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  1. Cities "XXL" Announced

    Talk about being blindsided...looks like Im going to have to put this on my list of games to buy.
  2. I just logged 600 hours in Animal crossing: New Leaf. Wow.

  3. In under 48 hours, i'll be graduating high school...i finally made it...

    1. CapTon


      Congratulations :) I wish you the best of luck through college.

    2. SimRico



  4. Strange or odd computer habits everyone has

    I have 2 hard drives I keep around. one even has a full working copy of windows 8.1 so in case the one i'm using right now fails, not only will i have a backup, only little data is lost. edit: forgot to add that also i sort all my pictures by theme. for example any anime like pictures would go in the "Anime" folder.
  5. i miss simcity 4...

    1. JP Schriefer
    2. skylerracer23


      I can't. Because of issues with windows 8.1 is preventing me from playing it.

  6. F1 2014 season is seconds from starting! Im excited!

    1. __A


      And its in my hometown! :D

    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Surprised most of the cars finished the race with the reliability issues. I much prefer the sound of the old V8 engines, sounding much higher pitched and powerful.

  7. Welcome to my city Journal! the first entry of this city journal will basically provide some base info of this project. Lets start off with the map i'll be working on (picture wasn't by me, I forgot to take one before I started to build): Easy enough huh? Now as im using a sand box mod, Ive limited myself to using only 3 mods for this project: -One All resource provider (not really needed but still helpful) -Only one money bank that really doesn't provide much money -And Sandbox job buildings. they aren't too noticeable but will stand out on data maps NOTHING ELSE WILL BE MODIFIED. now that that's out of the way lets move on... oh before I forget some of the early stages was not pictured but I will point to where i started from in later updates. well see you next update!
  8. the hardest simulation game i played is... A-Train 9

    1. NielsC007


      I also play it! I came so close to making a profit in that game. But man, it's so difficult!

  9. You know, SC4 on windows 8.1 pro is a real pain...

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    2. NielsC007


      Makes sense. I got a new computer at the end of November.

    3. MandelSoft


      I'm planning to go back to Windows 7 again...

    4. skylerracer23


      too bad I can't I kinda corrupted my copy of windows 7

  10. Show us you Jenx Weather Mod ScreenShots

    it's supposed to change on it's own. based on the information you gave me, all I can give you is that you're either (a) playing at a high attitude (which mentions of violent t-storms at high attitude) or (b) you're not playing long enough in the the year. another theory is that you may have only placed one lot down... try placing more then one lot and see how that works out.
  11. Show us you Jenx Weather Mod ScreenShots

    Great photos guys Keep em coming!
  12. SimCity Update 8 Release

    hm. no demo huh... I want to see if it works on my laptop but i guess i'll wait till some progress is made before i buy it(thats if i buy it)
  13. any pokemon X or Y players on ST?

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    2. __A


      I'm playing Y :D

    3. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      Mystic, is it good?

    4. __A


      Its awesome! Lots of new features :D

  14. I'm back! (not that I really left)

  15. Just finished watching the Spa 24hr!