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    Furniture making, competitive defensive pistol shooting (IDPA), Long Distance motorcycle riding (Tour of Honor, Americas Ultimate Long Distance Riders)
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    SimCity 3000
  1. The Fascinating World of SimCity 3000 with Pictures

    Thanks! I will keep that in mind when I upload other cities. Appreciate all you folks are doing here to keep us building, dozing, and rebuilding again. Fun game....
  2. The Fascinating World of SimCity 3000 with Pictures

    Some Screenshots of Red Devil, located just across the tracks in Cyberspace..... Farmland Highway Interchange Seaport Bridges The Slums
  3. Welcome All! I created this topic as a place for folks to share their cities and pictures from their cities of fascinating builds within them. Drop us some details about your creations! You just might inspire others to sit a little closer to the fire! I hope you are enjoying this fun game as much as I am! This is Red Devil, named after my Goldwing touring motorcycle that takes me all across this great land of ours. The city is doing well presently, and should remain so for a number of years. I tend to build the same style of city (dense in the center with some Light Residential surrounding it.) I know the Sims love their trains, so I give them some (which they, in short order, abuse and congest to my consternation!) I build no hospitals or schools which keeps the Great Depression in a galaxy far, far away. The subway system is simple, with many connections to neighbors. This, along with Zoos, keep the commercial cap at bay for a long time. I usually stick in a nice Freeway system around the 100 year mark. Kinda fun to bulldoze those nice estates, filled with folks eating caviar. :-) Yes, of course, I use the cheats! It's about the only thing in life I DO cheat at! If I wanted to "work" for something good, I'd be working! :-) I do keep an eye on things as the time goes on. Lots of clean up in the Industrial zones. I have my favorites there and it makes me happy to see them come about. After some game play, and the RCI bars busting at the top, I get choosy what I want to see in my cities. Only a few skyscrapers that don't appeal to me, so, when they come up, I bulldoze them down. I've babbled for long enough.....Here is Red Devil...Enjoy! Red Devil.sc3
  4. Building a Land-Locked Marina

    Cool beans ...Thanks for the help!
  5. Building a Land-Locked Marina

    I learned this little trick long ago from a fellow player in Korea. It uses Pipe Terraforming to manipulate the terrain. Enjoy! This is my original note. Start with land at 26m. Lower 3x3 tiles to 13m deep. Install Marina. Using the Lay Water Pipe tool (one click at a time only, deleting after the cross pipe is laid) follow the pattern indicated by the drawing. Start at the top, then move on the right, then move to the left, then back to the center. You start just outside of the 9 tiles that make up the Marina. Then go two tiles up from your starting point (you'll see the land dipping down a bit) and using the same RT then LF process, use the Lay Water Pipe tool again (one click only, then delete the cross pipes). One last time and you'll see all your land flat. NOW, SAVE YOUR CITY! and REOPEN your city and there you be! You can do the same with skyscrapers as well. I"ll post some snapshots of the process. It's pretty cool to see in your city for sure! Here are the steps visually: This technique can be used to create a skyscraper in water too:
  6. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    See my tutorial: Building a Land-Locked Marina
  7. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    Well, hell's bells! Now, I'll NEVER get anything done.....that matters in life! Thanks for the linky! LOVE IT!
  8. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    Remembered how I did this and got that marina land locked!
  9. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    Oh, I'm keeping it alive for sure! Just torn my house apart looking for those print outs from the SC3000.com knowledge tree and couldn't find them! Damn! Who do I contact and what can I do to help fix those broken links at the Knowledge Tree? Wealth of information there to make the game play interesting. Like, I can't remember how to make a marina on dry land, but I have cities that I've done that in.....pipe terraforming....this is driving me crazy!!! Yes, I'll stick some snapshots of the cities I made. Most are complied of Light Residential with Dense in the center because apparently I like to live in areas like that even though in real life, that just isn't me. I never have hospitals or schools and things progress right along fine for at least 500 years. Like I say in my long distance motorcycling challenges......fun game. :-)
  10. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    I love this game! I play it usually during the bleak Michigan winter months since the motorcycles are sound asleep and snoring in the garage. I think at one time, I printed out everything from the Knowledge Tree at SC3000.com, but I can't remember where I put them! I'm 63-years-old.....so maybe I bulldozed that brain cell? I had notes on building a marina on land, single tile pump stations, skyscrapers floating on water, etc.....great game tips at that site. Sad to see so many broken links there today. Anyway, I love playing this time-sucking, ain't getting anything done that I'm supposed to be getting done, game! Thanks for keeping it alive here! :-)
  11. Announcing the New SimCity 3000 Sub-Forum

    Got it! Thank you!
  12. Announcing the New SimCity 3000 Sub-Forum

    Thanks a bunch! It will probably take me like....forever to figure out where they are once you have copied them. I loved the articles! I have the big fat book of SC3KU and the articles only add the sugar and spice to the game. I still never place a single hospital in any of my cities.....and life goes happily on....for about 62 years, then, those retirees are outta here! :-)
  13. Announcing the New SimCity 3000 Sub-Forum

    Well, strike me up a gum tree! Thanks for all the replies! Yes, I would love to see those old articles again! I believe I printed them all out at one time, but, Lord knows where they are now. If you wanna do the linky to those buildings and articles and anything else for SC3KU, I'll grab them! Sure hope I can figure out that last part! I love this game! Ain't no better way to kill the winter months that building a skyscraper floating on water or a marina on dry land! :-) Michael
  14. Announcing the New SimCity 3000 Sub-Forum

    Hello! For the life of me, I can't seem to find the correct place to put this post, so, you drew the short straw! I am a 3000 Unlimited player from many years ago and used to hang out at the Knowledge Tree at SC3000.com. I see the site is still available, but, many articles are unreachable. Is this site here the replacement for the Knowledge Tree and SimCity 3000 Unlimited? Yes, I am playing the game right this minute because my motorcycle is snoring due to the crazy Michigan weather we have each year at this time! :-) Thanks! Mike