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  1. Israel

    Israel is One nation; even all the Occupied Territories!
  2. The United Cities*4th Birthday and Retirement!*

    keep up the good work, very inspiring!
  3. New, New York City

    Great job,I'm also working on a Nyc region, can I see a traffic map?
  4. My Metropolis

    i really like your city can u tell me what cheats u used as well as the bluding that u downloaded to get these high righ-comercial and residentail Nice Job, i like the way your highways are set up
  5. San Francisco - Bay Area by Mexicanboy13r

    wow thats a really nice region, i had a San Forsisco region a year ago, but the work looks great keep it up
  6. Realistic Resident Mod

    i love it, make simcity crash to desktop after quaring small houses a few time; other than the crashing, its a good mod
  7. CPTNo7AssortedTreeControllers

    do u think u could add the plugins that are reecommened with the file in the w/ the tree control to be sure that i got the right plugins and that so my pc won't crtash.
  8. Digby - East Coast Region

    are u using the NAM in your cjs, i love the mapping. I also recomend that u use the radical ordence mod to get ride some some of your pollution
  9. San Diego County (Re-settled)

    Cool region , Your highway em is awsome what mad you to be so creative with your highway system and your city buliding stlyes. Keep up those good post I love them.
  10. Show us your most unique and creative transportation network!

    I like how you made this highways and ramps keep up the good work. awome job
  11. Canary Wharf Station

    this is very cool, great joj
  12. Distal Island

    Version 1


    An Island sourrounded by water
  13. Buffalo New York

    I love it, it's very cool