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  1. Gotaland

    I like island regions, good job!
  2. Show us your industrial areas

    salut, I think they came from SimCity Japan, though I'm not sure. Try here: There is one BAT there that includes the red towers.
  3. Donovans Reach

    forgot to rate!
  4. Donovans Reach

    I liked this map a lot. I actually downloaded the original one and have been using it for the past like 6 months. It's a nice map, not too big, intermediate building difficulty, nice water coasts, just a good job overall.
  5. Shipleys Donuts

    Very good little BAT
  6. InGen Corporation

    forgot to rate. 10/10 for you!
  7. InGen Corporation

    This is your first BAT? Wow, you got some natural talent!
  8. Hows the weather where you live?

    It's almost 90 degrees here in Delaware. It's 5:30 here right now though, so it'll cool down as the night rolls in.
  9. Show us your most unique and creative transportation network!

    Originally posted by: DuskTrooper I don't think I've posted this here in this thread yet: And a non cropped versionquote> Sweet Jesus! 151,943,003?! Is that just a really large region, or are you good at squeexing stuff into small spaces?
  10. BLaM Backyard Burger

  11. leaves

    ehh, not my type of thing, thanks
  12. BLaM Michaels

    Nicely done!
  13. What's the population of your hometown?

    I live in Wilmington Delaware. There are about 72,000 people here, but sometimes people consider Wilmington to be part of the Philadelphia Metro Area.
  14. American Four Square v2

    Very nice looking. Realistic, and high quality. 10/10 for you!
  15. mountain bay

    I love small maps like these! Thanks a bunch! 10/10.