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  1. Rose Tower

  2. Update/Patch 9.0 Patch Notes Released

    How about some low density avenues and one way roads -.- Thats all I want
  3. Origin Friends

    Mine is George3100. Add me
  4. Update 8.0 announced for simcity 2013

    Still waiting for low density avenues
  5. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I agree ^ If they can't make bigger maps then they need to fix the ratio. It would be a tough and long job though.
  6. Car Crossover

    Great Mod! Still don't understand why maxis didn't put in u-turn lanes would have made the traffic much more realistic.
  7. Massive Supercell Storm Bears Down on The Great Coast

  8. Elevated streetcars

    Wow that looks awesome
  9. Dutch Highway Sign

    Nice! I like it. Ea really needs a fix for the grass on the highway :\