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  1. Little Italy

  2. VIP Carpack vol2

  3. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Here's another four-way interchange
  4. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Here's That five-way interchange.
  5. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Here's my take on a cloverleaf, this one is basic, but slightly different from the original design. I think I'll save my five way that I finished just now for tomorrow.
  6. Show Us Your Interchanges

    So I decided I would go with a little bit more simple and make a y-interchange, originally was trying to remake the one from NAM on simcity 4 and couldn't quite get it to work, so I made this one instead.
  7. Show Us Your Interchanges

    That's an incredible interchange ! Looks like quite the snug fit too. How long did it take you to make that? 6-8 hours I think, most of the time was spent trying to find ways to connect all 6 directions together.
  8. Show Us Your Interchanges

    So I've decided to go do something that most don't and that something is a 6-way interchange.
  9. So today I've finished something that took me a week to make and here it is: And here's a video of me making it: It took 1.3k pictures to make the video and contains a total of 172k blocks. Original pic used for this QueenCold
  10. Synekism - A New City Simulation Game

    Almost a year since your last post and just to let you know, I'll still be waiting for the next big update so that I can give some more feedback, but in the mean time I'll be waiting here and even though it's been a very long time since the first release, I do still have very good hopes in this game.
  11. Show US Your Interchange!

    Got another, hope you like this one as well!
  12. Show US Your Interchange!

    This topic may be a little old, but I did make some interesting, so here goes nothing.
  13. Best and Worst Sim City game POLL

    Best is either sc3k or sc4, but for the most honesty, sc2013 isn't as bad as societies, only reason why it's worse on this poll is cause it's newer and didn't hit people's expectations spot on, it fell below, but it's still much more fun than societies. Societies is a ploping game, no watching the city grow over time or anything unless you consider plopping more buildings growing, but lets be honest here, societies shouldn't be any where but last, even if sc2013 doesn't hit your expectations because if any of you remember the expectations for how well we were expecting societies to be, you would know for sure that sc2013 doesn't even come close to how bad those expectations were. I am certain that if societies came out after sc2013, you people would be saying societies is the worst game.
  14. PlayStation 4 VS Xbox one

    Just buy what you like and there you go.