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  1. Version 1


    Right hand drive version of the UK Small (mini) bus. I have reduced the size of the door to something probably more realistic. (ive never seen a dual door mini bus?). Again a oversight on focus/MC part on why this mod is needed. I would of liked to change the shape of the bus and convert it to a dennis dart or something similar but not sure how. any advice on how to do this most welcome.
  2. Right hand drive single deck UK Bus

    Hi Deathknightd if you want to make your own skins for buses follow the instructions posted by Skimbo on the forums, go here.... http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=403&threadid=118489&enterthread=y Hope this helps
  3. Right hand drive single deck UK Bus

    Well if it is any consolation, i used your instructions to do it! ;-)
  4. Version 1


    Converts the standard UK single deck bus into a right hand Drive version (door appear on the correct side). Dont know why this was not done in the original game release and seems a bit of a oversight on Focus/MC part?. Anyway, Quality of the skin graphic degraded slightly, dont know why, but bus looks okay. Copy the Patch file into the Pak folder of your Cities XL installation and enjoy.
  5. 5 Eastland Grand

  6. Catenary set

    Great addition... I could not find any for diagonal track? Come to think of it what about junction/points/turnouts etc. I would use this, but alas my trains do not go in straight lines :-(. Any plans to expand this Lot.?
  7. Island archipelago

    Nice map. However, There is a problem with the jpg uploaded onto this site. I converted it to 8-bit greycale using landscape designer utility.... try this link to get it http://simtropolis.megamirror.com/files/LDsetup0973.exe. I now have the map and i'm building away :-) It was worth the effort
  8. Coastal Mountain Bypass

    This has got potential
  9. Version


    Two Examples of the modern London bus. Both based on the Volvo Olympian. One is in the standard red livery associated with London (Livery's vary depending on the operator of the service - in this case it is the 'Firstbus' Company) The other is in 'Metrobus' blue/yellow livery, a company which operates in South east London near where i live. More buses (single deckers to follow)
  10. London Routemaster Bus

    Added a darker red version of bus and a 'Simcity' Blue version
  11. London Routemaster Bus

    Thankyou for your comments... I'm going to work on the bus colour... I agree I dont think i've got colour just right yet. I will repost it in light and dark versions :-) I am planning on uploading some more bus designs... trying to decide what bus to make next for my city!
  12. London Routemaster Bus

    Copy the Dat file into your plugin folder. Once installed the routemaster bus will appear driving around your streets. The bus is not a prop hence you cant insert it into your custom lots. I will add a screenshot of the bus in action soon.. hope this helps
  13. London Routemaster Bus

    Version 0


    The famous London Routemaster bus (RM) Celebrated 50 years of service in 2004. This is my tribute to this icon of London. Sadly the powers that be (transport for London) have deemed this bus to be Out of date and all the buses will have been withdrawn from Londons streets by the end of next year. Another piece of Londons heritage is about to disappear, thanks to TfL. Londoners ride on them while you still can!!! Maybe they can live on in your City! I would like to credit SAC and Oppie for inspiring me to make this mod... More London buses to follow