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  1. Hummer H2

    if it wasn't a limo, it would rock
  2. Nexis Space Ears

    It just needs a sattelite-based laser cannon that bounces off sattelites and hits a city, destroying it in an instant. That would help my plans of world domination by destroying my enemies. Still good though 9.8/10. Add the laser
  3. BSS Vlakhaas

    I'm trying to make a city that is as close to a massive military base as possible, so a battleship like this is perfect. It is so good, that I will print a picture and frame it, as this is a work of true art. Superior 12/10
  4. Hogwart Mini School V100

    No no no. For muggles, it's just a normal school. The top 3 levels are forbidden to all who don't use magic. Or, ALL your sims can be magical, and you are their leader. Depends on how you want to look at it
  5. PEG Pond Kit Deluxe Edition

    11/10. Absolutely perfect in every way.
  6. HighTech Developments