged 600 hours in Animal crossing: New Leaf. Wow.

  6. In under 48 hours, i'll be graduating high school...i finally made it...

    1. CapTon


      Congratulations :) I wish you the best of luck through college.

    2. SimRico



  7. Strange or odd computer habits everyone has

    I have 2 hard drives I keep around. one even has a full working copy of windows 8.1 so in case the one i'm using right now fails, not only will i have a backup, only little data is lost. edit: forgot to add that also i sort all my pictures by theme. for example any anime like pictures would go in the "Anime" folder.
  8. Japanese Moving Truck MOD

    you would happen to be the one who made all the cool Japanese Autotomata in sc4? 
  9. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    Strange. I haven't run into that in any of my cities and just started several tonight, both with and without sandbox mode.  Just to check, where you by chance running on online mode instead of singelplayer?. This is the first I've heard about any issues like that.    You can delete any individual package, such as water and sewer and see if the problem remains.   I ran it as single player mode. but i think i may know what the problem is
  10. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    I don't know if someone pointed this out already but i found some bugs that futz with the sewage and water. in new cities whenever you try to put down a water building, this message pops up "no water available" despite looking at the map and clearly seeing water on the ground. in existing cities, all your sewage facilities will stop working the instant you load the city. im going to remove this mod for now, but i trust you will be able fix em'
  11. i miss simcity 4...

    1. JP Schriefer
    2. skylerracer23


      I can't. Because of issues with windows 8.1 is preventing me from playing it.

  12. F1 2014 season is seconds from starting! Im excited!

    1. __A


      And its in my hometown! :D

    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Surprised most of the cars finished the race with the reliability issues. I much prefer the sound of the old V8 engines, sounding much higher pitched and powerful.