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  1. HK Broadwood 12

    awesome as always ;D
  2. Denmark South West

  3. a little help :p

    okay, thanks for the help
  4. hi simtropolis, i stopped playing sc4 about half a year ago now, and i'm starting again. so, with all the new things there have come, cities xl and so on, i'm a little confused about how to get started again. can someone point out good BAT's, cos i've forgot them all and what about the competition with simcity 4 against cities xl? have cities xl become more popular than sc4?
  5. a few questions

    thank you for the help im glad to see that people still are playing sc4 XD
  6. hi everybody, i have played simcity 4 a lot but then i stopped about a ½ a year ago, and now im thinking about starting to play it again. i also dont know what changes there have been going on since then, so im gonna ask some questions. are people still playing simcity 4 or have the most people gone over to cities xl? and is there still being made awesome downloadable buildings to simcity 4, or have they stopped to do that?
  7. S.O. Inc. Translations

    nice bat indeed, but you could work a little more on the night lightnings. 4/5
  8. River View Hotel

    very nice and realistic night lightning. it will definitely look good in my city. 5/5
  9. Water Tower

    Lol, i'm going to use this :p.
  10. HK Bank of China Tower

    Awesome as always!
  11. HK Lippo Centre

    Holy shit, that's amazing!
  12. Comparing Simcity and Cities XL

    The only city building game, right now, that could beat SimCity 4 would be SimCity 5. Due to copyright reasons, other games can't make the gameplay like SimCity, and the best gameplay is the one in SimCity(1-4, not Societies. Societies is a fail). Btw, SimCity have much more experience on city building games than Monte Cristo.
  13. Are you going to buy Cities XL?

    I'm not going to buy the game yet. Maybe if they make a Cities XL 2 (or what they will call it) i would buy it, but for now i'll just play SimCity 4.
  14. Are you going to buy Cities XL?

    Hmm yes, it sounds nice with the more realistic roads. But i have also read some bad stuff about the roads, so i am still not sure if i should buy the game.
  15. Lillebaelt

    Nice map, i live there 8D