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  1. Speyer Tower Frankfurt Germany

    Yeah.... looks alright.... I must have missed this building the last 15 years I lived in Frankfurt, because its just not there! ...but its a good building
  2. Cobbs Seaside Villa

    I could swear I saw one of those on my holiday......Bril!!! 10+
  3. Copacabana Beach

  4. The Cobb Oceanic

    soooo many balconies! coooooool!!!!
  5. The Cobb Atlantic

    Luxury pure!
  6. The Cobb Park Plaza

    great design!
  7. The Cobb Altura Tower

    woah.... BIG! But cool.
  8. The Cobb Emerald Park Building

  9. PDA Headquarters

    woah...... briliant!
  10. Driveable Nissan Altimas

    This is stuff that brings joy to a simcity player's heart *sigh*
  11. Antarian Condos

  12. Wedgewood Condominiums

    Exelent Building! Great detail on the top and middle parts, however the lighting could be a little better on the building in general.