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Chapter 1: Federal Rail Project

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Reikhardt:  Thanks so much for your comment!  I hope you continue to follow along!

Today we have a smaller plot based update. There is a huge update that i am currently working on, but it requires some work on two cities, one of which is Mariston, which has become so big that any kind of work on it takes forever. Natural growth is like that. It gets slower and slower the larger your city gets. Even though my journal is very far from CSG's "natural growth" these days, I still try to grow my cities as naturally as possible. little by little here and there. I have another mini update almost ready to hold us over until the giant one comes, hopefully I'll get that one out next week. Anyway, hope you like today's update . . .



Inakaye is a huge country. But it has had few inhabitants because of it's great distance from every other place in the world. However, in the past few decades innovations in transportation have allowed immigrants by the millions to flock to this distant land.


Above is collection of photos illustrating the growth of Solace Bay over the last 25 years. Right click and select "view image" for the whole thing. whoever is in charge here seriously slacked with this one. what is this!? Amateur Hour!?

Anyway, small towns have grown into bustling cities and people are settling anywhere where they can fit. However, most of the country is still considered frontier. And most cities are quite spread out from each other. In most cases, water and woodland trails are all that connects distant cities to each other. This has led to the prominence of a complex ferry and steamship system. For example, the Cervantes Steamship Co. runs ferries each day from Duluth to Mariston. The trip takes almost two days, but it is certainly the fastest way between the cities.


While the Water ways are the great transportation veins of the country, railways are becoming much more common. Each major city has laid tracks to facilitate the shipment of industry and agriculture to it's own specific waterway, the Iron Hills line in the Solace Bay region is a perfect example. It simply connects the mine to the city allowing the transport of workers and raw materials between the two.


Unfortunately, the mountainous terrain of Inakaye has made it difficult for rails to be laid on a larger scale. Above is the Hoerner River gorge between Auen and Duluth. This river would somehow have to be crossed in order to connect the two cities.


Currently the only Intercity Rail line is the Allegheny Central line that runs along the Allegheny river valley and connects Auen with Cassidy and Holbrook. The Holbrook and Prairie Line Further connects Holbrook to Collins, which has access to the Prairie River that leads to Duluth. This line passes over the Eleverdy highlands. The Holbrook and Prairie Is buying up land to expand its line all the way to Duluth, or at least to some of the Duluth Local lines. Regardless, the "Three Cities" have yet to be connected by rail, and all of the smaller emerging cities are even more isolated.

The major news this week is that First Minister Guy Piccioto has announced that the federal government is going to fund the creation of a national Rail line designated the Federal Rail Project (FRP).


above is the Auen National Mall. Almost all of the Federal Administration buildings are pictured.

he is calling for a consortium of engineers from around the Nation to come to Auen to plan and design the massive railway that will ultimately have to traverse quite difficult terrain in order to connect the three cities and the frontier cities in a network that will bring the nation much closer.

This is another act by the controversial first minister to bring the disparate cities and Island of inakaye into a closer unified nation. as the regions have grown, each major city has developed it's own sort of government and culture. It has been mentioned before how drastically different the almost despotic Duluth and Solace Bay are when compared to the liberal and intellectual city of Auen. In bringing the nation closer together, First Minister Picciotto is bringing these conflicting ideals into conflict. Piccioto is from Mariston, which is very middle of the road when it comes to political ideals. His national post has been deemed a sucess as it has greatly increased the ability for intercity trade. This new project appears from the outset as only a positive thing for the country as a whole, but how will it affect the relationships between the governing parties of each city when they are forced into closer contact with each other. Only time will tell . . .

We will be sure to keep an eye on what effect this will have on the solace bay region. currently no plans have even been announced as to whether a city as far from the three cities region as Solace Bay will even be connected to the rail system, but James Wyant and Solace bay's four Parliamentary representatives are going to lobby as much as possible for a rail connection to greater inakaye that would allow for faster than boat transportation, and trade, to the large cities.

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