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  1. BATs by Bipin

    Well that's the thing, there aren't really that many highway walls out there. However, I might be able to whip up a small filler piece today if I can find the old CURB files. In the meantime, I'd recommend making your own walls/slopes with MMPs and these as a base texture: http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=721 Yikes, never did that before. Not sure if i have time to learn how to and create my own content
  2. BATs by Bipin

    Oops, Meant to ask.. what would you say would be the best set of highway walls go best with your CURB?
  3. BATs by Bipin

    Love the look of your CURB. Devilish to use though
  4. So, there's a lot of mods out there, some designed to go with other files of a particular to create aesthetically pleasing city blocks. However not all of these mods come as ploppables (as far as i can tell). Is there a way to create an in game menu of your downloaded mods for such a purpose? All I've been able to find thus far is the extra cheats plugin which gives access to the Building Plop Menu, but that is extremely slow and inefficient... Helps?
  5. Show Us Your First City

    Hey, I recognize that name! I used to watch your and bonecanoe86's SC4 LPs on YouTube all the time. Good times... Yeah, this is going to be my last season of SimCity 4. I hope to make it my best set of cities so far
  6. Show Us Your First City

    I've been making cities for awhile, however I've recently attempted to make a Rural area with Japanese mods for the first time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh0UWfrzqNo If you're interested you can view a tour of the city here. I will be adding onto it and making a downtown for it in the future. Hope you like it!
  7. I've noticed a curious problem i run into while playing simcity. But first, my specs... AMD Athlon II X4 3.00 GHz 4GB ddr2 Nvidia 8600 GT Win 7 ultimate Steam version of sc4 Now, initially i couldn't run this game for beans. However, one kindly post on the subject led me into my nvidia control panel where these setting changes were a godsend Anisotopic Filtering: Off All Antialiasing Options: Off Maximum pre-rendered frames: 0 Multi-dispay/Mixed GPU acceleration: Single Display Performance mode Texture Filtering - Anisotropic: Off Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias: Clamp Texture Filtering - Quality: High Quality Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization: On Threaded Optimization: On Triple Buffering: Off Veritcal Sync: Force Off And for awhile all was well in the world. However i noticed something strange. I developed a city with 1 million + sims of mostly low and medium wealth performing well, days still ticking by nicely. However, when I have a city with all high wealth jobs (skyscrapers) the calendar tends to freeze. The graphics stay smooth, it's just the 'time' in the game. While roaming around for various solutions to this I came across an old post putting the blame on traffic simulators, stating that intersections and underground mass transit, tunnels, stations etc.. are typically what affect the freezing of 'time' in the game. Given that I'm running the latest NAM with road top mass transit, I was wondering if this was indeed the case? That i have so many people all going to specific points (the skyscrapers) vs my low and medium wealth cities whose jobs are more spread out? That i need to make less intersections and fewer subways/bus, to somehow put less stress on the traffic simulator? Something else entirely? Any input would be helpful.
  8. Alright, so I'm posting this problem for a friend of mine that has stumped us both... She bought and installed SimCity 4 Deluxe to run on her windows 7. Ran the patch and everything loaded it up fine. We then did the standard tweaks with the shortcut to run the game in windowed widescreen mode as well as tweaked the nvidia control pannel to run the game smoothly without any lag. Everything was fine. Day 2: she reboots her computer and the game crashes immediately after the first bridge sim city 4 splash screen. After some troubleshooting we decide to go ahead and just reinstall, repatch etc.. and the game runs fine again. Day 3: she reboots her computer and we're back with the same problem! Any idea what's going on here and how to fix it? It seems everytime she reboots her computer, this game fails to load and i can't figure out whats changing on reboot that would cause this to happen. (yes, the disk is in)
  9. Originally posted by: Livin in Sim Hello, dwyrin, Welcome to Simtropolis. You've probably checked to make sure you selected the correct option for left or right hand drive when you installed the NAM? I believe it can cause this if you selected left when you have a right hand version of the game or vice versa. Enjoy the game. --Liv quote> No, i didn't check. I stared at the installation options at least 3 times and never processed the difference in drive. What a silly mistake to make... Thanks Liv!
  10. Originally posted by: SC4BOY your error for surequote> any idea from the screenshots what that could be?
  11. Originally posted by: local_authority01 Add some bus stops next to your rail stations and place a few others in residential and business districts. Sims will ride the bus to the rail station to the bus to work. .quote> It's not that, i suspect its a bug of some kind. I just reinstalled the game, patch, and NAM but rails are still shut down. http://tinypic.com/r/2a6woax/5 Rest of the region uses subway, for example, but the moment i try to link a subway to elevated rail to link via bridge.. nothing... http://tinypic.com/r/2myp91y/5 NAM bug, sim city on win 7 bug.. my error...not sure.
  12. Yeah, it was indeed a cap issue. That was simple enough to fix. Wish my rail problem was as easy. Nobody ever uses any rail tile i place. Even when its subway to elevated rail transition to put it over a bridge
  13. Thanks for all the advice, it's helped quite a bit in getting the original intent of the city back on track. http://tinypic.com/r/wknz4o/5 As you can see i've gone from 20k people with no demand to 61k and growing. In fact, they're happily moving in as quick as i can build. http://tinypic.com/r/242bgap/5 With one city out of the projected 4 largely suppling the bulk of the demand at the moment, I don't see why i wouldn't be able to zone the rest of the map in this fashion!
  14. Ok so i made 2 regions where i set taxes to 20% on high wealth residential and office. This effectively denied them entrance into said cities. I connected both cities to another region where taxes for those denied was about 4%. I then went back and push both 'feeder' cities to about 300k population without any problems. I try to raise the wealthy city... and i realized the game will not let you continue your idea any further, or so it seems. Demand for residential high wealth just disappears after 20k citizens. Doesn't go positive doesn't go negative, it simply ceases to exist. Meanwhile, in both 'feeder' cities, there remains demand for high wealth residents. I guess the most the game will allow, is to have a zone comprised mostly of one or the other, assuming mass transit is up to the task, but not both in the same city? Essentially i'm looking for ideas to having a city of just high wealth residents and high wealth office, unless you think it is possible and i've overlooked something?
  15. Help! Unemployment

    Well, i'm now at 100k citizens and no real unemployment problems, thus assuring me that this design seems to be a little bit better than the first one. Do have some troubles with an avenue and, sadly, no scrapers. Extremely low on money at the moment because i underestimated the funds i'd need when i put in the high densities. Guess i'll sit arond for 10 years till i get it back. Some lack of planning for large tiled gifts such as country clubs, university, and water treatment plants, as well as a general dislike for highways (no real reason, i have about 10k citizens using them. Maybe just aesthetic?) has me contemplating a restart, or maybe just a new city in an adjacent tile to try out other patterns and mass transit. Though, that makes me wonder; if i leave a city on a certain speed and exit to another city, will that city keep running, get taxes etc...