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  1. Simcity now $40 at Amazon

    Wow. Out for what, a month? And the price already slashed by a third. Maybe I'll hang on for another month and see where we're at then. -edit, and then I went and looked at some CJ's and thought "yep, I can wait'.
  2. Server maintenance. Took them 7 hours to take a server down and upgrade them. No idea why they didn't just build a better server and move the data over to it having only 5 minutes downtime. I think they should outsource to a company that knows what they are doing. Still, not even remotely enough reason to not buy and play a great game. Exactly. They haven't got a clue what they are doing. Also, I don't like the cartoon graphics.
  3. As someone who doesn't own the game I can give a whole list of reasons why I haven't but I think it can pretty much be summed up by - "I'm on a 60 minute wait"
  4. SimCity Will Be On Steam...

    There is nothing there to say it will happen at launch, could be 3, 6, 12 months down the line.
  5. UK Pre-order Offer on Origin!

    Perhaps people are slow on the uptake as there are still alot of basic unanswered questions. It's still in alpha stage and 6 months(?) from release on a franchise that is 10 years since its last release. This isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield.
  6. It seems like they are adding in more RTS features, only being able to build certain things once they have been researched. Not sure how I feel about that, someways adds an intersting new feature, other ways turns into more of a game than a simulation.
  7. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    So I'm back after about 6 years I think. Boomtown and SimCity 2013 have brought be back, interested in both from different points of view.
  8. I Played SimCity at PAX

    Thanks for the notes. After feeing a little negative about the game this has turned my mind round a bit. I'm really intrigued by resources, seems like an interesting addition. Like many, am apprehensive about EA and their servers but look orward to further developments.
  9. The Business of the Global Market

    @archelon - in the article is says "However, keep in mind that resources are limited. If your electricity is being generated by coal or oil then you will need to shift to renewable energy sources when you exhaust your regional supply."
  10. The World's Best Cities

    Originally posted by: Snakecollector Originally posted by: HabLeUrG I don't like bigger cities, i think the best places to live is in a small city or town... less traffic, security, wealth, etc...quote> Yes, I agree with HabLeUrG. But to stretch your imagination it is good to visit the popular cities/buildings of the U.S/world. Which can further more provide a knowledge and understanding of architecture, city building concepts, education, etc.. Concluding that for myself big cities make me feel crouded, and have no personal space, but you can get use to those things.quote> Well as a Münchener, well for the last year at least, I can see why it is top of the list. It is a really great place, and easily fulfils the criteria that the research panel set out. It has the worlds largest urban park, The English Garden, it is huge and stretches right from the city centre to the city outskirts. Munich is a city of 1.3 million people but yet it does not feel crowded, there are not many high rise buildings (only 2 i think) and there is plenty of open space. It also has Germanys top 2 universities. Despite be heavily bombed during the war (80% destroyed and 17% damaged) the city was mostly rebuilt in a conservative manner. It also has some of the worlds best architecture, the 1972 Olympiastadion is not out of place today and the new Allianz Arena is certainly one of the worlds best looking stadium. I came here for a year abroad as part of my degree course, I'm originally from South West England, but I'm considering moving here permenantly after my studies. (and quite a few of my friends have already got jobs here for when they return. I think that Munich doesnt recieve as much praise as it deserves so its good to see its getting some now. edit: to add a point about security, female friends of mine have no problems walking home after at night out at 3am on their own, because they know there wont be a problem.
  11. Cities Unlimited

    I hope that isnt my London Eye model they are using!! The wheel looks better, but the capsules need more work.
  12. I just wanted to say that I have actually driven a T-junction onto the A38 Devon Expressway (the main route into south-west England). You have to stop at the line to make sure it is clear and then go from 0-60 as fast as you can. Luckily it is at the top of a steep hill so traffic in the inside lane is quite slow moving. This is shown in the photo by the red box. The yellow box is of the type that has been created in this post and I think that it is great how it is but I do think the 'triangle' could be a little bit more rounded.
  13. Glenni's BAT showcase

    Looking very nice, it looks as if that last project will really blend in with the game.
  14. The Simtropolis Annuarians Club

    Just to say that i'm still active and that i've been here 16 months now.
  15. The Avatar Above Me

    7/10 Don't like spiderman and it always confuses me as i kepp thinking it looks like the cat out of shrek 2.