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  1. MF - Paranagua Bay - Brazil

    I've been building on this for a while now. I love it's massive size and variety in features. many big maps just have tile after tile of uninteresting terrain. but the variety of wonderful city building sites makes this one of my favorite maps to date. if only there were a river somewhere on it . . . but it is a real world map so, that's not your fault.
  2. Chapter 1: Morganfield's trip to Mariston Part 1

    Replies: Shulmanator: Thanks for the read! And I will most certainly watch out for firey devil horses! Simmytu: Thanks! Hope you enjoy todays's update. Well, it's been forever since my last post (not true on simtropolis (i got behind here)). The holidays came and went and the new year came in like a fury. I have had very little time for actually playing SC4, which is really disappointing because I have all the writing done for this enormous series of updates. However the updates required the building of a new city (Arnett), and some serious building in Mariston. And since my brand of semi natural growth takes so long, I have been unable to really get the cities to presentation quality yet. Hopefully, I will finish Arnett soon and be able to get that update out before too long. February 23rd marks the 1 year anniversary of this UB, I am going to try and get some sort of cool sideshow or something set up for that maybe. This update itself is not as finished as I wanted it to be. After about a month of sitting on it, I decided to just get it off my shoulders and move on. Hope you enjoy it anyway. As with all my updates there are some plot developments. About six months after he was re-elected as mayor of Lake Maureen, Mckinley Morganfield set out on a trip to Mariston. The goal of this trip was to hire a faculty for the college that he was in the process of starting in Lake Maureen. He had already received a small grant from the federal government (which was interested in creating higher education throughout the country), and with the rest of the money coming from the Evanson Family (of the Evanson Distilling company), the Julian Motor comapny (who had opened a plant in the town last year), and town tax money, Morganfield set about commissioning an architect to design the building, and forming a board of trustees from some educationally leaning business owners in the town. A charter was written up. Everything was ready to allow students to apply, except that there were no teachers or classes. Since so much money was coming from industry, it was clear that the school would have a technical leaning, at least to begin with. Qualified teachers needed to be found, and a head of the college needed to be hired. To do this, Morganfield had arranged for himself to go to Mariston and speak to the administrators of both the large and respected Mariston University, and the newer and much smaller Beleza College. He was hoping he could at least make some contacts who would help him find teachers. The trip would take several days due to a stop in Arnett and the fact that the only steamer service that came out this far had slower ships than the ones that traveled between Auen, Duluth, and Mariston. Morgnafield took the ferry from Lake Maureen to Wyant's Landing, Which had become the main port for passenger ships in the region (the Solace Bay port was too dirty). Morganfield thought about how he would have to get a passenger ship company to service Lake Maureen somehow. Well, one thing at a time Mckinley, right now, you're working on bringing higher education to your town. The steamship was relatively small as far as steam ships go, but to Morganfield it looked large enough. It had one stack and a dining hall above deck. the quarters were below. He traveled light. one bag, which he took below to his absolutely tiny quarters. there was a small bed and a window. Spartan to say the least, and cramped to say more. As the ship left port that afternoon, Morganfield went above deck to watch the bay recede behind him. He could see the smoke of Solace Bay from a long way off. the wind off the north ocean was cold and made him pull his coat around him tighter. He decided to go sit in the dining room and get some tea and read the paper. The room had perhaps a dozen tables and stools that were bolted to the floor. it was not a fancy dining room, but to a man who did not know much luxury it seemed nice. He sat down and ordered his tea. A copy of the Wyant's Landing Daily was in a box at the door so he went and picked it up. The Wyant's Landing Daily was a pretty crappy newspaper. it had all sorts of propaganda about how wonderful the Solace Bay Co. was. But Morganfield Just wanted to read something, so he opened it up. Excerpt- "The Man In The Overalls Heals Havalina Again - Over the past year or so, rumors of a mysterious man wearing overalls have spread through the region. He has appeared in local small towns several times and has invariably helped or healed someone every time. Earlier this week (Tuesday the 3rd of November), this man appeared in Havalina for the second time since he first appeared about a year ago. He prefers to be called Farmer, but has been colloquially named "the Man in the Overalls." This man was greeted warmly by the people of the town. several sick were brought to him and he prescribed strange herbal remedies for each of their illnesses. Miraculously, each of them worked within a few days. The "Farmer" was hosted by several households of the town before he moved off into the woods yesterday. Apparently three citizens of Havalina followed him to learn his method of healing. While tales of this man are spreading through the small towns and countryside, he has yet to show himself in Solace Bay or Wyant's Landing for that matter. Why, I ask, would he avoid a place where there are plenty of people who need healing? Perhaps he lacks the resources to heal so many? Perhaps he is afraid of cities? Or perhaps, his "healing" is all a trick that he plays on uneducated country folk from two horse towns. we may never know . . . -Charles Fox, The Wyant's Landing Daily. Morganfield had heard of this man when He last visited Mayor Toure of Havalina. Apparently he had healed a child dying of pneumonia and a man whose broken leg was infected and was about to be amputated. "I don't know how you could fake that." he thought to himself. He wanted to meet again with Toure to hear if he had any new stories from this second visit. This Man in the Overalls really was intriguing. ---------------------------------------------- At Dinner, Morganifield Noticed that Daniel Johnson, the "mayor" of Solace Bay was also on board. Johnson waved to Morganfield and sat down at his table. Johnson: Hello Mckinley. I guess it is a boat full of mayors eh? Morganfield: Ah yes Daniel, I do recall you winning some election of sorts. If I recall correctly it caused quite a bit of trouble . . . Johnson frowned. Morganfield was referring to the fact that The Solace Bay elections were rigged and that, when the workers found out about this, they rioted. causing one of the bloodiest incidents ever to occur in the nation of Inakaye. Johnson: Yes, you are right. I want you to know, that I don't feel proud of that in any way. If I could go back and change it I would. Morgnafield: I should hope that you would feel that way. Alot of people died. Even your Co-boss died, isn't that so? Johnson: James' brother Robert disappeared after the riot actually. We assume he killed himself at sea. Morganfield: hmmm, word on the street was that he died during the brave re-taking of the streets by the wealthy educated, rightful ruling class . . . Johnson: yes, that is the story, but most everyone knows that he never left for the re-taking of the city. and when we returned from the city he was gone. In fact, I'd rather not talk about it. He was my closest friend. so much different a person than James is. Morganfield: Well, I am sorry that you lost your friend. But let me make some things clear to you. Our two cities are run on two completely different principles. And while I do my best to maintain a working relationship between our cities. A relationship where my town provides food for yours, I honestly cannot sit here and talk with you when we believe in such different notions of what it means to be a human. I do not find it enjoyable for us to sit here and talk as if we were friends, when we are really nothing of the sort. Now if you'll excuse me, I will retire to my room. I wish you well on the rest of your journey, goodnight. And so, Morganfield picked up his things and left the room, and Daniel, wearing an incomprehensible look on his face, watched him go.
  3. A peaceful walk in the countryside

    hey nice update.  i really like your style!
  4. Region Update: The Second Expansion

    I remember when you started this!  You've really come a long way!
  5. Chapter 1: A Capitol Kind of Strain

    Reply: Thanks Mighty Goose! I'm glad you liked it! Today is kind of a showcase update of some work that I did on Inakaye's capitol city. The huge Solace Bay update i am working on will probably be split into three parts, most of the writing is done, but I still need to play alot of SC4 before it's ready. Unfortunately I'm really busy, Hopefully I can get part 1 up before Xmas. Thanks for reading and here's today's Update. Auen was the first city of Inakaye, and this gives it the honor of also being the government's capitol. It was founded by Paidrig Cassidy, whose original party settled on the very island which Downtown Auen stands today. The City was the largest in Inakaye until Duluth overtook it in the 1850's. It is still the third largest City after Duluth and Mariston with a total population of 265,000. It has the oldest University in the country, and is the leading scientific city in the country. The local political climate is quite left leaning for the times, and this is mostly due to the enormous middle class and intellectual community present in the city. While it's hard to tell exactly from the map, the roads in Auen make absolutely no sense! The city is not without it's own issues though, being the first city of the country, it was very poorly planned. it has an almost incomprehensible road system. It was almost as if the city council had given control of the city to a blundering fool who knew hardly anything about building cities and said, "here, do what you want . . . seriously, go nuts." The old Parliament Building is seen above center, with the federal courthouse above it and the old city hall below also, as the country grew, the tiny governmental buildings (which had been in the heart of downtown), that housed the parliament, the courts, and all the different federal departments and bureaus became overcrowded to the point where the parliament building burned down and killed half of the parliament in the fire because the fire exits were all blocked. in fact, there was not even fire exit legislation in place to be violated by how blocked the fire exits were. I think one representative actually parked his horse in a fire exit, and many representatives were crushed beneath it when it went crazy because of the fire. AAAGGGHHHH!!!! the Firey Devil Horse Dosth Trample us ALL!!!! Needless to say, larger and much less flammable buildings were needed. The government decided to build a new capitol district in the neighborhood of Connor's Point. Connor's point Pre-Demolition It was a wealthy Neighborhood on Delmont Island, the largest Island of the Auen Archipelago. The neighborhood had just gotten it's own tram line and was the perfect place to set up a center of government, all that needed to be done was to demolish a half dozen mansions of some of the richest businessmen in Auen. This was alot of trouble, but after several bribes and unique government appointments, the new capitol was ready to be built. The building begun in 1903 and finished a year before the current First Minister, Guy Picciotto, was elected. in the few years since then, the neighborhood has seen a flurry of growth and has become one of the nicest parts of the city. Following is a sort of tour around the neighborhood that showcases the Capitol District as it is now being called . . . Overview of the Capitol District, with the large new parliament building top center. the Conway Tower is also visible. This tower was built in honor of Darren Conway, the original first minister of Inakaye. a closeup of the Capitol square with all the federal buildings visible. The waterfront of Connor's Point was also built with some beautiful waterfront parks. It is really expensive to live here!
  6. Update 21 - 2/6/11 - North Sedgwick Avenue

    oh man, I've been following your journal for months.  Wonderful journal!  I really like your midwest style! If you would have talked to me about it in september, the last two teams I would have thought would play in the superbowl were the steelers (my team) and the packers (your team).  It was a dissapointing loss, but you guys played better and we had so many turnovers, sigh.  congratulations!
  7. Entry 5 - Lawnwood

    nice city!  Makes me want to buy CXL.  Have to resist the urge though, I somehow feel commited to SC4. 
  8. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    I came here to just personally tell you that you are probably my favorite BATter. I use almost every single building you've made in my cities (specifically the older ones), and whenever i see one grow it is such a great occasion. Keep up the good work! I eagerly await every release!
  9. I like your use of terraces.  Very unique!
  10. Chapter 1: Federal Rail Project

    replies: Reikhardt: Thanks so much for your comment! I hope you continue to follow along! Today we have a smaller plot based update. There is a huge update that i am currently working on, but it requires some work on two cities, one of which is Mariston, which has become so big that any kind of work on it takes forever. Natural growth is like that. It gets slower and slower the larger your city gets. Even though my journal is very far from CSG's "natural growth" these days, I still try to grow my cities as naturally as possible. little by little here and there. I have another mini update almost ready to hold us over until the giant one comes, hopefully I'll get that one out next week. Anyway, hope you like today's update . . . Inakaye is a huge country. But it has had few inhabitants because of it's great distance from every other place in the world. However, in the past few decades innovations in transportation have allowed immigrants by the millions to flock to this distant land. Above is collection of photos illustrating the growth of Solace Bay over the last 25 years. Right click and select "view image" for the whole thing. whoever is in charge here seriously slacked with this one. what is this!? Amateur Hour!? Anyway, small towns have grown into bustling cities and people are settling anywhere where they can fit. However, most of the country is still considered frontier. And most cities are quite spread out from each other. In most cases, water and woodland trails are all that connects distant cities to each other. This has led to the prominence of a complex ferry and steamship system. For example, the Cervantes Steamship Co. runs ferries each day from Duluth to Mariston. The trip takes almost two days, but it is certainly the fastest way between the cities. While the Water ways are the great transportation veins of the country, railways are becoming much more common. Each major city has laid tracks to facilitate the shipment of industry and agriculture to it's own specific waterway, the Iron Hills line in the Solace Bay region is a perfect example. It simply connects the mine to the city allowing the transport of workers and raw materials between the two. Unfortunately, the mountainous terrain of Inakaye has made it difficult for rails to be laid on a larger scale. Above is the Hoerner River gorge between Auen and Duluth. This river would somehow have to be crossed in order to connect the two cities. Currently the only Intercity Rail line is the Allegheny Central line that runs along the Allegheny river valley and connects Auen with Cassidy and Holbrook. The Holbrook and Prairie Line Further connects Holbrook to Collins, which has access to the Prairie River that leads to Duluth. This line passes over the Eleverdy highlands. The Holbrook and Prairie Is buying up land to expand its line all the way to Duluth, or at least to some of the Duluth Local lines. Regardless, the "Three Cities" have yet to be connected by rail, and all of the smaller emerging cities are even more isolated. The major news this week is that First Minister Guy Piccioto has announced that the federal government is going to fund the creation of a national Rail line designated the Federal Rail Project (FRP). above is the Auen National Mall. Almost all of the Federal Administration buildings are pictured. he is calling for a consortium of engineers from around the Nation to come to Auen to plan and design the massive railway that will ultimately have to traverse quite difficult terrain in order to connect the three cities and the frontier cities in a network that will bring the nation much closer. This is another act by the controversial first minister to bring the disparate cities and Island of inakaye into a closer unified nation. as the regions have grown, each major city has developed it's own sort of government and culture. It has been mentioned before how drastically different the almost despotic Duluth and Solace Bay are when compared to the liberal and intellectual city of Auen. In bringing the nation closer together, First Minister Picciotto is bringing these conflicting ideals into conflict. Piccioto is from Mariston, which is very middle of the road when it comes to political ideals. His national post has been deemed a sucess as it has greatly increased the ability for intercity trade. This new project appears from the outset as only a positive thing for the country as a whole, but how will it affect the relationships between the governing parties of each city when they are forced into closer contact with each other. Only time will tell . . . We will be sure to keep an eye on what effect this will have on the solace bay region. currently no plans have even been announced as to whether a city as far from the three cities region as Solace Bay will even be connected to the rail system, but James Wyant and Solace bay's four Parliamentary representatives are going to lobby as much as possible for a rail connection to greater inakaye that would allow for faster than boat transportation, and trade, to the large cities.
  11. "Random" shots

    Your Cj is the epitome of grimy slums.  I definitely take inspiration from it.  I've missed the last few updates, and they are all very enjoyable!
  12. May you seek the light

    great start!  I love story based CJs,
  13. Killer Bees

    haha, oh man.  Schulmanator, you always make me laugh.  The insects can have their day.  But, I hope schulmania comes back with vengance!  Also, i missed your last update bofore this one.  I liked east village, if I were a Cat i'd live there!
  14. Sandstone

    so. i was going to reccomend a slope mod too, But there are times when you really make this hills work!  pictures 4-7 are really nice.  There are a few places, like the train in picture 2 that are a little surreal, but it's almost kinda fun imagining a ride on that train!