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  1. My Sims/Advisors

    Does anyone remember the Advisors from the original SimCity? They were actual videos. I loved the railroads guy.
  2. Hi, Everyone. So I've been an avid player of SC4 years, but only recently discovered all the mods and plugins and what-not. So I've been extensivley re-vamping my mass transit networks. I built a long (and rather expensive) GLR-in-avenue network, with Tram stations every third block or so, and bus stops in nearly every block. Well my city has grown to a sizable population and my trains are getting quite long, and I noticed that not only do they stop at the tram stations, but also at the bus stops. It doesn't affect the network or the commute in any way that I've noticed, but it looks pretty bizarre because rather than zooming from station to station, they keep stopping and backing up the train behind them. So I have a whole line of trains sitting on the track and inching forward a block at a time. My initial thought was the commuters were boarding at the bus stops, but the commute query tool only doesn't show this is the case. It's merely cosmetic, but is there anything I've done wrong or any way to fix this?