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  1. I would like to see building where you would have storefront on the bottom (street level) and apartments or condos on the 2nd floor on up, this would be perfect for any modern city of today, additional the values should reflect current trends no more 30 dollars a year in parking fines, or 500 a month for a fire station, and tourism dollars should be added if you happen to have any attractions in your city.
  2. Fire House Chicago E52

    I agree this is awesome, we REALLY needed some new fire houses in this game...AWESOME JOB !
  3. Starbucks Coffee House

    I was waiting for someone to finally add one of these on here. I am so excited I cant wait to see it in my cities. Great Job ! 10 from me.
  4. Transmat RD Dept

    I like but would be nice if it was a gowable version with jobs, etc. Thanks !
  5. Suburban Clinic v10

    Well I personnally like it, and like you SAID you made it for your city, ggeesshhh people get a clue. I give it a 9 1/2
  6. Shmails JENX Small Firehouse

    Seems a little un-realistic to me. Engine outside unprotected from bad weather...etc, and what does look like a driveway has a potted plant in the middle of it preventing its use.
  7. Modern Police Station

    Great looking police station I downloaded it ! Was wondering though if maybe you can make a fire station. Looking for fire station of today's model..Most fire stations in a metropolis have 1 engine, and a paramedic rig, larger stations have an engine and truck co and possibly a battlion chief.